How to Get the Best Title Loan in Los Angeles: A Step by Step Guide

Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in the world. With 4.0 million residents and counting just in the city of Los Angeles, you can bet there are all kinds of different people living the City of Angels. But one thing the people of Los Angeles have in common is that they can all inquire about a LoanMart car title loan for fast and efficient funding.

When you are in the middle of a financial crisis, LoanMart has your back with the help of a convenient title loan.1 Getting the money you need fast may be done in just 3 easy steps. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Send in your Information

To begin the simple LoanMart title loan process, you just need to fill out a quick information request—the whole thing should only take about 5 minutes to complete. After that, you will know right away if you are approved for your title loan funding!1

2. Send in your Documents

Upon approval, your LoanMart title loan agent will contact you to share your free quote with you. After you have decided to continue, LoanMart will request a few documents from you. Your title loan representative will request your qualifying vehicle title with your name on it, a government issued photo ID, proof of income, proof of residence, and a few photos of your car.

3. Receive your Title Loan Funding

After you have sent in your information and documents, LoanMart can begin drawing up your title loan contract for you to sign. Receive your money via direct deposit, have a check sent in the mail, pickup your money at your nearest neighborhood MoneyGram, or stop by our licensed location or a participating store to get your money—we would love to see you!

Title Loan: An Emergency Funding Solution

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You never know when you may be facing a financial emergency that you might not be able to afford. Hospital bills, lawsuits or tickets could be some of those unexpected financial situations that anyone could be involved in. But why worry? Because we at LoanMart think that emergency funding from a title loan could be the solution.

Why a title loan? We are happy to explain that a title loan could be a good example of emergency funding done right. When you apply for a loan from LoanMart, don’t expect too much time to be wasted on the inquiry, especially since the things you need could already be in your reach.

By getting a title loan, you are using your car as a collateral for the loan. This means there aren’t too many restrictions to deal with when getting this kind of loan. LoanMart considers loan approvals from people with all kinds of credit.1 One thing is for sure--taking a chance with us is not a hassle.

Plus, when you are approved with us, we are always there to help you with our customer service line and dedicated representatives ready to answer the questions you need to know about a title loan. But that’s not all!

When you need that financing as soon as possible, we offer approved borrowers multiple options in receiving that emergency funding. Online banking, MoneyGram, and in-person funding are just some of the ways you could receive the funding you need; how you want it.1

We offer choices and competitive rates with our emergency funding you could receive with a LoanMart car title loan.1 The need for emergency funding could always happen in unexpected times, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options, especially with LoanMart on your side.

Small Loan Alternatives

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Whether online or outside, there are plenty of options for a small loan, especially those that are considered alternatives. Some of these options even work for those with bad credit, hence the name, bad credit loan options.

While personal loans and bank loans may make it hard for people with bad credit to catch a break, we hope that we at LoanMart could be one of the small loan alternatives catered to those needs. With a car title loan from LoanMart, we don’t bother too much with a bad credit score.1

As a secured car title loan, LoanMart uses a person’s vehicle title as collateral when we give the funding that one may need.1 In short, the only details one needs to worry about when getting a car title loan is the title of your car, proof of residence, proof of income, a government issued photo id, and a few pictures of the car. If you have been denied small loans through traditional lenders before, you should try the convenient non-traditional funding of a title loan.

No need to worry about bad credit that keeps you from getting the funding you need.1 Getting a car title loan from LoanMart could be your answer. With bad credit loan options out there, check out why LoanMart could be the alternative for you.

How Does a Car Title Loan Work?

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Many people might be wondering about the in-depth inner workings of a car title loan, but potential borrowers should know that a car title loan isn’t rocket science. In short, a car title loan uses the value of your car to get you funding. By giving LoanMart your car’s qualifying title, the collateral for this secured loan has been achieved!

But always remember that even when you give us your title, when you stay on top of your payment plan you can continue to drive your car like nothing ever happened. We understand that the journey to getting funding is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard with LoanMart. When getting a car title loan from LoanMart, you go through a few phases. These phases are inquiring, approval, and getting funding.1

Is it really that easy? It can be, especially if you are looking to get fast funding from us here at LoanMart! But let’s break down exactly how the phases, starting with the application.

An application for anything can be a bit scary or even time-consuming, but our inquiry process generally takes a few minutes to get through. Always remember you can always get help from our very own customer service line. Our experienced staff could answer questions or even help you understand what documents you may need for the application.

