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Auto equity loans, or as they are also known as car title loans, are kind of like home equity loans. But instead of using the value of your home, you use the value of your vehicle to get a loan. Like almost all loans, auto equity loans must be paid back with interest.

What do you need to qualify for auto equity loans? To apply for an auto equity loan, you’ll need to provide the following to the lender:

  • A vehicle/title registered in your name
  • Loan documentation
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income
  • Government issued ID
  • A few pictures of your car

It’s clear that auto equity loans were made with luxury cars in mind. Luxury cars that you own probably have a higher value than most vehicles. And if you keep up on payments, your luxury auto collection could get you the most cash out of auto equity loans, while also providing even more positive equity into your luxury cars. Not to mention it only makes the buyer wealthier when more value is added to your luxury auto collection based on your equity.

This must be even better news for your luxury auto collection. With all the luxury cars you have, why not invest and get better credit with auto equity loans. We’re sure you can improve your luxury auto collection with a better garage, or maybe even get award- winning designs that will make you the talk in social media and between your closest friends.

But before you jump the gun with LoanMart and get the best auto equity loans for your luxury auto collection, consider the auto care of your luxury cars such as the need for an auto repair.

Turning your luxury vehicles into cash

Auto title loans look at the equity, or value of your vehicle. Auto equity loans look at similar criteria, and estimate based on the value of your vehicle how much you receive on the loan. With luxury cars, that equity is factored in with monthly payments, original price of the car, your ability to repay the loan, and other financial history your luxury cars.

All of that factors into how much cash a place like LoanMart may give you for your loan1. The more luxury cars you have, the merrier! Here’s a list of luxury cars worth over $60k based on their MSRP from Kelley’s Blue Book cataloged from 2017-2019, which makes it easier to estimate your loan from car title loans in Indianapolis. Maybe you’ll see your own below!

