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Looking for a loan isn’t exactly an easy experience. When you have not-so-ideal credit it can be downright excruciating. Most traditional lenders will immediately reject a loan application if the applicant’s credit score is not above a certain number. But what these lenders don’t seem to understand is tough economic circumstances may have caused someone’s credit score to drop in the past. Even if that person is completely financially responsible and trustworthy now, they will turn away a potential client.

At LoanMart, we won’t judge you based on your credit score. Instead of determining your loan amount based off of your credit score, LoanMart looks at the equity of your vehicle and your ability to repay your loan1. LoanMart might check your credit, but just to make sure you are not currently declaring bankruptcy or going through pre-bankruptcy financial counseling.

Will a LoanMart Car Title Loan Affect Credit?

If you make your car title loan installments on time, a LoanMart car title loan could reflect positively on your credit report.

You see, your credit score is made up of multiple factors that make up your financial activity. Things such as how on-time you are with paying your bills, how many lines of credit you have, and how much debt you are currently in are all factors that make up your credit score.

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When you get a LoanMart car title loan and keep up with your payment plan, you will improve the parts of your credit history that have to do with staying current with your bills, and lowering the about of debt you find yourself in. Of course, if you neglect your LoanMart car title loan payment plan, this may reflect poorly on your credit report. But there are LoanMart representatives available to help you if you feel your payment plan doesn’t fit with your unique financial situation anymore.

How to Get a LoanMart Car Title Loan Even with Bad Credit

People from across the nation have come to LoanMart when they need fast and efficient funding. That’s because our process is easy, efficient, and designed to get you your money quickly. You can even receive your funding as soon as 24 hours3!

Here is how you may be able to get a car title loan from LoanMart, with any kind of credit1!

  1. Send your info

It just takes a few quick clicks to get to the LoanMart homepage and start your car title loan process. There you will find a small information request asking a few questions about yourself and your car. This tiny form should only take about 5 minutes to fill out, and you should find out if you are approved for your LoanMart car title loan right away.

  1. Send in your documents

Upon approval, you and your LoanMart car title loan agent will discuss your free quote, and any questions or concerns you may have about your car title loan process1. After you feel comfortable and are ready to proceed and receive your money, your agent will request a few documents from you. The documents requested will include:

  • Government issued form of photo ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income
  • Vehicle title with your name on it
  • Photos of your car
  1. Sign your contract and get your money

Finally, it’s time to sign your LoanMart car title loan contract and receive your funding! When you sign your loan agreement, LoanMart will also sign onto your vehicle title as a lienholder for safe keeping. But don’t worry, you can definitely keep your car and drive it like normal when your make your monthly car title loan installments.

Get your money through electronic deposit, check, at a MoneyGram location, or you can always stop by a licensed location and pick up your money from us in person, we would love to see you!

The day is today—get started on your LoanMart car title loan now!

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