What is a Title Loan and How Does it Work in Youngstown, Ohio?

A title loan serviced by LoanMart is a funding method that uses the title of the borrower’s vehicle as collateral.

Eligibility and loan amount for a title loan serviced by LoanMart will be dependent on the equity of the borrower’s vehicle and their ability to repay the loan.1 

Getting the process started is simple, simply head online and fill out a short inquiry form!

Frequently Asked Questions about Title Loans in Youngstown, Ohio

  • What happens with my car when I go with LoanMart Servicing Title Loans in Youngstown, OH?
    As you keep up with your monthly payments, your car stays with you for you to use for the duration of your title loan.
  • How long is the process with LoanMart Servicing Title Loans in Youngstown, OH?
    Fast! Some people are able to get their money the same day they apply.
  • What kinds of interest rates come with LoanMart Servicing Title Loans in Youngstown, OH?
    Title Loans serviced by LoanMart in Youngstown, OH come with competitive industry-wide interest rates.

The Different Benefits that Come with a Title Loan in Youngstown, Ohio

There are a few things about title loans serviced by LoanMart that make them stand above the competition in Youngstown, Ohio. Here are some examples:

Affordable Monthly Payments for Residents of Youngstown, Ohio

If you get approved for a title loan serviced by LoanMart, then you can enjoy low monthly payments. This loan was intended to be affordable, so the repayment system will reflect that!

A Long Time To Repay in Youngstown, Ohio

Residents of Youngstown, Ohio, could have years to complete their title loan repayment. This is a long time when compared to other loans that usually offer less than one year to repay.

Accessible, Convenient, Fast Funding for Residents of Youngstown, Ohio

Title loans serviced by LoanMart offer residents of Youngstown, Ohio the opportunity to borrow funds as soon as the same day they apply!1 The inquiry process only takes a few minutes, and it is available to be done completely online.

Get Your Title Loan Funds through MoneyGram in Youngstown, Ohio

Title loan borrowers can pick up their approved funds at any MoneyGram spot in Youngstown, Ohio. If you never used this service before, here is a 7-step guide in order to withdraw your funds successfully:

  1. Wait until you receive a withdrawal order from MoneyGram in your email.
  2. Print out the withdrawal order / take a screen capture of it.
  3. Find the most convenient MoneyGram spot for you in Youngstown, Ohio.
  4. Check the directory below to ask for the customer service hours.
  5. Drive to the MoneyGram spot that you chose.
  6. Show your receipt and follow their instructions to get your funds.
  7. Use your funds!

Below is a map, and store location information in Youngstown, Ohio.

If you think a title loan could be the right financial solution for you, then contact LoanMart to see how they can help. Call 1-855-277-4847 to speak with a representative or fill out the quick 5-minute initial inquiry online to see if you are approved for fast and efficient funding today.