LoanMart Partnered with DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. in Cherryland Offers Tons of Unique Advantages

With LoanMart, a person could look forward to all kinds of beneficial advantages with the title loan process. Here are some benefits to look forward to:

  • LoanMart makes the title loan process simple by having a 3-step title loan process. It just involves getting in contact, sending in your documents, and receiving your funding.1
  • LoanMart has more than a decade of experience in the lending industry.
  • LoanMart offers honesty and transparency throughout the lending process.
  • LoanMart is available seven days a week, beyond the traditional business hours.
  • LoanMart interest rates are highly competitive.
  • LoanMart offers flexibility with eligibility and approval.1
  • When working with LoanMart, you do not have to worry about early repayment penalties.5
  • LoanMart offer a three-day peace of mind guarantee.4

As you can see from the list above, there are many reasons to start with LoanMart for your title loan process.

Even if you don’t live in Cherryland, California, and can’t visit this DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. location, LoanMart operates all over the United States. There are many states that do have DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. locations.

Poor Credit is Not a Huge Factor with Title Loans at DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. Powered by LoanMart in Cherryland

If you have less than good credit, you may be quite hesitant to reach out to us. However, with LoanMart you don’t have to be.

At LoanMart, a customer is more than just their credit history. Instead of focusing solely on credit like so many lenders do, LoanMart considers an individual’s income and their ability to repay the loan.1 With these various factors, LoanMart could be more flexible with lending and could personalize the loan based on a customer’s finances.

In addition to flexibility with credit, LoanMart also offers flexibility with repayment. Loan terms can range anywhere from 12-48 months. This could give you the freedom to either choose a longer commitment, which gives you more time to pay back the loan, or you could choose a shorter commitment to pay less interest and quickly repay the loan.

Unlike some title loan lenders out there, there are no early repayment penalties.5 If you do decide to pay back the loan early, you won’t face charges for being a responsible borrower.