Illinois Residents Can Use Title Loans to Reach Financial Goals

For Illinois residents, there should never be a bad time to consider any financial goals. Paying bills, paying a mortgage or even saving some emergency money on the side are just some goals you may already be trying to reach. Do you need a few hundred dollars to reach those goals? If you answered yes, then you are in luck, we have the solution1! Borrowing money that you can get quickly with an easy application exists in something that we call auto title loans.

Title Loans Help Illinois Residents Reach Their Financial Goals

We at LoanMart consider ourselves experts in auto title loans and we will let you know exactly what they are. Auto title loans are a type of secured loan that uses your car’s title as a means of collateral. Once you give a lender your title, you may be able to get the money you need to reach your financial goals, all while you repay for the loan1. Now that you are up to speed with title loans, find out how you, as an Illinois resident, may be able to get a title loan with several LoanMart benefits1:

  • Short repayment period: This could range from 12-48 months
  • No fees: Penalty fees do not apply if you are paying early
  • No credit? No problem: Since you are using your car title as collateral, we can offer loans to people with good or bad credit!
  • Rates: LoanMart offers some competitive rates

There are so many advantages with LoanMart among the ones mentioned, but where do you start? Will tell you how!

LoanMart can work for anyone, including Illinois Residents

Illinois residents can follow these three steps for a title loan with LoanMart:

  1. You can apply to LoanMart by phone, on our website, our mobile app, or in person
  2. Send all the necessary documents however you want: Text, email or in person and get approved1
  3. Check, electronic transfer or receiving your money from a participating store in person are the choices you can pick from when it comes to getting your money fast!

Just have those documents (government ID, some photos of the vehicle, proof of income, proof of residence, car title) and one of our agents will work with you so you can reach your financial goals and get the fast cash that you need1.