Is My Personal Information Safe?

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Yes, it is and we take great care to ensure that only people who need to know your information within our company has access to it. Additionally, we use the highest-level security measures within our tech department to ensure that hackers are blocked. We never share your information without your expressed permission, either orally or in writing as stated on our online information form and all disclosures stated on our website.

Fun Fact: Protection of consumer information is not only a Priority with LoanMart’s car title loans it is the law.

There are several federal laws currently enforced by the government and additionally state laws apply as well. The requirement to ensure your information is protected is governed by several agencies. Luckily, all clients of LoanMart can count on the fact that our company puts priority on security of all their clients’ personal information. In fact, it’s actually part of their mission! LoanMart has a three-part mission that includes 1) exception customer service to identify and address customer needs, 2) empowerment of customers through education on financial resources for them to make sound financial decisions, and 3) vigilance in protecting personal information. With this kind of mission, it is no wonder that LoanMart is the leading auto title loan provider on the West Coast.

Promises to protect your information is nice, but it’s really the concrete measures that a company applies that will ensure they really do live up to their promises. With LoanMart, you can expect the following five practices that are always implemented to ensure the safety of their clients’ personal information:

  1. Client information is not stored on our web server computers. This holds true even when applications are submitted online; after the data is received, there are no traces of it left on the web servers.
  2. Using state of the art Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for transmission of your information. When you connect to the LoanMart website, you will notice that little padlock icon on the search bar which indicates that the site is secure. This means non-affiliated parties are unable to access your information both at the time you are sending or any other time after that. This is a standard protocol of businesses that deal with sensitive applications online, and LoanMart made sure that such a protocol is soundly fulfilled.
  3. Regular paper shredding of customer information. While hard copies of one’s documents (application form, photocopies of supporting documents and pictures, etc.) are kept on file for the duration of your loan term, these documents are scheduled to be shredded and disposed of properly once they are no longer needed.
  4. Compliance with federal and state laws that ensure privacy protection. Federal and state laws exist to ensure that businesses are made to protect their customer’s privacy. If you take a look at what these laws are, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that LoanMart abided by every single one of them. Apart from taking your privacy concern seriously, LoanMart is also a business that follows all stringent laws associated with any and all of its operations as proof of its integrity.

Why LoanMart Collects Personal Information

As a business, it is imperative for LoanMart to collect several types of personal information in order to confirm select facts about their would-be clients. This is also the best way for loan officers to determine which financial products and services will be most appropriate for specific clients. When it comes to personal information, there are several types of nonpublic details that are collected and maintained about clients:

  • Information connected to your loan application, filled-out in forms such as: your complete name, address, contact numbers (landline and mobile), social security number, annual income, any assets that you may have, driver’s license number, as well as pertinent employment information.
  • Information about transactions you’ve made with LoanMart as well as with other entities, which include your account balances and records of payment history.
  • Information gathered from consumer reporting agencies, with include but are not limited to your overall credit worthiness as well as up to date credit history.
  • Any information collected from non-affiliated third parties regarding any and all transactions you have had with them.

Does LoanMart Share My Personal Information?

There will be instances that some or all of your personal information will be shared with others, but only within the parameters of the following:

  • Non-Affiliated Financial Service Providers. These include banks, mortgage bankers, insurance companies and insurance agents, and credit card issuers.
  • Non-Affiliated, Non-Financial Companies. These include statement processors, collection agencies, repossession companies, or LoanMart attorneys.
  • Affiliated Companies. The information shared with them are used only for everyday business purposes or situations wherein they market new, and useful products you might be interested in.
  • Non-Affiliates for Joint Marketing. LoanMart may opt to share parts of your personal information with non-affiliated companies that they have a formal agreement with the purpose of marketing financial products and services to clients like you.
  • If required or permitted by law, any information about you may also be shared with reporting agencies or any other instance that will require legal processes.

A Note on Site Visits

Some people choose to send their information in person (and with hard copies) because they feel that it is the surest way for them to get them right into the hands of the actual person with whom they will be transacting. However, in the Internet age it is now more convenient to send information over the web. This is done safely and securely, with a secure measure in place.

This may make you ask if title loans are really worth it, but as  you will see, it is very safe and secure to share your information with LoanMart with the knowledge that your information is secure. With these kinds of measures, there is no fear of your data leaking out to others who might find harmful use for them. Having said all of these, you can now confidently push through with your loan application and eagerly await the receipt of your loan funds! The steps are very easy in that you will only need to prepare a few documents (filled-out application form, documents that confirm your complete name, home address, personal capacity to pay, the lien on your vehicle, and a number of photos of the vehicle that you want to put up for a loan). You can submit these in person or the very safe and secure way (and more efficient way!) online right on the site.