LoanMart and our Auto Equity Loans in Idaho

About LoanMart

We at LoanMart want to make the lending process as transparent and painless as we can. We have been doing business the right way since 2002. Over 250,000 customers across the US have trusted us with their car title loans.4 LoanMart is one of the premiere non-bank lenders in several states, including Idaho. Our excellent reputation in the industry is a result of our dedication to customer service. LoanMart cares about you. This is what makes us stand out from the others. We do everything we can as a business to stay financially responsible. We do all we can to empower our customers be the same way. At LoanMart, we also like to give back to our customers by supporting our communities with our partnerships and sponsorships
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Our History

LoanMart’s roots go back to 1999 as a single local pawn shop on the streets of Sherman Oaks, California. LoanMart then slowly evolved into a title installment loan lender as it is known today. Over the years we’ve grown and expanded with branches across the country and to be able to offer new and online services. We are proud to now provide auto equity loans in Idaho and more. Now, we’re in Van Nuys, California right next to our hometown of Sherman Oaks in a much bigger building, but with the same small business values at heart. We’re looking forward to what’s next as we continue to work on our online features and improving the customer experience in every way we can.

Our Mission

LoanMart operates on a three-part mission that aims at providing an unparalleled customer experience while being a financially responsible company.
  • Our customer service mission is devoted to our customers’ needs. We understand the difficulties of navigating through financial emergencies and strive to set a new standard in the lending industry.
  • Our educational mission compels us to share accurate and useful financial information with our customers. It is important to us that our customers make informed financial decisions.
  • Lastly, our security mission drives us to remain vigilant in protecting our customers’ information.
This three-part mission has made us one of the premiere lenders on the West Coast, with you by our side. Let us prove it to you. Call us or apply now for an auto equity loan in Idaho.
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