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Can You Get Online Title Loans in Michigan?

Are you looking to earn emergency cash to pay an unexpected bill or expense? It can be a nuisance when you’re dealing with many financial priorities! It’s worse when everything is expensive, and you don’t have enough funds in your bank account to get by this month. You could always create an online fundraiser or ask friends or family members for help, but that can be awkward. While it may seem like there’s no solution in sight, a loan could be a good resource for some financial emergencies. The only issue is that many of them have complex approval qualifications that can be difficult to meet. Luckily, alternative loan options exist!¹

If you want a way to inquire about money online or over the phone, a car title loan could be just what you need!¹ You wouldn’t necessarily need a perfect credit history or financial background to qualify for cash.¹ By simply meeting the right requirements and using your vehicle’s title as collateral, you can usually secure your loan without a problem!¹ Even better is the possibility of obtaining quick funding.³ With loan options like an auto title loan serviced by LoanMart, you could receive your money in as little as one business day after approval.³ But is it possible to get a title loan in Michigan?

Fortunately, a Michigan car title loan is available in different cities across the state. Just use a Wi-Fi connected device and start your inquiry online! Borrowers could also choose to speak with a title loan agent from LoanMart over the phone if they find it more convenient. Dial the toll-free number 855-422-7412 to be in contact with a friendly representative! They are available six days a week for extended hours to assist borrowers with any questions or concerns.

Take advantage of a flexible and easy loan approval process by inquiring about a title loan serviced by LoanMart today!¹ Go online or speak with a title loan representative to get started!

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How Can You Get an Online Title Loan in Michigan?

Borrowers can potentially get the cash they need for an emergency through an auto title loan in Michigan!¹ With car title loans serviced by LoanMart, you might not have to leave your home to obtain your funds.¹ As you may have read, you could simply open a web browser on your computer or smartphone to start the title loan process. ¹ But before you begin your inquiry online, it’s essential to know how auto title loans work in Michigan. Borrowers that do this research could see how the initial requirements for a Michigan title loan are straightforward:¹

  • Borrowers Must Be at Least 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Possess a Qualifying Vehicle with Enough Equity
  • Have the Ability to Pay Off Auto Title Loans in Michigan

Once you have met these initial qualifications, you could quickly start on your title loan inquiry in Michigan.³ However, it’s important to note that loan approval is largely based on your vehicle’s equity and current income level. ¹ So, no matter what loan amount you want, it’s essential to consider those two main factors. If you want to earn a significant amount, your car would need a high-value rate, and you would need the right income to sustain that total.¹

Contact a title loan agent from LoanMart at 855-422-7412 to start on your car title loan in Michigan! You might obtain your emergency cash in no time at all if you qualify!³

Do You Need a Specific Car to Qualify for an Online Auto Title Loan in Michigan?

Vehicles do not have to meet a brand requirement to qualify for Michigan car title loans. Instead, the car needs enough positive equity to justify your needed funding. Suppose you’re looking to acquire a considerable loan amount. In that case, remind yourself that your vehicle must have enough equity, and you must have the income to support that amount.¹ But what contributes to a car’s equity rate? Why is its value, of course! If you maintain your vehicle in good condition, it could retain a lot of value!¹

Typically, Michigan residents can benefit from knowing the equity in their vehicles before applying for auto title loans. They might be able to find what areas they need to adjust in their car to boost its value or choose between two different cars to apply with. Thankfully, an online calculator tool is available for title loan borrowers to easily find an estimate with a quote, free of obligation.¹ Simply input some brief details from your vehicle to use the calculator tool:¹

  • Any Alterations or Modifications Made to Your Car
  • The Make or Model of Your Car
  • Any Interior or Exterior Surface Damage Done to Your Car
  • The Mileage Listed on Your Car’s Odometer Reading
  • The Style of a Car and Features (Sunroof, Leather Seats, etc.)
  • The Year a Manufacturer Released Your Car

With this information, you could determine if your vehicle qualifies for the loan proceeds you need!¹ Call a title loan representative from LoanMart at 855-422-7412 if you have questions about your eligibility or your vehicle’s equity.

Do You Need Documentation to Obtain an Online Car Title Loan in Michigan?

Be aware that when you inquire about Michigan auto title loans, you must submit a few documents. While it sounds daunting, it might be easy to get through.¹ You might only have to search your house, car, or mailbox to find every document!¹ Once you have the paperwork on hand, you could conveniently send them from the comfort of your home.¹ Through that method, you could receive a fast response from a title loan agent from LoanMart if you’re missing information or need to resubmit documentation.³

Keep in mind that the state of Michigan might require you to send additional documents; yet, you can anticipate sending in the following information during your loan inquiry:

