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When money is short, mechanics and fixing car problems can be expensive and costly. Figuring out what the easy DIY fixes to your car are can be a challenge. LoanMart came up with a list of the DIY fixes that you can handle to save big:

  1. Replace brake pads
  2. Change the battery
  3. Change your oil
  4. Replace spark plugs
  5. Change a headlight/taillight
  6. Replace windshield wipers
  7. Replace air filter
  8. Repair a chipped windshield

Easy DIY Fixes to Your Car to Save Money

If you’ve ever looked up the prices for the parts that need repaired on your car, you’ll realize that you are paying a majority of your money to the labor for a mechanic. In some cases, a repair truly needs a mechanic to fix it based on the severity. For easier tasks, a simple video can help you learn how to do it yourself.

Replace brake pads

Surprisingly, changing your own brake pads is a simple and inexpensive task that could normally cost you hundreds at the auto shop. You may think it’s hard because of how expensive it can be, but it’s actually a lot easier than they make it out to be.

You only need a few items –

  • Wheel lug wrench
  • Basic wrenches
  • Pliers
  • Jack and set of jack stands

New brake pads will only cost you about $20-$40, depending on the car make, model, and pad material. The industry average to have your brake pads by a mechanic is $250 per axle, so you can even see how much this DIY will save you in costs. To actually perform the DIY task, it’s rather basic. To do all four of your wheels, it should only take an hour, even if it is your first time performing the procedure.

  1. Take off the wheel
  2. Remove the hardware
  3. Pull out the old pads
  4. Push in the caliper piston
  5. Install the new pads
  6. Reinstall the hardware

Change the battery

Out of all the repairs, this easy DIY fix is by far the easiest one. Many people go to a shop to get this done, but in reality, this is a simple task that can be completed at home. The average price for a new battery can be about $80, but that will depend on your car’s make and model. Dealers could charge up to $200 for parts and labor to replace it. Another big save for a simple task.

All you need to replace it is a basic set of wrenches. The only important steps to remember when changing your battery:

  • Remove the negative (black) cable first
  • Replace the negative cable last

Change your oil

Where you go for your oil changes will depend on the cost. A typical lube place charges from $30-$70 while some can even go as high as $90-$100 for an expensive import. If you see any signs for $15 oil change deals, be cautious before going forward. Many of these places will wind up making up “major” repairs and costing you thousands of dollars. The best deal with an oil change is doing it yourself.

Buy a good quality oil filter and the best oil you can afford from a local auto retail store. Other than the jack and jack stands, you’ll need an oil filter wrench and drain pan. There are many videos online that can help you with oil changes on many different cars.

Replace spark plugs

While it is rare you will ever need to perform this task, it is one of the easiest repairs you can actually do yourself. Along with your regular tools, you’ll need a spark plug wrench (it’s not very expensive, and you’ll have it for the future). While the wrench can be $10 and a set of spark plugs $30, you’ll still be saving big time because you can pay over $300 to have your spark plugs repaired at the shop.

Change a headlight/taillight

Once one light isn’t working, it’s time to replace it and do it yourself. The average repair rate for a garage could be $100 per hour! You could spend only $25-$50 per bulb by doing it yourself. In order to get the correct bulb, bring the broken one to your store. The best advice when replacing a bulb yourself: do NOT touch the bulb glass with bare hands. Grease from your fingers will cause the bulb to burn out early.

Replace windshield wipers

This can be a waste of your time and money by going to a garage or dealership to have your wipers replaced. A set of wipers can cost $20-$40 on average, but a dealer will charge you one hour of labor which is about $100. It will take just a few minutes to replace the wipers and all the instructions on how to replace them come with the wipers.

Replace air filter

Another simple fix that mechanics and dealerships charge high prices for is replacing your air filter. On average, you can pay $100 for the labor plus $50 for the filter. When you go to a retail store, you should only have to pay between $15-$20, which could be higher depending the car you have. In most cases, you only have to:

  1. Open the hood
  2. Turn a few screws
  3. Open the air filter housing
  4. Swap out the old and new
  5. Replace the screws

Simple, yet you save a lot of money doing it yourself.

Repair a chipped windshield

The task may sound intimidating, but it’s just one more procedure you can save money on. When looking online through sources like Amazon or eBay, you can find windshield repair kits for less than $15 and some as low as $8. If you go to a mechanic or dealer, it can cost you $75 just to repair a chip. When you receive your kit, it will give you instructions which are as follows:

  1. Dig out any loose glass – pin provided
  2. Thoroughly clean the area surrounding the chip
  3. Stick a small device to the windshield – vacuum applies resin into crack

This can take you less than an hour to perform from the start of opening the package to the end result. Stop your crack from spreading before you have to replace the entire windshield, which could cost you about $500.

Pay for Fixes to Your Car

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