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Cost of Living in St. Louis

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Whether you are looking to relocate to St. Louis or you may be moving out of St. Louis and want to see the cost of living in St. Louis compared to the rest of the nation, LoanMart has compiled data to help. From the cost of living in St. Louis to the average salary in St. Louis, we have the information you need to figure out how much you’re paying or will pay for everyday living like:

  1. Groceries
  2. Housing
  3. Utilities
  4. Transportation
  5. Health care

Overall, the average cost of living is 6% lower than the National Average Cost of Living.

Average Cost of Living in St. Louis

Out of 101 areas in the US analyzed by data submitted, St. Louis ranks 62nd. When compared to the overall average cost of living in the US, you can look at groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and health care.

Groceries in St. Louis are 4% higher than the national average, as well as the utilities which are 14% higher and health care which is 21% higher than the national average. Transportation is about the same cost as the national average, which includes the cost of your car, the gas, public transportation, and taxis.

To make up for the higher ends of living in St. Louis, housing is actually 28% lower than the national average, and that can make a difference in your budget.

Here are some comparisons of the cost of living in major cities compared to St. Louis and how they differ:

  • Phoenix, Arizona: 1% higher than St. Louis
  • Miami, Florida: 19% higher than St. Louis
  • Anchorage, Alaska: 37% higher than St. Louis
  • Dallas, Texas: 8% higher than St. Louis
  • New York City, New York: 143% higher than St. Louis
  • Knoxville, Tennessee: 13% lower than St. Louis
  • Chicago, Illinois: 29% higher than St. Louis

Average Salary in St. Louis

Using the average salaries of some of the main jobs titles in St. Louis, the average salary in St. Louis is reported at $52,198. Since 2006, the salary has increased an overall of 14.9%, with an increase in the trend for the last 4 quarters in 2017.

Cost of Housing in St. Louis

The average cost of housing in St. Louis can be broken down into the main categories one considers when they pay for their housing like:

  • Monthly rent (furnished accommodations)
  • Utilities
  • Internet

For monthly rent in an expensive area for a home of 900 square feet, it costs about $1,520 per month. Rent in a normal area for the same square footage is about $924 per month.

The utilities for one month with 2 people living in a place is about $187, including gas, heating, and water. Internet separately for 1 month at a rate of 8 Mbps is $51.

Cost of Transportation in St. Louis

While it may not be that different than the national average, it’s good to have an idea of how much that counts for in transportation. Transportation includes:

  • Gas
  • Public transportation
  • Taxi trips

One gallon of gas is about $2.00 in St. Louis. For a public transportation like train, it costs about $72 per month and for a 5-mile taxi trip it can cost $14.

How Does the Cost of Living in St. Louis Compare?

If you want to check the cost of living in St. Louis to where you live now, or where you are relocating, you can enter all your information on this website that helps you compare to the national average and St. Louis.

Living in St. Louis

St. Louis was originally established in 1764 as a fur trading post from a grant given by the King of France, Louis IX. After switching hands, it finally fell into the possession of the US after the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. While there weren’t many battles fought in the area, one of the city’s greatest moments was in 1904 when they hosted a World’s Fair: the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. They also hosted the 1904 Olympic games in conjunction with the fair.

Some famous sites to see living in or visiting St. Louis are:

  • Gateway Arch – monument celebrating US western expansion.
  • Forest Park – opened in 1876, a 1,371-acre park with 4 museums, a zoo, and athletic fields.
  • Cahokia Mounds – site of a 13th century Native American urban center with artifacts, ruins, and monuments.
  • Anheuser-Busch Brewery – historic brewery with tours and a beer museum

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