  • The Title to a Qualifying Vehicle: Borrowers must have a vehicle title in their name to qualify for funding in Michigan. But if you share a name on the title, you could still get through the title loan process!¹ Speak with a title loan representative from LoanMart to learn how that’s possible. Don’t worry if the title is not in your name; you can always request a title transfer to obtain a new copy. If you lost or misplaced your car title, a title loan representative could help you find out how to replace it with a new one. Michigan residents might also have to sign two documents: a Special Mailing of Certificate of Title form and an Application for a Michigan Vehicle Title.
    In addition to that, no matter which state you live in, there is a title requirement you must be aware of:
    If you haven’t completely paid off your vehicle, you must complete a written permission and authorization form so that the title loan lender can obtain information about your existing auto loan and pay it off. That way, you can still potentially apply for a car title loan if you are currently financing your vehicle.¹
  • Proof of Reliable Income or Alternative Income: To qualify for a Michigan title loan, you must be able to show you can meet your monthly payments. However, you do not need a traditional 9-5 job to do that!¹ Instead, you could use alternative income forms, such as pay stubs, proof of retirement income, bank statements, worker’s compensation, Social Security/Supplemental Security Income, settlement income, pension income, or even a letter of employment from your employer!
  • Proof of Michigan Address: You must prove to a title loan representative from LoanMart that you reside in Michigan. Fortunately, you could use various documents to do so, such as recent credit card statements, phone bills, rental/lease agreements, recent mail, mortgage statements, utility bills, etc.
  • Recent Pictures of Your Vehicle: One of the requirements of an auto title loan serviced by LoanMart is a car inspection. While some loan options require performing the inspection in person, others do not. With a title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can opt for an online inspection during the approval process! That way, you could save plenty of time and gas money.³ Just submit some photos of your car to bypass an in-person inspection. Take clear and visible images of your vehicle’s hood, rear, driver’s side door, passenger-side door, odometer reading, and Vehicle Identification Number(VIN #).
  • Proof of Government/Michigan-Issued Identification: A title loan representative from LoanMart must see a valid, government or state-issued photo I.D. card to verify your identity. That could be a driver’s license, passport, or other certified state identification cards.
  • Some References: You may have to provide personal or professional references to a title loan representative from LoanMart.

You could also scan the documents and send them directly through email/fax to a title loan agent. That can be really convenient if you are in a hurry!³ Whichever option you choose, this step could be quick and simple to finish!¹ ³

Will Borrowers Go Through a Credit Check When They Apply for Michigan Title Loans Online?

You may be curious to know if inquiring about a car title loan online warrants a credit check. A problem with obtaining an unsecured loan is that most lenders will deny people with a bad credit score; that is inconvenient when you need cash to cover a financial emergency. Fortunately, online title loans in Michigan work without just focusing on your credit history!¹

However, it’s essential to note that title loan lenders will verify your credit during the approval process. But don’t stress! It may not disrupt your chances of getting the quick funds you need since collateral is used to help minimize your risk as a borrower without a strong credit history.¹ ³

But when a lender conducts a credit check, you will go through what is known as a hard inquiry check. It happens when you are accepted for a title loan and sign the loan agreement. Although it could take off a few points from your credit score, it could improve with time and effort.

Don’t let your credit history discourage you from obtaining a Michigan auto title loan! As long as you have both of the following qualifications, you could be closer to reaching a final approval status:¹

  • Possess Enough Equity in Your Vehicle
  • Have Enough Income to Support a Title Loan Installment Each Month

With loan options like a car title loan serviced by LoanMart, your past financial history could be just that- the past!¹ You may still be eligible for a title loan even with a low credit score!¹ Go online to take advantage of a flexible approval process and see if you qualify for cash today.¹

What are the Benefits of Acquiring Online Auto Title Loans in Michigan?

Whenever you’re stuck in a tough financial situation, your primary concern is the money you need. However, with a title loan serviced by LoanMart, did you know that you could access more than just quick funding?³ While qualified borrowers could get their funds in as little as 24 hours, there are more perks to take advantage of:¹ ³

  • Convenient and Flexible Online Approval Process¹
  • No Hidden Fees or Prepayment Penalties⁵
  • Competitive Interest Rates¹
  • Bad Credit Isn’t Always the Issue!¹
  • Keep Your Car Keys During the Repayment Period
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Apply for Online Michigan Car Title Loans Today!

Obtaining online title loans in Michigan could be very simple and straightforward!¹ Just follow these three easy steps to get quick funding if you qualify:¹ ³

Start Your Auto Title Loan Inquiry:

Borrowers can decide to start the inquiry process in one of two ways: fill out a short preapproval form online or speak with a title loan representative from LoanMart over the phone at 855-422-7412. They are available six days a week for extended hours to assist you in any way possible.

Send Your Required Documents

Remember, title loan agents from LoanMart can quickly verify your information when you upload your paperwork online!³

Collect Your Cash!¹

If you’re approved for a Michigan title loan, you could choose from a few different ways to get your loan proceeds!¹ You could opt between a direct deposit to your bank account, a check sent to your Michigan address, or simply pick up your funds at a participating money transfer location nearby!¹

It takes no time to see if you can meet the qualifications for title loan funding!³ Just get through a quick loan approval process that you could complete in minutes.³ Speak with a title loan representative from LoanMart at 855-422-7412 for more information!

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