Emergency Cash to Fix a Burst Pipe

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Emergency Cash to Fix a Burst Pipe

Experiencing a sudden home repair can throw your finances off balance. When you need sudden funds for a home repair, you may be able to take out a title loan. How much should you take on with a title loan? Well, that depends on your home repair situation, in this case, a pipe burst. If a pipe bursts in your home, there are several things you’ll need to do to fix it:

  • Turn off your water and assess the damage
  • Replace the actual pipe
  • Clean up
  • Take steps to keep other pipes from bursting in the future

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How do I turn off my water?

There should be a valve that shuts off all the water in your home. If you aren’t sure where it is, you’ll need to locate it. Once you’ve shut your water off, you need to assess the leak and see if there might be water near any electronics or any wiring. If there is, you may need to shut the electricity off as a precaution. You’ll have to do that at the fuse box.

Once you’ve turned off your water, you’ll need to drain as much of the remaining water in your pipes as possible. You can do this by turning on the faucets in your house and running them until water stops coming out. This will prevent any kind of backflow from causing further problems while you fix the problem.

How do I assess the damage from my burst pipe?

You’ll have to inspect the pipe and the area around it. Depending on the damage to the pipe and the space around it, along with your abilities as a plumber, you may need to get a professional to repair the pipe. And possibly clean up if there is extensive flooding. If you’ve decided to replace the pipe yourself, there are a few things you’ll need to prepare beforehand.

What should I do before I fix a burst pipe?

If there is water all over your floor, you’ll want to clean that up first. Not only will this make it easier to work, but it will reduce the likelihood of water-related problems, like mold. Once you’ve cleaned up, put something down to protect the floor under the pipe, like a towel or tarp. Finally, put a bucket under the pipe, to catch any water that may come out while you are working.

How do I replace a burst pipe?

There is a general method to repairing your burst pipe. The exact details of how you fix the pipe will depend on the method you are using. The general steps are:

  • Use a pipe cutter to remove broken section of pipe
  • Smooth the ends of the pipe so there are no burrs or sharp edges
  • Measure and prepare the replacement part
  • Install the replacement part
  • Turn the water on

You can see a great video here, explaining how to replace a broken pipe with a push-fit fitting. One of the benefits of using a push-fit fitting to repair your pipe is that there is no need to solder the connection.

Once you’ve finished repairing the pipe, leave your bucket and towel down and turn on the water. Ideally, have someone watch the pipe so they can tell you immediately if the repair was successful.

How do I clean up after repairing a pipe?

Once the leak is repaired, you need to finish drying your home out. Anything that has gotten wet and can be removed from the room should be, furniture, carpet, etc. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may have to throw damaged items away.

Then you’ll need to dry all surfaces as best you can with either a towel or a wet-dry shop vac. If you don’t own one, some home improvement stores have them available for rent. Then, weather permitting, open some doors and windows to bring fresh air into the house and set some fans to high near the flooded area to circulate the air. If you have access to one, you can also put a dehumidifier in the room to help reduce moisture.

As a general rule, if you see water has seeped into the drywall or the subflooring, you’ll probably want to contact a professional restoration company. They will be able to help replace any parts of your home that are damaged and help prevent mold from growing.

The longer you wait to repair water damage, the costlier it will be.

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What can I do to keep my pipes from bursting?

To keep your pipes from bursting, you need to keep the pressure in them from getting too high. The most common way the pressure in pipes gets too high is when pipes freeze, since water expands up to 10% when it freezes. Therefore, you can prevent your pipes from bursting by keeping them empty or warm.

There are several things you can do in your home to empty your pipes. Empty hoses and sprinkler systems. If there is an internal shutoff for an external hose, turn it off on the inside then open the tap on the outside so the water will drain.

Once you’ve emptied your pipes, you need to keep the rest warm. Open bathroom and kitchen cabinets to allow heat to reach the pipes behind them. You can also wrap the pipes in insulated or heated pipe sleeves. Make sure heat reaches any area of your house that may contain pipes. If you have pipes in your garage, keep the garage door shut. You can even leave your pipes on at a trickle to help prevent freezing

Having a pipe burst can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you know what to do when a pipe bursts, even if you can’t repair it yourself, you can keep it from becoming a catastrophic problem. Knowing what to do after can also save you problems down the line.

Keep in mind that any potential clean up after is also something you might need to add to your repair budget. If you ever need quick cash, for a quick fix, call us and see how much you may qualify for with a title loan from LoanMart1.