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At LoanMart, we believe in committing to our customers and employees, being innovative to find new, better solutions when solving problems, and being financially responsible about how we operate as a non-traditional lender. Not to toot our own horn too much, but if a person is considering a number of car title loan lenders, they might be interested to learn a few things that borrowers like about our company in particular – beyond the 
excellent customer service
 that we pride ourselves on!

  1. To start with, we’re different from big banks and traditional lenders because we’re willing to work with people who may have been refused by those institutions. We believe in trying to help everyone get the money they need, when they need it. This means we do our best to find a solution for customers who are self-employed, on disability or unemployed, or if those who don’t have an extensive credit history, or have poor credit.
  2. Borrowers also love that we help them to be as financially responsible as we are. When we work with people who are interested in getting an auto title loan online, we ask questions about the kind of car they have so we can determine the market value. We don’t offer loans that are greater than the car’s value, and we want to see proof of gross income from our customers before we will lend them money. This is because we want to know that our customers can reasonably be expected to pay back the amount of money that they want to borrow.
  3. We also provide helpful saving and budgeting tips on our blog, plus report repayments to credit agencies, to help people manage their finances and rebuild a poor credit history. There are no balloon payments; just regular, manageable amounts that help people budget properly.
  4. Borrowers like that our auto title loan online is fast and easy to apply for – and they appreciate that it’s free to talk to us and see if they can qualify. We want to make sure we’re offering convenience for our customers, and we want to keep things as simple as possible so borrowers aren’t confused.
  5. Additionally, we want to help borrowers and we encourage all our customers to ask questions if they’re not sure about something about an auto title loan online. We make it easy for people to reach out and communicate with us with English and Spanish-speaking representatives. Borrowers can chat with our team online, call our late-opening call center or request a call back on our online form. And if something happens while our borrowers are working to pay back the balance on their loans, we ask that they let us know. We do try to work with customers as much as we can to find solutions that make it a little easier to make payments on what they owe.
  6. Finally, the way we operate our car title loans ensures that our customers don’t have to give up their cars during the loan term – they can still drive them!

Borrowers like LoanMart because we strive to help them get the money they need when they need it. We make the process fast, simple, and easy.