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Obtaining a title loan can be a wonderful way of securing financial stability when you are faced with an unforeseen emergency. But in order to be deemed eligible, a borrower must have the ability to repay the title loan as well as a qualifying car.

But is it possible to get title loans with no proof of income? If you are currently unemployed, you may think that eligibility is out of reach, but it’s not! If you don’t receive traditional paychecks but you have access to consistent income, you could qualify!

Learn more about the title loan process and how you could be eligible with no proof of income.

How Can I Qualify for a Title Loan Without a Job?

If you aren’t already familiar with the ins and outs of an alternative loan, you might not understand how title loans work. Simply put, a title loan is a unique type of alternative funding option that may allow you to borrow money based off the equity in your car.1 Your title is collateral for the loan, which can offer a lot of flexibility in the approval process. This flexibility includes accepting those from all credit and financial backgrounds, even those with non-traditional employment!

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Unlike many traditional bank loans, title loans do not usually require borrowers to have great credit.1 So despite having bad credit, you may still be deemed eligible for funding.

Even if you have found yourself without a job, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get turned down for a loan. During title loan approval, your most important factors of your finances are:

  • Your Ability to Repay the Loan: Whether you are with or without a job, you will need some proof of income or alternative income!
  • The Value and Equity of Your Collateral: Since collateral is used to secure the loan, it must have a certain amount of equity to assure the lender you are not a risk. Generally, a title loan may be anywhere from 25%-75% of the car’s value.

What Alternative Forms of Income will Qualify Me for a Title Loan without a Job?

Title loans generally offer flexible requirements so that individuals in need of emergency cash to pay bills or other expenses may be able to conveniently get it without delay. If you are without a job, but you still have a reliable way to pay back the loan, you could be approved for a title loan!1

Aside from traditional paycheck stubs, you could submit other forms of alternative income documentation for a title loan.

Here are a couple of documents you could provide as proof of income for car title loans when unemployed1:

Bank Statements

If you have enough money saved up in the bank, you could use statements as proof of income for car title loans. If you have enough money to comfortably repay the car title loan each month, you may qualify.

Workers Compensation

If you were injured on the job, you may not be working right now. If you receive workers compensation but need a little more to handle upcoming bills, you could be eligible for car title loans. You can choose to show a car title loan agent the compensation letter or some paycheck stubs as proof of income.

If you want to get a title loan without a job but your main source of income is not listed above, don’t fear. You may still be able to qualify for title loan funding, just talk to a loan agent about your current financial situation over the phone at (855) 277-4847.


When you retire, one of the ways you can provide proof of income is through the benefit verification letter, sometimes called a “benefits letter,” as proof of your retirement income.

Social Security Benefits

If you are a receiver of social security benefits, these may qualify for proof of income as well. Even if you are qualifying for a title loan without a job, Social Security benefits are an alternative form of income that is accepted.


If you are your own employer, proving your income can be difficult with a traditional lender. Instead, when applying for a title loan, you will only need to show bank statements to prove you are not without a job.

Passive Income

If you are a landlord or make passive income through investments, simply bring in bank or applicable statements as proof of income.

What Other Documents Do I Need to Get a Title Loan without a Job?

In addition to proof of income, you will have to submit a few informational documents to get a title loan without a job. These documents are more than likely to be found in your home, so you don’t have to go out of your way to obtain them.

Online title loans offer eligible borrowers a convenient process, so you can simply take pictures of your paperwork using your phone or scan the images and upload them online.

Car Title

The car must qualify as collateral in order for you to get a title loan without a job. During the title loan approval process, you will be asked to provide the car title in your name.

Photos of the Car

With online title loans, you can forego the traditional vehicle inspection! Instead, you just have to take clear photos of the car to show the current condition.

Proof of Residence

Title loan lenders need to know where you live, so they typically require proof of income in the form of a utility bill, lease agreement, etc.


You may be asked to provide references for a title loan. You can submit professional or personal references, or a mixture of both.

Benefits that Come with Car Title Loans for Unemployed Individuals

Not every loan is the same, and you may find that you could get a lot more benefits with car title loans. Take a look at some perks you could take advantage of if you qualify for car title loans:

  • Fast Emergency Funding: If you are currently unemployed and need money quickly for an upcoming bill, know that car title loans could possibly offer you money the same day you are approved!3
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Car title loans usually use up to date market analysis to offer eligible borrowers competitive rates! Don’t get stuck with excessive rates that make repayment a hassle when you could just turn to car title loans.
  • Affordable Payments: If you don’t want to use your entire paycheck to pay your loan, stick with car title loans! Your monthly payments may be more affordable for your budget!
  • More Time for Repayment: Many loans offer short repayment terms which can be overwhelming. If you want more time to repay your loans and potentially smaller monthly payments, turn to car title loans!
  • Simple Process: Many traditional bank loans are considered a hassle to get because of the longwinded approval process. If you don’t want to spend extensive time waiting for approval, then consider inquiring for car title loans!

How Can I Inquire to Get a Title Loan without a Job?

Financial emergencies come up when least expected. If you need some financial support to handle an upcoming due date, consider title loans! If you have no proof of income, know that it’s possible for you to qualify with alternative income.1

The inquiry process for title loans is streamlined for convenience and getting started only requires basic information about yourself and your car. Call (855) 277-4847 to speak with a title loan agent or use the online title loan calculator.

By using the online calculator, you could get a free title loan estimate in just a few minutes if you qualify! To use the calculator, you need to provide your vehicle year, make, model, style, current mileage, and state of residence. If your car has adequate resale value, you could qualify and you may receive a preapproved estimate!

After establishing contact with a loan agent and being declared eligible to get a title loan without a job, you can start submitting your required documents. A title loan agent will carefully go over your information to verify your identity and other details.

Once everything is in order, you will be presented with a title loan agreement and a detailed overview of your repayment terms. After you sign the title loan agreement, you can choose to receive your title loan money through one of the following methods:

  • Direct deposit to a bank account
  • Getting A Money Transfer
  • In person at a local MoneyGram location
  • A check overnighted in the mail

Title loans serviced by LoanMart specialize in finding the best quick funding, so you may be able to get a title loan without a job in as little as one business day!1 3 Start the convenient approval process online whenever you are ready!

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