Once you give us the information we need from you, we come to the approval phase. If approved for a car title loan, you’ll be happy to see that we offer competitive rates and give no pressure when offering you our LoanMart car title loan.1

Now it’s time to get moving and figure out how you’ll get your car title loan funding. One could choose the option of MoneyGram, in-person or through a bank account. When it comes to a car title loan, the work may not seem as difficult as you thought, so consider getting one with LoanMart today!

Why Title Loans with LoanMart?

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LoanMart car title loans have been an essential form of financial assistance for people all over the United States. Check out some of the perks that come with LoanMart car title loans. See why we have been one of the leading lenders in the country since 2002.

Get money fast1

In many cases, LoanMart car title loan borrowers can receive their money as soon as the next business day!3 Get your money when you need it when you are approved for a LoanMart car title loan.

Professional process

LoanMart representatives keep things professional, that means never selling your information or details, ever. Rest assured that your personal information is safe and secure with LoanMart.

Refinance existing title loans1

If you have a loan and are looking to refinance, LoanMart may be able to help you. If you are approved for a LoanMart car title loan for refinancing, you may be able to receive better rates than you had before!

Three-day peace of mind guarantee4

LoanMart wants you to feel comfortable with your car title loan. So, if you are feeling unsure about your car title loan, you have 3 days to decide about your loan until you are locked in.4

Superior customer service

Our LoanMart customer service is there for you, to help you with any part of the LoanMart car title loan process. There are qualified and experienced professionals available seven days a week with extended hours for you.

Competitive rates

Because LoanMart is a non-traditional lender, we are able to do things differently than most traditional lenders. That means we can take the perks that come with non-traditional lending and give them right back to you! Enjoy competitive rates and convenient terms you may not be able to find anywhere else.1

Can I get a Buyout or Refinance with a Title Loan?

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Yes, it is possible!1 When dealing with an existing loan or other financial obligation you just can’t handle anymore, it can be stressful trying to figure out how you are going to pay for it all. But that should be the least of your worries because there are options that might be better for you in the long run, such as title loan refinancing and buyout options.

When one decides to refinance their title loan, it means they simply want to change up how you are paying for your car title loan. When you refinance your loan with LoanMart, it may let you get a new deal on your loan that could have you paying less on your monthly payments.

But if you happen to have a car title loan with LoanMart, we will do our best to provide lower rates that could allow you to make your monthly payments a whole lot less of a hassle.1 We also offer great customer service that could help you understand the refinance process, and how to get lower rates on a LoanMart car title loan.

But what about a buyout? A buyout is different than refinancing but has similar benefits of taking the edge off payments. LoanMart can do a buyout by paying off the remainder of the debt owed on your car to the bank or dealership, then transfer that balance on to your new LoanMart car title loan.1 The amount of money we pay will be added to the amount you are taking out on a car title loan with us.

Whether you need refinancing for a car title loan or need a buyout to save you from overwhelming payments--LoanMart could help with both.1 We are happy to help with a customer service line and dedicated representatives.

What if I Can’t Pay off my Title Loan?

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Approximately 80% of Americans are carrying one form of debt or another these days. When feeling like you are caught in a storm of upcoming bills and payments, a car title loan may be the right answer for you. LoanMart is one of the best car title loan lenders in the industry, so if you’re looking for the best deal for yourself, you probably want to go with LoanMart.1

Life happens, and sometimes bills and payments can get out of hand. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world! Let LoanMart help you get through your current financial struggle with the help of a great car title loan.1

People have used helpful LoanMart car title loans for expenses such as:

Pay Medical

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Pay Legal

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Pay Funeral

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Pay for a

+ Learn More

But what if you have received a LoanMart car title loan, but find yourself unable to make payments at the time?

If you have a car title loan and feel like you cannot make payments anymore, the first thing you should do is contact your LoanMart car title loan representative. At LoanMart, we work with you to figure out what payment plan is best for you, and we may be able to change your current payment plan if you need a new one that better fits your unique financial circumstances.

If you don’t talk to your LoanMart car title loan agent to get a new payment plan, and continue to not make payments, we may be forced to repossess your car. But if that happens, LoanMart may still be able to work with you so you can get caught up on your car title loan installments and get your car back.

When you are in a financial bind, LoanMart is there for you to help you get through it.

Title Loans and Repossessions: What Happens?

trans Am

If you have a car title loan, and find yourself unable to make any more payments, the first thing you should do is talk to your LoanMart car title loan representative about it. Usually, your LoanMart car title loan agent will be able to change your payment plan and give you a new set of payback terms that can make your car title loan less stressful on you and your budget.

