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steps to getting a title loan

You can get the money you need fast without ever leaving your home to begin, you can even stay in your pajamas if you want.


Car title loans are a great way to get money quickly when you need it the most. If you’re trying to acquire money to cover your financial dilemma, you may be wondering what is the car title

1 – Apply for a car title loan online or in-person

There are several different ways you can begin submitting your information:

  • Go to, click “APPLY NOW,” and get started right away
  • Talk personally with a loan agent on our convenient live chat feature
  • Call and talk to our helpful customer service

Did you know that all you need to qualify for a car title loan is a clear-and-free title on your vehicle and a source of income? You don’t need to worry about credit scores or credit histories when applying for a title loan. If you have a car with a clear title and can prove you get income every month, you’ll be able to apply for a car title loan.

What is a Clear-and-Free Car Title?

Not sure what a clear-and-free car title is, LoanMart is here to help! A clear title is a car title that has no lien or levy from creditors or other parties. The title poses no question of legal ownership. It demonstrates that you are the sole owner, and no other party can claim its ownership.

What is a Source of Income?

  • A job
  • Disability
  • Pension plan
  • Social security
  • Annuity
  • Inheritance

2 – Receive a pre-approval estimate

We’ll call you and/or email you with your approved loan amount based on the agreed terms and required documents you will submit and once they have been approved you are set. ]

Don’t hesitate if you have poor credit or bankruptcy in your past; we care more about your ability to repay the loan and the value of your car more than the state of your credit.

3 – Gather your documents for funding

Some of the basic things we will need from you are:

  • Your car title (don’t worry, we can help if you can’t find it)

The car title needs to be in your name. If the car title has your name listed as well as someone else’s, either party could apply for a title loan in most states.

If you can’t find your car title, we can help, which will make the process even faster.

  • A valid driver’s license or government issued identification.

We won’t judge you on your picture, promise.

  • Proof of residence

A piece of mail like a utility bill is perfect!

  • Proof of income

We’ll take one of those check stubs you usually rip up and throw away, or a bank statement if you are self-employed. If neither of these works, you may have other ways to prove income.

You can show us another stream of income such as self-employment, retirement, disability, or social security. If you are unemployed, we still may be able to help. If we need any other documents, we will tell you about it.

4 – Take pictures of your car

Use your best Insta-skills and snap some shots of your car. Opt for natural lighting instead of adding a filter, it will make your car look the best.

Maybe give your car a little wash so we can see how shiny it is, this is also a really good excuse to go through the car wash and re-visit the child-like thrill of watching those giant mops flop all over your car.

Make it a full-out photo shoot and take a few pictures of your car from multiple angles. Throw on some runway music and wear a beret if that helps.

5 – Sign your car title loan and receive your money

LoanMart has various ways to give you your money, we want this process to be quick and easy – but never rushed, so you have the best car title loan experience possible. We know you want this process to be quick and easy too, that’s why there are absolutely no balloon payments or penalties for pre-payment or paying off your loan early.