New Mexico Residents Can Cover Financial Heat with Title Loans

We know New Mexico Residents need a lot of options to beat the heat, but what are your options for money that you might not have? Banks are strict in letting people borrow money, so don’t expect them to help you out when times are tough. However, there is a much better option: Title loans. But wait, what’s a title loan? And why should you make them one of your priorities when it comes to money that you need fast? We at LoanMart are happy to answer those questions and give you more info on how title loans can be your solution in beating any financial heat you could be dealing with.

Why Should New Mexico Residents Try Auto Title Loans?

Title loans are like any other loan that has a lender give you money that you must later repay over a period of time1. However, the difference with title loans is that they use your car title as collateral. When New Mexico residents get title loans with LoanMart, they get a few more benefits from their loan:
  • 12 to 48 months for repayment
  • Not a single fee for paying early
  • Bad or no credit is okay, everyone is encouraged to apply
  • The most competitive rates you can ask for.

How LoanMart Works with New Mexico Residents and Their Title Loans

If you’re a New Mexico resident that is interested in getting title loans from LoanMart, you just need to a few documents before you can apply– government ID, proof of residence and income, some photos of the car, and a copy of an auto title. Once you have collected them all, you can:
  1. Fill out our LoanMart application by phone, on the LoanMart website, our app, or in person
  2. Send your documents
  3. Choose how you get paid: check, electronic transfer or cash1!
At LoanMart, we have plenty of dedicated agents that can help you get that fast funding for whatever you may need, so don’t hesitate to call us or come in person today1!