How to Save Money Living in Phoenix

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How to Save Money Living in Phoenix

Those who live in Arizona certainly know how to handle their heat. In a place where temperatures can reach triple digit numbers on a daily basis, living comfortably in Arizona can sometimes be an expensive endeavor. Check out some of the best tips on how to beat the heat and save some money while living in Phoenix!

Bring the cool air to you

When you live in Phoenix, Arizona, air conditioning is a must. Unfortunately, this necessity can get very expensive, very quickly. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars each month to pay for your entire house to be nice and chilly, try making a mini-AC unit that only cools down just the room you are in.

You can go with the simple fan behind a bowl of ice method, or you can check out some other more intricate designs. Either way, you will save tons of money not running your big bulky air conditioning unit constantly.

Stop pretending grass on your lawn is important

When we think of the ideal home, we think of a house with a white picket fence and a lush, green lawn that takes lots of upkeep to maintain. Not only is a grassy lawn very expensive to keep, it is also horrible for the environment. Think of all the water you are wasting by dumping it on your front lawn just to make it green.

Instead of spending time and money on watering your lawn, opt for some decorative pebbles, woodchips, or even fake grass on your lawn. You will save yourself from the hassle of having to maintain a lawn, you will be helping the Earth, and you will also save yourself a lot of money in the process!

Cool down at your local pools

Take advantage of what is in your own neighborhood! Many areas in Phoenix have local pools for the public to use that are completely free if you are a resident of the area. Other times, you can pay a small yearly fee and be a member at local park districts that also have community pools.

Swimming at a neighborhood pool is a great way to exercise, socialize, and cool down from that infamous Arizona heat, all without breaking the bank.

Utilize the deals at flea markets, swap meets, and thrift stores

Remember how you can help save the planet by putting other features on your front lawn besides real grass? Well, you can save the planet again by purchasing the things you need second-hand.

There are countless flea markets, swap meets, and thrift stores where you can purchase everything from clothes, kitchen appliances, and more at a heavily discounted price. Buying what you need second hand is a great way to save money and help the environment because you are cutting down on potential waste. Instead of those items going into a landfill and taking up space, they are being put to use once more.

Keep an eye on your credit score

No matter where you live, it is important to keep a close watch on your credit score. Doing so can actually end up saving you money in the grand scheme of things. This is because having a higher credit score makes you more likely to be approved for other helpful ways to save money. Loans, credit cards, and payday advances are granted most often to people with increasing credit scores.

Thankfully it is still possible to be approved for helpful financial assistance even if you don’t have an extremely high credit score, but it is always good practice to be mindful of your numbers.

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