Redlands residents choose LoanMart for their car title lending needs

If you live in or around Redlands and find yourself in need of emergency money to cover an unexpected expense, a car title loan might be right for you. If you have a car with a qualifying car title in your name, you might want to consider inquiring about a car title loan from LoanMart. Car title loans are a particular type of secured loan that uses a car title as collateral. Because you are securing your loan with collateral, you can often get more money at a better interest rate1 than if you had gotten an unsecured loan, a payday loan for example.

LoanMart provides borrowers with simple loan terms

LoanMart understands that their customers are sometimes stressed. Having complicated car title loan terms could only make that situation worse. This is why LoanMart strives to keep their car title loan terms as simple and easy to understand as possible. LoanMart never includes things like balloon payments or prepayment penalties. This means that borrowers can have the principal of their loan spread out over the monthly payments1. LoanMart also never punishes borrowers who want to pay back their car title loan early with early payments. If a customer wants to get ahead on their payments, LoanMart encourages this.

LoanMart car title loans come with outstanding customer service

In addition to offering things like highly-competitive rates1, LoanMart prides themselves on their customer service. LoanMart representatives work hard to ensure that customers are fully-informed when they sign up for a car title loan. LoanMart strives to create transparency in the car title loan process. LoanMart representatives work to understand each borrower’s unique financial situation so they can recommend loan terms that work with their circumstances1.

LoanMart offers online account management

Upon approval of your LoanMart car title loan, you can keep track of your account information using LoanMart’s website as well as the mobile app. Borrowers can do things like set up autopay or change their address. If you are looking for emergency funds to cover an unexpected expense, come down to your local participating store and see how they may help you1.