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Consolidating Debt with LoanMart

If you’re worried about debt, you’re in pretty good company. According to a recent study, 8 in 10 have Americans are carrying debt of different kinds. Although most feel debt is a necessity, it can become a problem when people are juggling debts and struggling to make payments on time.

There are many headaches involved with carrying multiple debts. It can be difficult to keep track of when payments are due. Especially if you’re busy with other life events—whether it’s going to school, a medical emergency, or a new baby—you may find it challenging to manage multiple due dates.

If you don’t make your payments on time, that can lead to fees and higher interest rates, leaving you even more in debt and frustrated with yourself as well. Debt consolidation can help you get your debt under control again so you can get your life back.

What would you do if you had $2,500, $5,000, $7,500 or $10,000 to help with your debts right now?

LoanMart offers a variety of loan products that make it easier to manage your debt. By taking out a loan of $2,500, $5,000, $7,500 or $10,000 with LoanMart, you can pay off your various debts with the money and be left with a single loan to deal with.

Instead of juggling multiple debts, you’ll have just one payment to make. In place of frustrating calls to numerous creditors, you’ll have LoanMart’s friendly and helpful customer service representatives to assist you.

LoanMart is a leader in the loan market, and offers loans that are accessible even to people with bad credit. By working with LoanMart, you’ll be able to get access to money to pay off those debts in full.

We understand how easy it is to slip into a situation where debts become out of control, leading to increased stress and family tension. Here are some of the ways people typically run into trouble with debt, and how you can use cash from LoanMart to make your life easier.

Waving Goodbye to Medical Debts

In recent years, changes in health insurance and employment have left more people with medical debt. Health insurance has become very complex, and understanding how much you owe for any given visit, procedure, or prescription is difficult.

For many people, the amount owed for medical services comes as a surprise. For example, having a baby can leave you with unexpected co-pays and co-insurance fees. You may be hit by these charges right when you have to cope with the added expense of diapers and other new baby costs.

Unexpected medical emergencies or costs related to long-term illness can also leave you with a sizable bill. Many people put medical care on credit cards, but others face the bureaucratic mess of negotiating payment with a hospital or medical lab.

With a loan of $2,500, a person can pay off the average amount of medical debt that Americans carry. With your medical debt taken care of, you’ll have reduced stress and a greater ability to look after your health.

Getting to Zero on Credit Card Bills

For most Americans, credit cards are an essential part of daily living. But carrying a high balance on multiple credit cards comes at a cost. Keeping track of changing terms, interest rates, and payment dates is a chore. Slip up a few times, and you’re facing late fees as well as penalty interest rates.

By consolidating your credit card debt into one loan payment, you’re accomplishing a few things at once. You’ve reduced the hassle of managing multiple debts, and you’ve removed the threat of extra charges. If you’re at or over your limit on credit card debt, bringing your balance to zero also frees up that credit again.

There are many ways to become overwhelmed by credit card debt, but a common way is through job loss. It can be difficult to quickly cut back on certain expenses, like a child’s tuition, a mortgage, or health insurance, so the costs wind up on credit cards.

That may work if a new job is in the wings, but often unemployment stretches out longer than anticipated. A loan of $2500-$5,000 is enough to pay off the average American’s credit card balance. By simplifying your payment schedule through debt consolidation, you’ll have the time you need for other things, whether that’s finding a new job or downsizing your lifestyle.

Paying Back Family Members & Friends

In an emergency, people often turn to relatives and friends for money. Sometimes, family members and friends offer other types of financial support as well. Many recent graduates have moved back in with parents, sometimes living rent-free for extended periods.

If you’ve borrowed money from friends or family members at some point, or relied on their generosity to see you through a difficult period, paying them back may be a priority. A loan of $2,500-$5,000 is enough to pay off most loans originating from family and friends.

If you’re living with family members of friends, paying back your debts may also be a crucial first step to moving out on your own. If that’s one of your goals, then obtaining a loan from LoanMart may help you take advantage of new opportunities in your life.

Don’t Wait Another Instant

Whatever combination of debts you’re struggling with—student loans, legal and medical bills—stop battling multiple payment schedules. Simplify your life by consolidating your debt into a single loan from a trusted source, LoanMart.

Debt consolidation can prevent you from getting further into debt through multiple late fees and other charges. By making it easier to manage your debt, consolidation can remove some of the stress you’re living with, and consequently reduce conflict and tension at home.

LoanMart customer service representatives are available to talk to you and help find a loan that’s right for you. The application process is simple and we make every effort to tell you whether you’ve been approved fast—often within 24 hours.

As you probably already know, when dealing with debt, acting in a timely manner is important. Contact LoanMart now to find out more about how you can obtain a loan.