California Residents Should Check Out What Title Loans Can Do

California residents listen up! While you tan at the beach, catch some waves, or enjoy the warm weather in the golden state, you could be getting money that you might need for future endeavors, projects, or even for emergencies. But how? Well you may have heard of a loan, but there are so many kinds of loans that take time to give you your money. But If you want to borrow quick funding that you know you can repay over a certain period, consider a secured loan, like auto title loans.

California Residents Can Get Cash in a Flash with Title Loans

Don’t worry California residents, here at LoanMart, we will explain what title loans are! Unlike some loans that investigate your credit history or employment before offering you a loan, auto title loans use the title of your car as collateral, so you may be able to get funded fast and easy1. Of course, getting title loans from LoanMart come with a few more advantages:

  • There are no penalty fees when you do early payments
  • California residents with bad credit may still get title loans1
  • Offering competitive rates
  • Operating hours seven days a week with extended hours
  • And so much more!

How Do We at LoanMart Help Get Title Loans for California Residents?

Here’s how California residents get that fast and easy cash from LoanMart1:

  1. Before you can apply here’s the following documents that you need- government ID, proof of residence, proof of income, several photos of the vehicle, and a copy of your auto title.
  2. LoanMart lets you apply via phone, online, or through our mobile app! You can also do it in-person.
  3. Send all the documents however you like (text, email, etc.)
  4. Time to get paid either through check, or electronic transfer1

Any questions? We at LoanMart would be happy to help any California residents that may have concerns about how title loans work, so don’t hesitate to call or just stop by. We made our start in California, so we understand how to give you the golden state welcome, so you can get fast funding for whatever you might need1.