There are a lot of reasons that you could be looking for a lender. Many customers find themselves researching title loans in Columbus because they need quick cash for:

  • Paying past due bills
  • Home repairs
  • Veterinary expenses
  • Special events

What Kind of Job Do I Need to Get Title Loans in Columbus?

Some lenders tend to put up roadblocks that can make it difficult to secure funds if you don’t fall within certain guidelines. Requirements can be overwhelmingly strict, requiring that your income hits specific points. If you don’t comply with these restrictions, lenders will actively pass on giving you an offer because you are considered a risk.

Of course, you do need to be able to provide verifiable steady income, but your proof can come from a variety of sources. Many of our customers have been approved with:

  • Paycheck Stub(s)
  • Bank Statements
  • Government Award Letters
  • Documentation of Legitimate Claimed Income

LoanMart Title Loans wants you to get the money you need. It may be possible to get title loans in Columbus, even if you don’t have a traditional form of income1.

Is it Difficult to Get Title Loans in Columbus Online?

The online tools that you have access to allow for ease of management of your title loans in Columbus. Check your payments, pay your bill, or find answers to your questions. And as an added bonus, your loan processor can answer your questions via phone as well. Contact a representative at 614-697-0280 if you ever need.

Want to know how it works? Here’s a rundown of the process:

  1. Fill out an inquiry form to share information about you and what kind of loan you are seeking. Your vehicle might be able to be pre-qualified in this step1. Either way, you’ll be ready for step two.
  2. Shortly after you submit your request, a loan processor will reach out to you. During your call, your dedicated loan expert will go over your request and give you a rundown of the documents needed to complete your loan inquiry. Afterward, your full application will be submitted to the lender for final approval.
  3. The final step in the lending process is providing your electronic signature and choosing your payment method.

What Documents will be Required for Title Loans in Columbus?

. Having these docs handy may help make the application process smoother for you:

  • Government-issued photo ID: Can include a driver’s license, state identification, or passport
  • Verification of Address: You will need a lease, bill or other proof of address
  • Statement of Income: Documents that support a valid form of income
  • Vehicle Photos: All four sides of your vehicle, your odometer and your VIN.
  • A Valid Title: To be considered valid, your title must be in your name
  • References: Have four references handy. Can be either  professional or personal references

The loan process is surprisingly fast, so once these pieces of information have been submitted, your loan may be able to be finalized1.

How Long Does it Take to Get Title Loans in Columbus?

It is as simple as possible to get a title loans in Columbus1. Loan requirements are minimal, so there isn’t a lot of time needed to review your application. A lot of customers are able to get their loan within 1 business day of turning in their application1.

In rare cases, some have even been successful in getting their loan on the same day that they apply, due to submitting all of their documents early.

How Do I Get Paid for Title Loans in Columbus?

When your title loan in Columbus is approved, you have three options to pick up your money.

  • Bank Deposit –Provide your account numbers to receive your funds directly deposited. Each bank processes payments differently, so the amount of time it will take you to receive your loan may vary.
  • Paper Check –mail out a check for you to cash at your bank or any other check cashing service.
  • MoneyGram– You can pick up your funds at any Moneygram location.

MoneyGram Locations for Title Loans in Columbus

MoneyGram is a quick and convenient option that offers many locations for you to pick up your title loans in Columbus. You’ll get a transaction ID to bring with you if you chose this option, and you’ll want to have a photo ID handy. You can find MoneyGram at:

  • CVS
  • Walmart

Choose Us for Great Title Loans in Columbus!

Start the loan process today to see how Title Loans can help1! A dedicated loan expert is here to help you get great title loans in Columbus, every step of the way!