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Auto Pawn Loans

With an easy application process and a long list of satisfied customers, LoanMart is the place to go if you want to turn the equity in your car into liquid funds. If a customer owns a car that is less than ten years old, they may be eligible for an Auto Title Loan.

We place no restrictions on how you spend the loan, allowing customers to take care of personal business in whichever way that suits them. As we want our customers to make the best borrowing decisions for their personal situation, we also strive to educate them on the types of loans available when money gets tight.

Auto Pawn loans and Auto Title Loans are very similar in some ways and completely different in others. Both are short-term solutions for consumers that need access to funds, but only one allows a customer to keep driving their car while paying back the loan.

An Auto Pawn loan is obtained when a vehicle is taken to a pawn shop and left there until the loan is paid back. Customers lose a valuable transportation method when they choose this borrowing option.

Auto Title Loans allow customers to keep driving their car even as they access the equity they have invested in it. With Auto Title Loans from LoanMart, customers keep the title with us until the loan is paid off. As monthly payments are made, the owner of the car can keep driving it, and once the loan is paid in full, the car title is released back to the customer.

If a customer is unable to make the payments, we will do our best to work with them to avoid repossession of their car. Our goal is to help our customers out of a financial jam without making them lose their car.

Call us today at 1-844-237-5530 to see if you qualify to get an Auto Title Loan.

Payday Loans

In a struggling economy, many consumers are turning to new and diverse borrowing options when money gets tight. Banks and other lending institutions may have detailed application processes and may require several weeks to acquire money. Many consumers turn to payday loans in times of need, and we are here to educate our loyal customers on the process and how it differs from Auto Title Loans.

Payday loans are often seen as a quick solution to a problem, but the repayment period arises faster than anticipated. These are short term loans that help borrowers get through tight spots, and it's important to ensure that the cash is available to cover the loan.

When you obtain a payday loan, you may be asked to write a check for the amount you are borrowing plus an additional fee from the lender. The lender will then cash your check within several weeks when the money is available. If you don't have the money, you may have the option to roll your loan over for a few more weeks, or you may be forced to find additional ways to come up with the money. This is quite different from the monthly payment plan that will be set up for you with an Auto Title Loan from LoanMart.

Auto Title Loans from LoanMart allow you to pay back your loan over a longer period of time without sacrificing the quick access to the funds you need. We will work with you regardless of your situation to determine if you are eligible for our service.

Our representatives are available seven days a week to answer your questions and help you understand the benefits of Auto Title Loans. Call us today at 1-844-237-5530 today to begin your application process.

Installment / Signature / Unsecured Loans

When money gets tight and you are unable to find the cash to pay for your emergency expenses, you may choose the option of borrowing. Millions of consumers benefit from the ability to borrow money and pay it back at a later date with several different types of loans, including Unsecured loans. Unsecured loans are also known as Signature loans and Installment loans. As there is no requirement for a collateral with unsecured loans, they may be higher in risk and often have higher interest rates. Credit cards are a common example of Unsecured loans. Consumers should be sure the lender they choose to work with is clear on the interest rate to be charged. Some will try to quote interest rates that don’t necessarily apply to the specific terms of their individual loan to draw in a customer. People should also be sure the lender is upfront and honest about all the fees that may apply, as some will try to throw in hidden fees or unnecessary charges.

The biggest issue that consumers want to be on the lookout for is penalties for paying off a loan early. Some lenders will charge additional fees if a borrower attempts to repay a loan ahead of a predetermined schedule. We at Loanmart believe that borrowers should never be penalized for being financially responsible and striving to make early payments- which is why there are no prepayment fees on any consumer Auto Title loans. While some lenders find it acceptable to trick people up with hidden costs, LoanMart believes in being open and encouraging of discussion and questions. We walk our customers through the entire loan process, and address all of their questions or concerns.

If you own a car and are looking for a faster borrowing option to cover an emergency cash need, LoanMart’s Auto Title Loan is the perfect solution to your problem. We want you to make the right borrowing decision. That is why we have our representatives available seven days a week to answer your questions and help you understand the benefits of Auto Title Loans. Call us today at 1-844-237-5530 today to begin your application process.

Traditional Bank Loans

When people need money, their first reaction might be to consider a traditional lender. However, traditional lenders turn down borrowers for a variety of reasons. Every financial institution’s requirements and determining factors are different from each other. Some of the common reasons for them to refuse funding loans are as follows:


They couldn’t show proof of an ability to repay: Lenders don’t want to put borrowers in a situation where they cannot actually repay the loans they have taken. Unless they can show proof of their income to demonstrate that they can pay back the loan in full and on time, they will probably be rejected for a loan by that lender.


They didn’t have a credit history: Lenders like to see a credit history because they want to know if an applicant has experience in paying back a sum of money that they had borrowed in the past. If a potential borrower doesn’t have any previous credit linked to their name, the lender may think making out a loan to that person as too risky.


They have a poor credit history: Similar to the reason above, if a lender sees evidence that a person has taken out loans before but not made regular repayments, defaulted on the loan or filed for bankruptcy, it could raise a big red flag for them. Rightly or wrongly, they could assume it was down to the way that person handled his or her finances and feel it is safer not to lend to them.


They asked for too big of a loan: Lenders may refuse to approve a loan if the amount being requested exceeds what they are comfortable letting the applicant borrow. This is because, again, they want to see that people are likely to repay what they have borrowed.

If you had been refused by other lenders for loans in the past, but have a car and a source of income, you might want to check if you qualify for an Auto Title Loan from LoanMart.

We are different from traditional banks and other lending institutions. Part of our mission is to serve those who need a non-traditional lender in order to secure a loan. We look forward to working with people who might have bad credit or no credit history but would still be able to repay the money we lend to them. While we are not able to provide an Auto Title Loan to everyone who applies, it is free and easy to check if you qualify. Find our contact details and more information on our website.

We strive to be a financially responsible company and we do not want to provide Auto Title Loans that borrowers cannot pay back. We care about our customers and want them to be financially responsible, too. We cannot give out Auto Title Loans for more than a car is worth, or to people who do not have the income to pay back the loan. However, we do try our best to provide options to those who have been refused by other lenders.

Family and Friends

Every one of us has had to face emergency expenses at some points in our lives. If one does not have enough funds saved up in their bank accounts, there are a few different alternatives for them to pay off their emergency bills. Many people turn to their family and friends for emergency cash. But although everyone’s family and friends want only the best for them, they have their limitations too. Most of the times, they are not always able to help right away.

A member of your family or a friend might be a good option for fulfilling your emergency cash needs. However, this option comes with its own unique risk. If you are not able to return the borrowed money on time, your family member or friend might lose their trust in you and your personal relationship with them might be damaged beyond repair.

Do you really want to risk your personal relationships in order to secure funding for your emergency expenses? Of course not-- especially when there are better and more secure options available, such as an Auto Title Loan.

Do a favor for yourself, for your family, and for your friends-- apply for an Auto Title Loan today! You can apply online by filling out the online application form. Alternatively, you can also apply by calling 1-844-237-5530.

Although there are many myths about Auto Title Loans, and some are created simply because consumers lack information about the process. We are here to provide you with valuable information and answer any questions that you may have about Auto Title Loans and how they can benefit you and your family.

We want our customers make the decisions that are best for them, their family and their specific financial situation. Call us today toll-free at 1-844-237-5530.