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With the passing of a loved one, or as those we love grow older, we unfortunately have to plan for the future. Funerals can be expensive if not properly planned for, and you want to make sure you can mourn properly without worrying about the proper arrangements. Learning how to pay for a funeral can benefit you and your family. Here are some tips for planning ahead:

  • Plan for the cost
  • Budget the needs and wants
  • Receive everything in writing
  • Pay in advance

How to Pay for a Funeral – Planning Ahead

If you’re planning ahead for a funeral, the best option is to understand how much it is going to cost for the funeral and the services. Once you’ve figured out the costs, you want to pay up-front with the funeral home once the time comes. Most don’t allow for payment plans anymore, so it benefits people to plan ahead.

Planning for the Cost

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost for a funeral in the United States hits at about $7,755, ranging anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000 in costs. If you’re concerned about that much of a cost, the most basic funeral in the US shouldn’t cost you anymore than $3,000 for the bare minimum.

The costs broken down are as follows:

  • Funeral director services – $1,500
  • Casket – $2,300
  • Embalming – $500
  • Funeral home – $500
  • Burial site – $1,000
  • Site dig – $600
  • Grave liner or outer container – $1,000
  • Headstone – $1,000

If cremation has been discussed as an option, it is definitely cheaper than a traditional funeral. While the traditional burial may cost around $7,000 on average, a cremation with services can cost only $2,000 to $4,000.

Receive a Full Disclosure

When you figure out how much the costs are going to be with your funeral home of choice, including any outside vendors that will charge the funeral home, make sure you get it in writing. You want to have it all planned out, and not have to worry about sudden charges that weren’t planned for.

Review the expenses before signing any contract. You want to make sure you won’t be getting charged more than what was agreed, so read any fine print and go through all the charges.

Pay in Advance

Don’t wait until the funeral has ended to pay for your service. Pay before the funeral happens, which allows you to get stress out of the way for any concern. It also ensures you are getting the service you paid for, and nobody tries to take advantage of you in a vulnerable situation.

How to Pay for a Funeral – Access Support Services

To help pay for the costs of the funeral, reach out to different supportive services that could help you. Different online websites or government assistances help you pay for the funeral, as well as arranging it for you.

 Social Security Benefits

There is the opportunity to make a one-time payment of $225 from the Social Security Administration if you are an eligible child or spouse of someone who receive Social Security benefits. This fund is meant to help pay for costs of the funeral.

Funeral Consumer Alliance

This website can help you with tips and other information on what to do and what not to do when you are planning for a funeral.

Burial Assistance

Through the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, the National Cemetery Administration can assist with burial in a national or private cemetery for the deceased who served in the military.

County Treasurer’s Office

In your county, there could be assistance programs that help pick up the cost for someone who does not have the money for a funeral, or if relatives are unwilling to pay.

United Burial Fund

The United Burial Fund helps you with information regarding aid available in your state. They can also point you to other aid offices and groups that could help cover the costs.

How to Pay for a Funeral – Unexpected Passing

Since most funeral homes no longer offer payment plans to pay for funeral cost, it can be extremely stressful during such a difficult time when you have to pay for a funeral that was completely unexpected. The average American doesn’t just have $7,000 laying around to pay for a funeral. Sometimes, we don’t even have $3,000 just laying around. So, how do you pay for a funeral that is unexpected?

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