Why Choose LoanMart?

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Financing that Fits Your Lifestyle

Often, financial emergencies come unannounced, leaving you stressed and frustrated. Correctly evaluating your options is critical in such a situation, as choosing the wrong lender can leave you under even more stress. However you can always count on LoanMart. Providing quality service to our customers has been our specialty, and maintaining a consistency in this has been our habit- one of many reasons we are trusted by over 150,000 customers across the West Coast of the USA. We understand what you're going through, and we always strive to find the quickest solution to your cash flow problems at the lowest industry rates.

Get Your Cash Fast

Our loan application process is simple and we make every effort to get you your money as fast as possible—within 24 hours. For your convenience, you can choose to receive your money in the form of cash, check, or via wire transfer.

Superior Customer Service

We pride ourselves on several things at LoanMart, including being committed to our employees and our customers. Additionally, we want to make the whole process convenient for our borrowers. This is part of the reason we offer our products online, so customers can get information about our services anytime from the comfort of their own homes or offices. We make it quick and easy for customers to talk to us and see if they might qualify for our product(s)– and it is completely free to check, with no obligations.

Professional Process

LoanMart prides itself on being transparent for its existing and prospective borrowers by providing all information upfront before they sign any agreement. Potential borrowers may freely decline the loan at any time prior to the loan being signed and have no obligation if they feel it’s not the right option for them. We never charge any hidden fees, pre-payment penalties or ask you to make balloon payments.

Competitive Rates

At LoanMart our rates are competitive, and we work with you to give you a payment plan that fits your lifestyle. We even have programs like the LoanMart 5 Day Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Refinance Existing Title Loans

We may be able to help you refinance your previous title loan for a LoanMart Car Title Loan that gives you the breathing room you need.

Five Day Peace of Mind Guarantee

Not sure about getting an Auto Title Loan? No problem! LoanMart lets you try a loan for 5 days with no obligation. You can return our funds if you change your mind during this time. In that case, we will waive the application fee and other charges associated with the loan.