The Different Advantages of Choosing LoanMart at DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. for Your Title Loan in Hillcrest

Those who have looked into title loans before may be familiar with the benefits that come with them, such as fast and easy funding. With LoanMart, instead of just offering the standard title loan benefits, LoanMart goes above and beyond.


Here are some additional benefits to look forward to when you decide to work with LoanMart:



  • Exceptional Customer Service—All of our loan agents have extensive knowledge about the title loan process and can help you throughout the process, even repayment.


  • Flexibility with the Process—Not sure whether you will be approved? With LoanMart, there is flexibility with eligibility.1 Instead of focusing only on credit, LoanMart pays more attention to the value of the borrower’s vehicle, their income, and their ability to repay the loan.

At LoanMart and DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. in Hillcrest, You Don’t Have to Worry About How to Repay Your Loan

Repaying a loan can be one of the most stressful parts of the loan process. And that is why LoanMart has set up a way to also make that as easy as possible.


LoanMart wants to make paying back the title loan extremely simple. Borrowers could repay their title loan online, over the phone, through the LoanMart app, mailed payments, automatic payments from checking account, or by visiting a payment location in-person; in addition to all these varying methods of repayment, LoanMart offers no penalties for early repayment.5


At LoanMart, borrower’s have the freedom to pay back their loan early without having to worry about fees. This makes paying back a loan through us extremely simple and convenient, and could mean paying less interest overtime. Yet another huge advantage that comes from working with LoanMart and DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. for your title loan in Hillcrest!