But what happens if you don’t talk to your LoanMart car title loan agent, and you don’t make any more installments on your payment plan? If you do not make any payments on your LoanMart car title loan, we may be forced to repossess your vehicle. Remember, if you talk to your LoanMart representative, we may be able to set you up with a completely new payment plan—all you have to do is talk to us and ask!

If your car is repossessed, LoanMart may still be able to work with you to set you up with a different payment plan. That way, you can get caught up on your car title loan installments and get your car back.

If your car is repossessed, and you still do not make payments on your car title loan, LoanMart may have to auction off your vehicle. If this happens, the amount the car is sold for will affect the outcome of the car title loan. If the car is sold for more than the balance of the title loan, you will receive the excess money. However, if the car is sold for less than the balance of the car title loan, you may be responsible for making up the difference.

How will a title loan reflect on my credit report?

customer checking credit report

If paying back your car title loan is a stressful struggle, and you find yourself missing payments, or not paying enough for each installment—this will be reported on your credit. When you fail to make payments on existing bills and other financial obligations you may have, your overall credit takes note of these actions. Furthermore, if you make late payments, or short payments on various financial obligations, you may not see your credit improve over time.

If you make your car title loan payments on time, your balance will eventually go down until it is completely gone—which means you will owe less in financial obligations overall. So, making payments consistently and on-time will be reported as such on your credit.

When you are approved for LoanMart car title loan funding, your LoanMart representative can set you up with a payment plan that has convenient terms and convenient rates. When your car title loan payment plan is stress free and manageable, it can be easier to complete the car title loan process!

Customer Testimonials: We've Helped Over 250,000 Customers!2

When looking into something new, it is always a good idea to hear what other people are saying about it. LoanMart has been able to help over 250,000 people since we opened business in 2002, so you can bet some of those people had something to say.2

It is important to note that LoanMart never requires you to leave feedback about your LoanMart car title loan experience, but we obviously always love hearing what you have to say. You can even leave feedback anonymously with the new LoanMart private rating feature on our location pages. Take advantage of leaving feedback, all while keeping your identity private.

But, if you would like, you can leave a more in-depth review of your LoanMart experience. LoanMart has compiled a testimonials page that features some of the personal stories our family of customers has sent into us. Read through them and find out the different ways people have been helped by LoanMart car title loans!

Some of the things people have said about LoanMart car title loans are:

“This loan played a huge part in saving me and my family from a disaster.”

- Rigoberto H

“This meant everything to me during my tough family time.”

– Diane W

“The experience was easy, informative, and good overall.”

– R. Mejia

“The application process was easy, and I was pleased with how quickly I was able to receive the loan.”

- Vik

“The process was really easy and quick!”

– J. Rios

“I was in a serious financial crunch and 1800LoanMart made the difference in keeping my house.”

- Huffman

LoanMart car title loans have been essential help for people throughout the United States, and we want you to be next. LoanMart car title loans can be used to pay for things like:

Pay Medical

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Pay Legal

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Pay Funeral

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Pay for a

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Top Ten Los Angeles Locations

We at LoanMart are happy to let fellow Californians know that they are in good hands when it comes to looking for car title loans. There are many participating stores you may visit in Los Angeles. Originating in California, LoanMart provides the need for car title loans with the help of two of our top participants: Continental Currency Services, Inc. and ACE Cash Express.

As a non-traditional loan lender, Continental Currency Services’ locations are selectively chosen to provide the best benefits for their neighborhoods. Continental Currency Services offers a wide range of products. They also instill a diversity of services that is complimented by good customer service.

Continental Currency Services’ business connection with LoanMart makes them an even more diverse financial institution. Continental Currency Services offers LoanMart car title loans in several of their service locations. Check out some of the more popular participating stores you may want to visit in Los Angeles:

ACE Cash Express also offers similar financial services, including payday and installment loans. With a strong emphasis in customer service, ACE Cash Express works with LoanMart and serves California areas that include the likes of Westmont and Crenshaw. By offering our LoanMart car title loans at these service locations, expanding to cities all over California.

LoanMart car title loans are not restricted to specific locations in our home state of California thanks to our participants at Continual Currency Services and ACE Cash Express. With their service locations spanning all over the state, our top participants and other networks have allowed us to make our mark across the country possible.

If you think a title loan could be the right financial solution for you, then contact LoanMart to see how they can help. Call 1-855-277-4847 to speak with a representative or fill out the quick 5-minute initial inquiry online to see if you are approved for fast and efficiient funding today.

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