With 20 years’ experience in the consumer finance industry, it's easy to see why LoanMart has become such a trusted name for its customers. In that time, over 250,000 individuals have turned to LoanMart for their financial needs, but financial services isn't the only way that LoanMart has forged relationships and offered support.

Trusted in Today’s Competitive World

LoanMart recognizes that it takes teamwork for any company to reach its full potential, which is why it collaborates with innumerable small companies across the nation to help their business grow. It can be particularly hard to expand your business, especially when there are so many others competing within the same or similar environments.

With this in mind, LoanMart works together with businesses all of sizes, from corporations to sole proprietors, and from many diverse backgrounds over the years. For example:

  • Payday check advance lenders
  • Pawn lenders
  • Auction services
  • Mobile notaries
  • Digital marketers

The goal? To grow and develop connections to the mutual benefit of everyone involved - and not just the businesses themselves but their customers too. Regardless of how long the business has been established, LoanMart has always strived to help. This has proven to be especially beneficial for younger businesses, and in today’s competitive environment, a helping hand can make all the difference between simply getting by and thriving.

Providing A Product for Businesses

LoanMart can help a business expand in a number of different ways, with customized solutions to fulfill the differing needs of each and every partner. For example, many vendors have immediately seen results from the following benefits:

  • An additional product line
  • Commission-based incentives
  • In-store marketing

For businesses offering a range of financial services, from check cashing and payday advances to pawn brokering, LoanMart can often help by providing a new product to expand their business. The ability to market auto title loans provides their customers with an alternative, viable solution beyond their regular options – especially in situations where larger loan amounts are required.

It’s also possible for partners offering title loans to earn commission on funded loans, providing an easy way of generating additional revenue for the business. Owners are free to use the commission in any way they choose.

For businesses with a physical, brick and mortar location, LoanMart may be able to produce in-store co-branded marketing. Everything from flyers and posters to banners can be provided, allowing businesses to attract more customers with a range of eye-catching designs.

Businesses also have access to a team of auto title loan specialists who are available to answer any questions their staff, or customers, may have about the product. Whether it’s regarding qualification, documentation, funding or repayment options, LoanMart’s team of experts are always here to help.

How LoanMart Provides Further Support

Giving businesses the opportunity to offer a new product isn’t the only way in which LoanMart can help businesses grow. Historically, LoanMart has also offered support in the following areas:

  • Marketing – regardless of how businesses primarily market themselves, LoanMart has provided invaluable help and advice to ensure they’re getting the best return on their marketing investment
  • Local Advertising – besides working with businesses to ensure their company has the best visibility on Google, LoanMart has also helped their vendors to implement and track revenue generated by campaign-specific phone numbers
  • Email and Direct Mail campaigns – LoanMart understands the importance of communicating directly and individually with customers, and can connect its vendors with other companies providing email and direct mail services
  • Digital Marketing campaigns – in a day and age where digital content is king, LoanMart has mastered the art of paid searches and, correspondingly, search engine optimization. This knowledge and expertise can also be shared with LoanMart’s vendors

A proud Advocate and Supporter of its Vendors

Success rarely comes easily; it requires hard work, dedication and the help and support of others – especially when you’re just starting out. LoanMart believes it’s important to provide that vital help and support to those who need it the most.

The company is proud of the strong ties and vendor relationships it has developed in the past and is actively seeking to develop new relationships in the future. If you feel your business could benefit from becoming a LoanMart vendor, call us today and start writing the next exciting chapter in your company’s story!