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Do you know how you’d pay for an unexpected expense if one came up? What if it was a few thousand dollars? Did you know that your Mazda Mazda5 might be able to help you cover such an expense? And no, you won’t have to sell your car or cart strangers around every Friday and Saturday night. The average car title loan from LoanMart for a Mazda5 with 104,358 miles on the odometer is $3,6161. For a more-detailed breakdown of car title loan amounts and mileages on Mazda5s, take a look at the chart below. You can use it to help estimate how much LoanMart might be able to give you for a car title loan1.

MakeModelYearAvg. MileageAvg. Loan
MazdaMazda52006123,321$ 2,642
MazdaMazda52007143,962$ 2,562
MazdaMazda52008126,275$ 2,510
MazdaMazda52009106,759$ 2,839
MazdaMazda52010108,388$ 3,146
MazdaMazda5201517,444$ 8,000

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As you can see, you can usually get larger car title loans for cars with fewer miles1.

The Mazda5 was released in 1999. One of the things that puts it above its competitors is its fantastic handling. It’s really fun to drive. It also has a reputation for good fuel economy and low cost of ownership. If you were one of the drivers attracted by the Mazda5’s practicality, but then fell in love with its great ride, you’ll be happy to know there are alternatives to selling it when you need to pay for an unexpected expense.

If you need help covering your unexpected expense, you should contact LoanMart. They might be able to give you a car title loan using your Mazda5 car title as collateral1. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to give up your wheels. You can keep and drive your car for the duration of the loan, just make sure to keep up with your convenient monthly payments. There are a few different things that determine how much money you may be able to get for your car title loan. An important factor is the equity in your car. The amount you can afford to pay each month is determined by monthly income.

By using your car title as collateral for a car title loan, you are making the loan secured. Secured loans provide a number of advantages over unsecured loans, like payday loans. Lenders are typically more comfortable with secured loans, as they have a means of recourse if the borrower defaults on their loan. This means they are frequently willing to give borrowers things like larger loan amounts or competitive interest rates, compared to what they would give for an unsecured loan1.

If you have a Mazda Mazda5 with a qualifying car title in your own name, LoanMart may be able to provide you with a car title loan of up to $30,0001. Inquire today to use LoanMart’s shortened process to potentially receive your car title loan money in as little as a single day3. Start online, at a participating store, or call 1-877-787-4923.

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