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3 Easy Steps

Here’s How to Get Your Cash1


Click or Call

The process is extremely fast. Apply over the phone or online.


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Submit documents by 4 pm PST, get your cash the same day3.


Get Your Money!

Get money sent directly to your bank account, or pick up your money at a participating location.

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If you are from Springfield, Missouri and need money, there is a unique offer for you to inquire about. Try title loans serviced by LoanMart!Âą
What is LoanMart Servicing Title Loans in Springfield, Missouri?

Title Loans serviced by LoanMart in Springfield, Missouri provide a convenient way for borrowers to find funding with bad or even no credit. Call 866-709-0498 to learn more!

What documents do I need with LoanMart Servicing Title Loans in Springfield, Missouri?

Generally, basic documents like vehicle title, proof of income, proof of residency, etc., is what you’ll need for Title Loans serviced by LoanMart in Springfield, Missouri. Need more information? Call 866-709-0498 now!

Do I have to go to LoanMart Servicing Title Loans in Springfield, Missouri in person to get a title loan?

No! Title Loans serviced by LoanMart in Springfield, Missouri are available online. Or, you can call 866-709-0498 to speak with a loan representative directly.

What are the Benefits of a Title Loan Serviced by LoanMart in Springfield, Missouri?

By choosing a title loan serviced by LoanMart in Springfield, Missouri, a borrower could get a lot of other useful benefits, and they are:

Easy Repayment

One huge benefit that comes with these loans is ease and flexibility with repayment. One way this is done is that borrowers are given the ability to pay the loan off early, without any fees, or penalties.5

When you are approved for a title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can be sure you get the most flexibility!

No Hidden Fees

There are absolutely no hidden fees of any kind, no giant payment at the end, or any other surprises.5

Convenience and Speed

Title loans serviced by LoanMart are made to be as convenient as possible and so when you apply, you could have the money you need the same day!1

The approval process for title loans serviced by LoanMart is extremely simple, and there are only a few documents that are required to apply!

About Service Areas in Springfield, Missouri

With a unique program available to residents who are looking for title loans in Springfield, title loans serviced by LoanMart may be able to provide secure funding backed by the financial stability of a title loan. Our representatives may be able to put hundreds- even thousands of dollars in your pocket fast, with low monthly payments1.

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Where Can I Get Title Loans Serviced by LoanMart in Springfield, Missouri?

With title loans serviced by LoanMart, you could get your approved funds through your local MoneyGram location!1 There are many Money Gram locations all over Springfield, one more advantage of title loans serviced by LoanMart.

There is a map provided below, with MoneyGram locations in Springfield. Along with a list of contact information of a few of these locations.

Addresses shown display closest MoneyGram locations. Map displays all MoneyGram locations in general vicinity.

Locations Near Springfield, Missouri

LoanMart is proud to help people all over the United States, including Springfield, Missouri and beyond! Look through the different LoanMart service areas and see which one is closest to your neighborhood:

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What is the Missouri Division of Finance?

Missouri ranks third in the nation in the number of state-chartered banks and fifth in the number of total banks with 243. In Missouri, they are all regulated by the Division of Finance, which may have you wondering what is the Missouri Division of Finance?

  • The Missouri Division of Finance regulates state-chartered banks, trust companies, consumer credit facilities, mortgage brokers, and savings and loan institutions.

The Missouri Division of Finance

The Missouri Division of Finance regulates those state-chartered banks, trust companies, credit facilities, mortgage brokers, and savings/loan institutions. They ensure the safety and soundness of those institutions, as well as monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations.

The objectives are carried out by the staff which consists of:

  • Commercial bank examiners
  • Specialized trust examiners
  • Savings and loan examiners
  • Consumer credit examiners
  • Office support staff

On their website, you have the ability to find a bank or licensee or even file a complaint against a bank, mortgage broker, or lender. The current commissioner is Lee R. Keith, who was elected into the position Jan 25, 2018.

Creating safe deposits

All banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions doing business in Missouri have federal deposit insurance with the FDIC for banks, and NCUSIF for credit unions. This protection provides you with $250,000 with the FDIC and NCUA.

