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The average LoanMart title loan average on a Mitsubishi Outlander with 111,400 miles on it is about $3,5821. Below is a list of various models of Mitsubishi Outlanders and their averages.

MakeModelYearAvg. MileageAvg. Loan

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Based on the chart, you can see a steady increase that peaks in 2008. Newer models have a likely chance of warranting additional funding, as well as ones with lower mileages1. However, other factors like alterations of the vehicle in the exterior and interior of a Mitsubishi Outlander are also factored in here at LoanMart when we determine the value of the vehicle.

With a car like a Mitsubishi Outlander, the value is in the SUV’s many features. As an SUV, the Outlander tends to be a reliable car made for the outdoors. As a 3-row SUV, it tends to be one of the cheapest ones out there (going as low as $20,000). The price and its respectable fuel economy make it a mainstay for someone with a big family or in need of a vehicle with plenty of storage space.

And with that Outlander, consider the funding you might need to handle emergency situations. When you are strapped for cash, or are struggling financially, perhaps the answer is not to sell your Mitsubishi Outlander. Maybe what one should consider is applying for an auto title loan.

Based on the equity in the Mitsubishi Outlander, LoanMart could give you the funding by becoming the lien holder on your vehicle’s title for the duration of loan1. Unlike many competing lenders, LoanMart allows their customers to keep the keys of their car and continue driving it as they make their convenient loan payments on time.

Along with that, LoanMart’s auto title loan application is free and expedited, leading many customers to get funded in as little as one business day3! In no time you could be enjoying:

  • Payment plans spanning only 12 to 36 months1
  • Customer service available 7 days a week

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