LoanMart Merit Scholarship ($2,000)


Are you a high school student that is passionate about academics and leadership? Do you want to pursue higher education? If so, then you may be a perfect candidate for the LoanMart Merit Scholarship! LoanMart believes in the power to spark change and it starts with getting involved. That is why LoanMart will reward a $2,000 scholarship for college, university, or vocational schools to a student who has outstanding character, demonstrated academic prowess, and used their time to give back to their community. Any high school student in America that is passionate about their school and future can apply for the scholarship today!

The LoanMart Merit Scholarship is a $2,000 academic award and may be granted to any high school student who lives in and is a current citizen of the United States.

It doesn’t matter what you plan to study, since all areas of study have the potential to make the world a better place. It’s what you do with your education that matters! How do you want to contribute to the world? What do you hope to accomplish? Students that show involvement in their communities and have a sense of leadership and character are just what we’re looking for with this scholarship. Let LoanMart give back to YOU with this wonderful scholarship that can open the path to educational opportunities!

How do I Qualify for the LoanMart Merit Scholarship?

To qualify for the LoanMart Merit Scholarship, you must be 1). a current U.S. citizen and 2). graduating from a high school. Scholarship, leadership, community involvement, and character are criteria by which applicants will be judged. A student that has outstanding merit and shows an appreciation of the value of an education and community will have a high chance of receiving the scholarship.

How Do I Apply for this Scholarship?

Applicants are encouraged to submit an email application to Attachments included with the application should be submitted in an orderly, concise, and chronological manner. Elaborate presentations are unnecessary, but exhibits demonstrating notable achievements in scholarship, leadership, athletics, dramatics, community service and/or other activities may be attached.

In addition to the “Memorandum of Required Facts,’ we recommend submitting:

  1. A statement of not more than 300 words summarizing why the applicant thinks he/she is most deserving of this college scholarship award.
  2. The applicant’s educational history from the ninth grade of school to the date of application is evidenced by school certificates signed by the proper school authority.
  3. At least one, but not more than two, letters of recommendation covering the character, personality, and scholarship of the applicant from at least a person(s) in authority in your school or outside the school experience.

When is the Deadline?

The deadline for applying for the LoanMart scholarship will be November 30th, 2022. All applications must be postmarked by this date.

What Do I Need in my Application?

Along with your “Memorandum of Required Facts,” statement, school certificates, and recommendation(s), you should include the following information in your application:

  • Name
  • College, University, or Vocational School Name
  • The Year You Will Graduate from High School
  • Intended Major
  • Contact Information (phone number, social media profiles, email)

Please send all applications and attachments to:

Download Application Here