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If you are living on your own, you know how difficult it can be to fix damages to your home when they happen suddenly. Times like those make you wish it was somebody else’s responsibility to make home repairs.

But with a few helpful tips, making basic repairs to your home is a snap! Save money by doing repairs yourself, so you don’t have to pay someone else to do it, but also consider how emergency cash like a title loans can help with those repairs!

Common Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

  • Fix a clogged drain

Have you ever taken a shower and noticed halfway through that water is starting to fill up the tub? It is not very relaxing cleaning the body in a shower that feels like a soapy swamp at the bottom. To fix this problem, the drain most likely needs to be unclogged.

It’s an easy fix, but you need a few tools:

  • Manual snake
  • Manual auger (maybe)
  • Screw driver
  • Gloves

First, put on the gloves and remove any visible hair or debris from the drain. Next, you may need to use a screw driver to unscrew the drain cap covering the top portion of the drain. Then, slowly lead a manual snake into the drain, and when you reach a barrier, start turning the snake, and pull it out form the train. You should see a bunch of hair, and unsightly shower debris that you want to put directly into the garbage.

If the clog in your drain is more than a manual snake can handle, you can use a manual auger to get a little deeper and have a little more pulling power when it comes to removing the blockage in the drain. Simply crank the auger down the drain, and then start cranking the other way once you reach the blockage.

You can use this method to clear many different kinds of clogged drains in your home, such as your bathroom, kitchen, or even laundry room drain. For a visual on how you can fix a clogged drain, click here to check out an informational Home Depot video about it.

  • Fix a dysfunctional/leaky faucet

Besides a clogged drain, another extremely common home repair is fixing a leaky faucet. The basic tools you will need for this kind of project are:

  • Rags
  • Hex key/wrench
  • Replacement parts or kit
  • Flathead and Philips head screwdrivers
  • Crescent wrench

Before you work on any kind of faucet or pipe, you want to make sure to turn off the water supply that goes to that pipe first. Next, cover all drains with rags, so you don’t lose anything important.

Unscrew the handles and/or base of your faucet using a flathead or Philips head screwdriver. If you are replacing your faucet, throw the pieces away. If you are simply replacing a certain part of your faucet, be sure to not throw away anything you will need to put the faucet back together. Use a wrench to remove the actual faucet if you cannot remove it by hand.

Once the faucet is removed, make sure all the nuts and bolts that remain are lined up and not off center—this could have been the cause of your leaky faucet, or could cause water damage to your sink later down the line. Once everything is straightened, put your new or repaired faucet back on, using the screwdriver to secure it in place.

If you would like to watch someone else do this project too, click here to watch the Home Depot information video about fixing a leaky faucet.

  • Change or replace a showerhead

If you have lived in your home for a while or are just moving in—you may need replace or install a new showerhead. The tools you will need are:

  • Towel
  • Penetrating catalyst (maybe)
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pliers

First, you obviously want to pick a new showerhead. There are many different options of showerheads that have various settings, so make sure you get one that works for you.

When actually installing the showerhead, make sure you place a towel over the drain of the tub, so no tiny parts will fall down the drain by accident. You may be able to twist the existing showerhead off the wall by hand. But, if it is unmovable by hand you want to first spray a penetrating catalyst, such as PB Blaster, around the shaft of the showerhead to get it to turn more easily. Use a pliers and adjustable wrench to twist the showerhead off if you cannot remove it by hand.

Once removed, clean up the remaining pipe so it is ready for the new showerhead. Then just screw on the new showerhead and you’re set! For a visual on this process, click here to watch the informational Home Depot video about fixing a showerhead.

If you have technology in your home such as television, computer, or gaming console, you might be having the issue of too many wires and cords laying around that area. Basic tools you may need are:

  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Pencil
  • Paint and brush
  • Cord cover

Hiding cords in your home not only looks cleaner and sleeker, but it can also be a safety precaution. For example, pets can chew on wires, which is obviously bad for the wire and unhealthy for your pet. Or, loose wires could be a major tripping hazard for you or anybody you live with. No cord is worth breaking a bone over!

To hide cords around the media outlets in your home, simply mount a cord cover under a desk, against a wall, or underneath your television to give your home a put together and functional look. Use a hacksaw to cut the cord cover to fit where you want it to go, and you can even use a little paint to make the cover blend in and look more discreet.

If you would like a visual on how all this can be done, click here to check out the Home Depot informational video about hiding cord and wires in your home.

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We hope these tips and tricks help you save some money when you have some simple repairs to do around your home. To get more information about saving money, click here to check out our blog!

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