Are Title Loans Allowed in South Carolina?

Yes, you can apply for car title loans in South Carolina if you have a vehicle title in your name and proof of income!

LoanMart’s online application process makes it easy to apply for a car title loan. There’s no store visit required!1 If you’re eligible, you could get the emergency funding you need as soon as the next business day.3 Go online or call a title loan agent directly at 855-422-7412 to start your loan inquiry today.

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How Do Car Title Loans in South Carolina Work?

A title loan is a type of secured loan that can allow you to use your vehicle title as collateral for funding. Car title loans are usually more flexible than traditional bank loans because they are secured by collateral. You can still qualify for a car title loan even if your credit is not perfect.1

However, your car must have enough positive equity to qualify as collateral for a title loan in South Carolina. These factors are primarily used by the lender to determine both your loan amount and eligibility for a title loan:1

  • Your Ability to Repay the Loan
  • The Value of Your Car

You can conveniently use LoanMart’s online title loan calculator to obtain an equity estimate and a loan quote, free of obligation.1

What Documents Do I Need to Qualify for a Car Title Loan in South Carolina?

South Carolina residents are required to provide some documents during the car title loan application process.

These basic documents are used to verify your information and can be conveniently uploaded online, or sent via text message to a title loan agent. You can expect to turn in the following documents when you apply for an auto title loan:1

  • A Vehicle Title in Your Name
  • Proof of Address
  • Recent Pictures of Your Car
  • Valid, Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Income

It is a good idea to be prepared and gather your documents ahead of time. In some cases, eligible borrowers can qualify the same day they apply with title loans serviced by LoanMart!1 3

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How Much Can I Get with an Auto Title Loan in South Carolina?

So, how much cash can you get through a title loan in South Carolina? The amount of money you can borrow through a car title loan will largely depend on your car’s value and your income. You can access a percentage of your car’s equity through a title loan by pledging the title of your car as collateral. In some cases, you could access up to 50% of your car’s value. That means you could potentially borrow anywhere from $2,000-$15,000 if you qualify for a car title loan in South Carolina!1

With title loans serviced by LoanMart, qualified borrowers can access competitive interest rates and no hidden fees.1 5 If you qualify, you could get your money as soon as the next business day! Just visit the website and fill out a brief pre-approval form to apply for an auto title loan serviced by LoanMart today.1 3

How Can I Apply for a Title Loan in South Carolina Online?

There’s no store visit required to apply for a title loan in South Carolina. Get started on your title loan application from the comfort of your own home today! The application process is just three simple steps:1

  1. Start Your Inquiry Online or Over the Phone with a Title Loan Agent at 855-422-7412
  2. Upload the Required Documents Online
  3. Get Your Money if You Qualify!1

If you qualify for a title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can choose direct deposit, get a check in the mail, or simply pick up your funds at a participating money transfer location in South Carolina.

Financial hardship can happen to anyone. Go online or dial 855-422-7412 to start the approval process for a title loan serviced by LoanMart in South Carolina. Eligible borrowers could receive emergency funding in no time at all! So why wait to see if you qualify?3

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Where Can I Repay a Title Loan Serviced by LoanMart in South Carolina

Because title loans serviced by LoanMart are so Innovative, borrowers could receive advantages with the funding process. Title loans serviced by LoanMart allow eligible people to have access to emergency funding without having to travel too far.

And that is why title loans serviced by LoanMart offer a quick and easy funding process by allowing you to pick up your funds at any participating money transfer location across the state of South Carolina.1 Once you have picked up your funds, you can easily repay them at any participating MoneyGram location! No matter where you are in the state, chances are that there will be a MoneyGram location near where you live or along your daily commute.

Not sure where the closest MoneyGram location is to you? Check out the map below, which features a drop-down list of a few MoneyGram locations throughout the state of South Carolina:

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Financial and Demographic Indicators for South Carolina

The figures below are intended for informational and educational purposes to allow consumers to compare their financial situation to others in South Carolina. Empowered with this data, we hope you can make a sound decision to solve your financial needs - if you decide that a title loan is a potential option, we’d be thrilled to assist you.

Household income (median)$58,342
Income per capita$32,823
Rent (average)$918
Gross rent (median)$970
Value of housing units (median, owner-occupied)$181,800
Monthly owner costs (median, with a mortgage)$1,329
Monthly owner costs (median)$390
Student loan indebtedness (average)$38,414
Credit card indebtedness (average)$5,938
Size of monthly car loan payment (average)$543
Percentage of households that rent30%
Bank branches1,134
FICO® credit score average693
VantageScore® credit score average675