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Need some information about LoanMart’s proven success? Here’s why you should get a car title loan with LoanMart!

Why get a Car Title Loan?

Are you wondering why you should apply for a car title loan with LoanMart? The answer is an astounding “you should” from each aspect of the loan process, but let’s break down a few aspects that will have you feeling the same way that thousands of other customers do about our car title loans!

1.) Poor Credit: LoanMart offers their car title loans to those with poor credit history, or even, no credit history at all1. While traditional lenders (banks and credit unions) or other alternative lenders base your loan purely on credit score, LoanMart vows that it is not inherent in our selection process, as car title loans are based on (you guessed it) your car and its title.

2.) Expedited Application and Approval Process: Other lenders may make you wait for what feels like eons to receive even a response about a loan, but not at LoanMart! LoanMart’s title loan application reinvents the process, expediting it and trimming the unnecessary fat; credit searches are a huge chunk of processing time, and the score isn’t important, making it unnecessary. Filling out an application form (for FREE, by the way) on LoanMart’s website will save you time, money, and. Once approved, you may be able to acquire your funds in as little as one short business day3!

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3.) Just a FEW Documents stand between you and your Funds: We will ask for just a few minor preliminary documents to prove that you are in fact the person that you say you are; LoanMart can’t be running around like Dr. Kimble looking for the one-armed man (you). Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Proof of Identification—an ID like a passport or state-issued driver’s license.
  • Proof of Residency—any sort of proof (like a bill) that we can validate as your current residence.
  • Proof of Income—a paystub or annuity, or handwritten letter by your employer.
  • Vehicle Title—you wouldn’t receive your loan without this; LoanMart needs to see the free-and-clear title to your motor vehicle.

These documents are to be present in the process, so please try to adhere to this LoanMart standard.

4.) Partnering Lenders Across the Nation: From the Midwest, to the south, to the pacific coast, LoanMart has dozens and dozens of participating local alternative lenders in your area, at the very least, close to where you live. These lenders will be working in conjunction with us to help bring you your funds and get you on the fast track to a more comfortable financial life.

5.) High Approval Rates and High Funding: LoanMart offers customers competitive rates along with a high approval rating (thanks in part to the deflection of credit approval). Thousands of customers have been approved and many more will soon join the ranks of the LoanMart family. Funding can go as high as $50,000depending on the state In which you reside—that’s a life-changing amount of money.

6.) Flexible and Optimal Payment Periods: LoanMart’s payment periods and schedules are as flexible and as ideal as can be. Your LoanMart agent will walk you through your payment schedule and try to find one that fits your bell and adheres to your financial and lifestyle background. We want you to succeed and make timely payments!

7.) Zero Hidden Fees: LoanMart is in the business of giving, much like that Jolly fellow who shows up once every year. LoanMart offers a free application process, zero commitment if you just wanted to test the waters, and no prepayment penalties for those who have succeeded in trying to attempt to pay off their loan before their payment date; this also goes for those who add a little more every month to their loan payment.

8.) Financial Emergencies: LoanMart has your back for all the unexpected curveballs that life tosses your way. Good or bad, the funding from a car title loan with LoanMart could give you that little extra push in the right direction for what you need to purchase or commit to. Here are just a few examples:

  • Medical Emergency
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Wedding Bands/Rings
  • Holiday Cheer and Gift Giving
  • Vacation Needs
  • Rent/Bills/Credit Cards
  • …and many more!

Ready to get started with a car title loan from LoanMart? It will turn around your financial predicament in no time. Get started now with the application button at the top of this page or chat now with one of our informative LoanMart agents! We look forward to having you as the newest member of the LoanMart family!

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