Get the Most Convenient Title Loan Process with LoanMart and DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. in Los Angeles

If you have worked in any capacity with the lending industry before, you may have experienced having to go out of your way to make lending happen.

Whether you had to set up an appointment with a lender, take a day off work, or waste a lot of time, this can all be super inconvenient. With LoanMart, receiving superior customer service should never be a hassle.

Here are some of the benefits when you work with LoanMart at DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. for a title loan in Los Angeles:

  • Convenience with Approachability—LoanMart is open seven days a week with extended hours. This means LoanMart is available by phone or email beyond the traditional lending hours of 9am-5pm that many businesses have.


  • Convenience with Title Loan Eligibility—With title loans, LoanMart looks at more than just credit history when determining eligibility. LoanMart also looks at the value of the vehicle, monthly income, and a borrower’s ability to repay the loan.


  • Convenience with Repayment—When it comes to title loan repayment, LoanMart makes it easy to pay back whatever was borrowed. Additionally, there are no penalties for early repayment.5

Experience an Extremely Fast Process with a LoanMart Title Loan from DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. in Los Angeles

When someone is looking for a title loan, chances are that they need funding extremely fast. LoanMart has over a decade of experience in the lending industry, and has adjusted the lending process to be as efficient as possible to save tons of time.

One way that LoanMart does this is with the streamlined 3 step process:

  • Visit a convenient DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. location.
  • Submit your documents for approval.
  • Once approved, receive title loan funding!

Another way that to keep your time in-mind is by offering a free estimate that only takes a few minutes.3 LoanMart will just need some basic information about you, your finances, and your vehicle.

When submitting your information, you never have to worry about where it is going or how it is being handled. LoanMart uses a wide range of security measures such as encryption on websites and properly disposing important documents.