The following accounts are protected and covered under this insurance:

  • Savings
  • Checking
  • NOW accounts
  • Money market
  • CD
  • Certain retirement accounts (IRAs)

These types of accounts are not protected by the insurance:

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Life insurance accounts
  • Annuities
  • Municipal securities

Filing a complaint

If you have a negative or bad experience with a bank, mortgage broker, or lender, then you can file a complaint through the Division of Finance website. Submitting complaints consists of filling out a complaint form online or paper, and send it via email, fax, or mail.

What is the DIFP (Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions, and Profession Registration) in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration is another department that works for consumer service industries. They are committed to:

  • Maintaining customer confidence through examining and monitoring the financial industries and business professionals.
  • Protecting public interest by establishing coherent and evolving policies that balance the interest of consumers, professionals, and industry.
  • Enforcing state laws and regulations that govern business to protect the consumers from unfair or inequitable treatment.
  • Lowering the burdens of regulation and cost to consumers by increasing efficiencies.
  • Encouraging a competitive environment for industries and professions that give consumers access to quality products.

The entire department not only consists of the Division of Finance, but there are also other divisions like:

  1. Insurance Consumer Affairs Division
  2. Insurance Company Regulation Division
  3. Insurance Market Regulation Division
  4. Division of Credit Unions
  5. Division of Professional Registration
  6. Administration Division


The insurance division of the DIFP allows you to access everything that may be related to insurance. That means auto, claims, consumer complaints, earthquakes, health, homeowners, long-term care, renters, severe weather, worker’s compensation, and more.

Some of the online services you can find include filing a complaint, finding an agent, finding an insurance company, life policy locator, and more.


The finance division of the DIFP is the Division of Finance, which we’ve covered in a majority of the article. They handle finances like banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, and savings and loans.

Credit Unions

The division that manages the credit unions helps you find one, look up laws and regulations, and file any complaints. It also helps you find certain websites for industries and teaches you important information (i.e. how to avoid foreclosure).

In Need of Financial Help?

Are you in need of financial help and have been turned away by traditional lenders? Get funding with auto title loans in Missouri1.

What is a Lien on a Missouri Title Loan?

When you get an auto title loan, the lender will typically sign onto your vehicle title as a lienholder. This means that if you happen to default on your title loan, the lender cannot come after your personal finances. However, this does mean that your car will most likely be repossessed from the lender.

This might sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be. If you default on your car title loan work to come up with a more manageable payment plan, so you can get caught up on your title loan installments and get your car back.

What Does a Lien Do in a Car Title Loan?

Despite what many people think, a lienholder does not take possession away from the original owner of a car once a lienholder signs onto someone’s vehicle title. If you get a title loan, you are still the owner of your car. In fact, you can still keep your car and drive it every day like normal when you get your auto title loan and make your monthly installments.

However, if you can’t keep up with the monthly installments, the lienholder may have to take your car for a while. If this happens, your car will be taken to a secure tow yard that is heavily gated and guarded. Then you can work to come up with a new payment plan that fits your unique financial needs. That way you can get caught up on your payment plan and you will be able to get your car back.

What are Title Loan Repossession Laws in Missouri?

When you applied for your title loan you had every intention of making your loan payments and didn’t foresee the situation you are in now. Somehow, you cannot afford to make the title loan payments that you agreed to pay.

Missouri has laws in place that give loan recipient’s protection. Missouri lenders have to supply ample notice to the loan recipients before a repossession takes place. There are a lot of states that do not require lenders to give delinquent notices prior to the repossession. Read more about car title loans in Michigan for more information of other states.

Missouri Repossession Steps:

Wait 10 days after the payment due date, prior to sending the loan recipient a delinquent/notice of non-payment form.

The official document you will receive is called the “Notice of Default and Right to Cure” form. This form will tell you that you are late for your scheduled payment. The amount of that payment and due date will be on the form, as well as a time frame for you to get up to date on your payments. The form will also explain that failure to pay, can result in repossession.

Allow 20 days for payment.

After the Notice of Default and Right to Cure form is sent to you, you have 20 days to pay. If you pay within the 20 days, but you are 10 days late for you next payment, another notice will be sent to you.

Repossession, after 30 days of no payment.

Altogether you have 30 days to catch up on your late payment. If you fail to pay, or make arrangements, your vehicle can be repossessed by the lender.

Send the loan recipient an intent to sell notice.

