What is the Alabama Financial Support Worker Exam?

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The Alabama Department of Human Resources offers a great program to those with a 4-year college degree in order to find them a job. As one of the jobs available, the Financial Support Worker requires an exam to apply for the job. The exam tests how well you will be able to perform as a Financial Support Worker through your:

  1. Computational skills
  2. Reading skills
  3. Written communication skills
  4. Spoken communication skills
  5. Scheduling and coordinating skills
  6. Work and organizational adaptation skills
  7. Interpersonal relations skills

What is a Financial Support Worker?

The Financial Support Worker is a job position available within the Alabama Department of Human Resources. It varies between entry level and advanced level work based on prior experience, test scores, and previous work within the Department. The work involves supervisory financial support social work, public assistance, food assistance, child support, or work and training services programs.

The only minimum requirement outside of the exam and your score is that you at least have a degree from a 4-year college or university, or that you are at least a college senior in their last semester.

Some of the main responsibilities of a Financial Support Worker include:

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  • Supervise professional social workers, clerical staff, and technical support staff
  • Assign cases to social workers according to departmental guidelines and professional standards
  • Review case files to ensure compliance
  • Monitor social workers’ caseloads
  • Consult on difficult cases when needed

The Financial Support Worker is known for its great benefits and compensation including:

  • 13 paid vacation days per year
  • 13 paid sick days per year
  • 13 paid holidays per year
  • Paid health and dental with dependent coverage
  • Deferred compensation plan
  • Retirement program
  • Life Insurance = 1-year salary
  • Longevity bonus each year (after 5 years)
  • Paid educational leave
  • Professional development opportunity
  • Annual merit raises
  • Promotional opportunity

Depending on the skill level and experience, the salary can vary between $33,902.40 and $51,376.80.

How to Apply for Financial Support Worker

Applying for the job is a simple process before you take your examination. You must fill out an Application for Examination Form online, by mail, or fax. Then, you have to take the examination.

What is the Alabama Financial Support Worker Exam?

The exam for the Financial Support Worker is an open-competitive exam. It consists of written, multiple choice exam that measures:

  1. Computational skills – ability to detect errors and discrepancies in records
  2. Reading skills – ability to read and comprehend information and apply concepts to work activities
  3. Written communication skills – ability to prepare letters, memoranda, case files, etc.
  4. Spoken communication skills – includes knowledge of terminology used within the Department of Human Resources
  5. Scheduling and coordinating skills – ability to schedule multiple activities, determine priorities, and coordinate delivery of services
  6. Work and organizational adaptation skills – understanding the relationships among units within DHR and knowledge of legal restraints concerning sensitive information
  7. Interpersonal relations skills – relating to clients, co-workers, superiors, and the general public as needed

The 7 areas are divided into 4 sections:

  1. Math/Error Detection
  2. English/Reading Comprehension
  3. DHR Knowledge
  4. Planning/Organizing

The exam measures knowledge of the English language in grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and ability to read. It also measures the ability to comprehend things like correspondence, memorandums, policies, and procedure manuals. It also demonstrates the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Being able to file documents, plan and organize work to schedule appointments and tasks can also be shown through this exam.

Why Take the Financial Support Worker Exam?

If you are looking for a job or a better opportunity in Alabama, applying for the Financial Support Worker could be your answer. In order to apply for the position, you are required to take the exam.

Like many exams, you can take test preps and are given many resources with study guides that you can order/find online. The Department of Human Resources uses a merit based system, filling positions based on equal opportunity and scores. The scores are based on numbers, or other score groups known as bands. Veteran’s credit is available, which adds 10 points to your score.

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