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How Do I Get My Car Title Back After Fully Repaying My Title Loan?

In most states, an Electronic Lien and Title system (ELT) is used by the state government to keep track of vehicle ownership information, and it is consistently kept up to date. If the state where your vehicle is titled uses an ELT system, LoanMart can release the lien on your title once your loan is completely paid, and conveniently update the ELT system for you. Once the lien is electronically released, your title will be automatically sent to you by your state’s respective Department of Motor Vehicles!

After My Loan is Completely Paid, When Can I Expect to Receive My Title Back?

It may take up to 15 business days (or more) to receive your title in the mail after your loan is completely paid and the lien is released. LoanMart completes the in-house processing of your lien release upon receiving your final loan payment in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The number of days allowed for processing a lien release vary by state. Some states also mandate faster lien release processing if the customer makes the final payment with certified funds. Please keep in mind that LoanMart does not control how quickly the state completes the titling and mailing process upon LoanMart releasing the lien. 

Method of final paymentProcessing time
Money Gram, cash payment at ACE Cash Express, Debit or Cash via PayNearMeMay be expedited to as fast as 3 business days upon request
All other Payment typesStandard processing which varies by state. Some states mandate faster processing for final payments made with certified funds.

Timeframes for Titles Release by State 

As mentioned above, the timeframes for title release depend on the payment method for your final loan payment, and your state of residence. Please refer to the below table for the standard processing times for your state:

StatesStandard Processing Time
DC3 days
OH, OK, TN7 business days
AL, KY, MS, NC, TX, VA, WA10 days
AR, FL, IN, KS*10 business days
ME, MI14 days
MN, MO, NE, OR, SC, UT, WI15 days
AZ, CA, RI15 business days
SD20 days
IL*, MT21 days
AL, DE, ID, LA, NM30 days
* Indicates states that have expedited times for final payments made with certified funds

Can I Receive My Title the Same Day I Make the Final Payment on My Title Loan?

If you choose to make your final loan payment via MoneyGram, cash payment at an ACE Cash Express location, or cash payment via PayNearMe, your request could be expedited upon request. In some states, expedited processing is also required for final payments made with certified funds, and LoanMart complies with any expedited processing required by state law. 

However, getting your title back on the same day you make the final payment on your title loan is not possible – while LoanMart may complete the title processing quickly, your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles will typically not have same-day turn-around times, and the process of physically mailing your title takes time as well. If you have outstanding amounts due with your state, such as registration fees, citations or suspensions, the state may further delay processing your title. 

I Have Fully Paid My Loan and Received My Paper Title in the Mail. What’s Next?

If your vehicle title is electronically released, the Department of Motor Vehicles (or state equivalent) will mail the lien-free title to your address. Once the title is in your hand again, you can try to apply again for another title loan serviced by LoanMart, or sell your vehicle.1

If LoanMart mailed you the paper title with a signature to document that you have satisfied the lien, you need to visit your local DMV office to get a fresh title that does not show the old, satisfied lien. 

Here’s a helpful overview of the next steps, depending on how your lien was released.

Please note: It’s important to verify your mailing address prior to making the final loan payment. Once the title is released, it cannot be recalled.

Title release methodProcess
  • All states other than Ohio: Title was electronically released by LoanMart. The DMV will mail your title (free from liens) to you or a designated third party, typically within 10-15 business days
  • Ohio: Title was electronically released by LoanMart. You will need to visit your respective county office and request for printing of title
PaperPaper title was signed off by LoanMart agent and mailed to mailing address on file (when paid off by customer) or a designated third party. While the lien is removed by virtue of LoanMart signing off on the title, the customer needs to take the title to DMV if the customer wants to obtain a fresh title that does not show the old, satisfied lien
Lien A notarized Lien Release was mailed to the customer.  In order for customer to remove LoanMart as lienholder, the customer needs to visit the DMV. In some states or counties, LoanMart may send the lien release directly to the state or county so that the respective government entity can process the lien release.

Can My Title Be Sent to a Different Address If I’ve Moved During the Repayment Process?

Yes. As long as you sign a written request form or update your address with us via phone call, it is possible to send your title to a different address.

How can I get help or contact the LoanMart Titles Team?

The LoanMart Titles Team is here for you during LoanMart’s normal hours of operation. You can reach us via email, mail, phone or fax as follows:

Mail: 15400 Sherman Way, Ste 300, Van Nuys, CA 91406

Fax: (888) 613-4994


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Other frequently asked title release questions

What do I need to do if I want to register my car in a different state?

Please provide LoanMart’s address / fax number to the DMV corresponding to the state where you want to register the vehicle. The DMV will send a letter to LoanMart requesting paper title to be sent to them (DMV).

Can you send my title to a different address?

Yes, upon receiving a completed and signed form prior to your final loan payment, or if your address was updated via phone call.

I haven’t received my title – what do I do now?

If the standard release time has passed and you have not received your title, please email for further research. Common issues include that a wrong address was on file or there were outstanding fees with your state.

LoanMart is still listed as lien holder on my title – what do I do now?

If your paper title was mailed to you by your state and LoanMart still shows as the lien holder, please email to have a Lien Release mailed to you. 

If LoanMart signed off on your title and mailed you the title, you will need to go to the DMV to get a fresh title that does not show the satisfied lien.

Can I receive my title if I pay today?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to receive your title the same day that you make the last payment on your loan. However, if you made your final payment via Money Gram, cash payment at ACE Cash Express or cash payment at PayNearMe, you may submit a request for expedited processing to