Lenders have to send loan recipients an intent to sale notice, it is the “Notice of Our Plan to Sell Property”. This letter will tell you, the loan recipient that you are delinquent in your loan repayments, and also tell you that the lenders have possession of the vehicle. The letter will inform you of when, and where the sale is to take place. At this time, you are allowed to buy back the vehicle.

Sell the vehicle.

Once the vehicle is sold the lending company will send you another document. This is the “Notice of Sale of Collateral and Possible Deficiency” form. This form will inform you of what is owed: accrued interest, loan principle, and repossession expenses. It also states that the sale of the vehicle will go towards the payment of your title loan. If the sale does not cover everything, you will be responsible for paying the remaining balance. If the vehicle sells for more, the extra money will be returned to you.

Failure to understand the repossession laws and procedures in your state, can cause you to lose your vehicle, and a lot of money. Missouri allows lenders to add fees on to your total remaining balance. These fees include the cost of hiring the repossession company, prepping the vehicle for sale, and even paying the lender’s legal fees. All of these fees are on top of all of the fees you have to pay for yourself. Don’t let this be you.

How Can I Avoid Repossession in Missouri?

  • Know your state’s laws.
  • Know the terms of your agreement.
  • Keep track of your payments.
  • Pick up a part-time job to alleviate the cost of payments.
  • Negotiate a payment arrangement with your lender.
  • Apply for an additional personal loan.
  • Sell the car, it’s usually worth more than what you owe the lender.
  • File bankruptcy.

Some of these are permanent solutions to your financial issues, while some are not. It is important to be aware of the differences. Your financial freedom is important, and it effects your ability to do a lot of things. Don’t let your title loan put you further into the hole, know your state laws and know your contract agreement terms.

What Do You Need to Get an Auto Title Loan in Missouri?

The auto title loan process is streamlined and fast. Don’t move forward with your car title loan process until you feel fully comfortable with your loan contract and terms. Feel free to work and talk to your title loan agent about what it takes to make your payment plan work for you. 

If you want your auto title loan process to go as fast as possible, you want to have some information and documents ready to go so that you can send them off right away.

  • Full name
  • Address of residence
  • Email address
  • Phone number 
  • Year, Make, Model, Style, and Mileage of your car

When you first apply for your car title loan, you will provide this information in a fast information request. It should only take about 5 minutes to fill out. Then, some documents. Will need:

  • Government issued form of photo ID (driver’s license, FOID card, passport, etc.)
  • Proof of residence (utility bill, lease, etc.)
  • Proof of income (paystub, back statement, etc.)
  • Vehicle title with your name on it (but don’t freak out if you cannot find your vehicle title or if your name is not the only one listed!)
  • Photos of your car – (to get the best pictures, take your photos outside and in the daylight)

How to Apply to Get an Auto Title Loan in Missouri

Applying for auto title loans is a lot easier than you’re used to if you’ve received funding from a traditional bank. Multiple options for applying, even giving you the opportunity to apply without leaving your home: 

  • Over the phone
  • Online

Once you’ve figured out the best option for you to apply, all you need to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Fill out the application at a participating location near you, over the phone, or from the comfort of your home.
  2. Send in your qualifying documents to your representative.
  3. Sign your loan agreement and collect your funds!

What could be better than that? Solve your financial problems by signing up for your auto title loan today!

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All loans will be serviced by LoanMart. See State Disclosures for additional information. LoanMart is currently not lending in California and does not make loans or credit.

1Loan approval is subject to meeting the lender's credit criteria, which may include providing acceptable property as collateral. Actual loan amount, term, and Annual Percentage Rate of the loan that a consumer qualifies for may vary by consumer. Loan proceeds are intended primarily for personal, family and household purposes. Minimum loan amounts vary by state. Consumers need to demonstrate ability to repay the loan.

2Based on consumers who received a loan from LoanMart from February 2002 to October 2018.

3Application processes could take five (5) minutes to complete. Upon completion, a conditional approval may be given pending review of documentation. Funding time is based on the time from final approval following receipt and review of all required documents and signing, prior to 2PM PST on a business day.

4To exercise the right to rescind, the consumer(s) must notify the lender in writing by midnight on the third calendar day from obtaining the loan. Within one business day from notice of rescission, the consumer(s) must return any monies received and fees paid on behalf of the consumer(s) by certified funds.

5Lenders recommend and encourage consumers to pay early and often and more in order to avoid additional finance charges.

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