How to Receive Your Title Loan
Money with MoneyGram

LoanMart works with MoneyGram to make it easier for you to receive your title loan funds. After you’ve finished your loan application and approval process, you’ll be able to send your funds to one of the 30,000 MoneyGram locations, or transfer the money to your bank account, mobile wallet, or other accounts.

You want to receive your title loan money.
But, how?

Send your money to your bank account or mobile wallet.

Use LoanMart and MoneyGram, as an option to deposit your funds directly into your bank account or a mobile wallet. All you’ll need is a little information about yourself and your bank account number.

Send money for cash pick-up

You have the option to receive your funds from LoanMart by visiting a MoneyGram location near you. To receive your money at a location convenient for you, review the steps below.

Collecting Your Title Loan Money in Person


Find a location

With the help of LoanMart, you’ll be able to locate a MoneyGram location closest to you.


Bring your information

All you will need is identification and your reference number to pick up your money from the MoneyGram location verifying you are the receiver.


Complete the transaction

The final step is just to receive your money from LoanMart at your MoneyGram location of choice.

How to Make a Payment with

When you need to make a payment, you can send your payment to LoanMart using a MoneyGram ExpressPayment Service. Make sure you fill out this form to include the following to ensure correct payment.

Note: If you have any questions, need to make a smaller minimum payment, or need your account number, you can give us a call, so we can help you with your MoneyGram ExpressPayment Service slip, or you can make a payment by phone.


Visit a Location

Visit a MoneyGram location and ask for a MoneyGram ExpressPayment Service Slip. Make sure to fill out the top section titled, “To be completed by the customer.” Make sure to fill out all the information


Fill out the ExpressPayment Form

Under the “Pay a Bill” Section, you will write “LoanMart” as the company name; “Van Nuys, Ca” as the City and State; and “5371” as the Receive Code. The amount to Pay should be the minimum payment due, and the Account Number should be your Loan Account Number.


Turn in your ExpressPayment Form

Give the ExpressPayment Service slip to the MoneyGram representative and get a receipt. Track your ticket online on the MoneyGram website!

Why LoanMart works with MoneyGram


Your title loan money will be available for pick-up in just minutes, or sent to your bank account within the same day.3


If you are not near a LoanMart location, you have the option to receive your funds without leaving your home or traveling far from home.


LoanMart has been helping customers with their financial needs since the early 2000’s. We value transparency and the ability to satisfy our customers lending needs.