MakeModelMSRP Range

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AcuraNSX Coupe$157,800 – $157,800
AcuraRLX Sport Hybrid Sedan$62,865 – $62,865
Alfa RomeoGiulia Sedan$38,990 – $75,095
Aston MartinDB11 Coupe$214,820 – $233,170
Aston MartinRapide S Sedan$207,775 – $209,825
Aston MartinVanquish Coupe$291,775 – $291,775
Aston MartinVanquish S Coupe$297,775 – $297,775
Aston MartinVantage Coupe$189,020 – $200,220
AudiA6 Sedan$50,675 – $62,375
AudiA7 Sedan$70,675 – $73,375
AudiA8 Sedan$83,475 – $92,975
AudiQ7 SUV$50,875 – $66,375
AudiR8 Coupe$166,150 – $195,650
AudiRS 7 Sedan$114,875 – $131,675
AudiS6 Sedan$72,875 – $75,375
AudiS7 Sedan$82,175 – $84,125
AudiS8 Sedan$116,875 – $116,875
AudiTT Coupe$44,925 – $65,875
BentleyBentayga SUV$197,725 – $241,725
BentleyContinental Coupe$201,225 – $296,025
BentleyFlying Spur Sedan$192,725 – $249,925
BentleyMulsanne Sedan$310,395 – $406,625
BMW5 Series Sedan$53,395 – $74,395
BMW6 Series Sedan$80,795 – $123,495
BMW7 Series Sedan$84,095 – $157,695
BMWi8 Coupe$141,695 – $141,695
BMWM3 Sedan$67,495 – $67,495
BMWM4 Sedan$67,395 – $67,395
BMWM5 Sedan$104,595 – $104,595
BMWM6 Coupe$119,795 – $119,795
BMWX4 SUV$48,595 – $60,245
BMWX5 SUV$57,945 – $74,795
BMWX5 M SUV$101,695 – $101,695
BMWX6 SUV$63,695 – $78,445
BMWX6 M SUV$106,095 – $106,095
CadillacCTS-V Sedan$87,490 – $87,490
CadillacEscalade SUV$75,290 – $96,990
CadillacEscalade E SV SUV$78,290 – $100,390
CadillacXT5 SUV$40,990 – $63,990
CadillacXTS Sedan$46,590 – $72,690
Ferrari488 GTB Coupe$256,550 – $256,550
Ferrari488 Spider Convertible$284,650 – $284,650
FerrariConvertible$202,723 – $202,723
FerrariF12berlinetta Coupe$326,745 – $326,745
FerrariGTC4 Lusso Hatchback$302,650 – $302,650
GenesisG90 Sedan$69,345 – $75,345
InfinitiQ70 Sedan$51,295 – $68,595
InfinitiQX80 SUV$66,045 – $69,145
JaguarF- Pace SUV$43,060 – $64,195
JaguarF-Type Coupe$60,895 – $122,895
JaguarXE Sedan$36,720 – $60,405
JaguarXF Sedan$48,770 – $72,020
JaguarXJ Sport$76,395 – $123,395
KiaK900 Sedan$50,850 – $62,850
LamborghiniAventador Coupe$406,695 – $497,895
LamborghiniHuracan Coupe$204,595 – $243,395
Land RoverDiscovery SUV$53,085 – $68,485
Land RoverRange Rover SUV$88,345 – $208,895
Land RoverRange Rover Evoque SUV$42,795 – $66,595
Land RoverRange Rover Sport SUV$67,745 – $114,595
Land RoverRange Rover Velar SUV$50,895 – $90,295
LexusGS Sedan$47,305 – $85,345
LexusGX SUV$53,150 – $64,525
LexusLC Coupe$92,995 – $97,505
LexusLS Sedan$75,995 – $85,215
LexusLX SUV$90,975 – $90,975
LexusRC Coupe$41,635 – $65,645
LincolnContinental Sedan$46,085 – $68,340
LincolnNavigator SUV$73,250 – $94,900
LincolnNavigator L SUV$80,450 – $98,100
MaseratiGhibli Sedan$75,030 – $88,870
MaseratiGranTurismo Coupe$136,325 – $169,127
MaseratiLevante SUV$73,250 – $84,250
MaseratiQuattroporte Sedan$105,200 – $148,300
McLaren570 GT Coupe$201,450 – $201,450
McLaren570S Coupe$191,100 – $191,100
Mercedes BenzCLS Sedan$76,145 – $78,645
Mercedes BenzG-Class SUV$124,595 – $124,595
Mercedes BenzGLE SUV$53,195 – $67,695
Mercedes BenzGLS SUV$70,545 – $95,945
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG C-Class Sedan$54,395 – $74,695
Mercedes BenzAMG CLS Sedan$109,895 – $109,895
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG E-Class Coupe$72,525 – $105,325
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG G-Class SUV$143,795 – $223,695
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG- GLC Coupe SUV$55,895 – $55,895
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG GLE SUV$68,145 – $109,835
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG GLE Coupe SUV$70,645 – $111,645
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG GLS SUV$125,095 – $125,095
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG GT Coupe$112,195 – $132,195
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG S-Class Sedan$145,695 – $229,595
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG SL Convertible$89,195 – $113,295
Mercedes BenzMercedes AMG SLC Convertible$48,945 – $48,945
Mercedes BenzMercedes Maybach S-Class Sedan$167,195 – $192,295
Mercedes BenzS-Class Sedan$90,895 – $103,895
Mercedes BenzSL Convertible$89,195 – $113,295
Porsche718 Boxster Convertible$58,450 – $70,850
Porsche718 Cayman Coupe$56,350 – $68,750
Porsche911 Coupe$92,150 – $294,250
PorscheMacan SUV$48,850 – $88,750
PorschePanamera Sedan$86,050 – $195,850
Rolls RoyceDawn Convertible$345,575 – $345,575
Rolls RoyceGhost Sedan$311,150 – $345,125
Rolls RoyceWraith Coupe$320,550 – $320,550
TeslaModel S Sedan$69,200 – $135,700
TeslaModel X SUV$80,700 – $146,200
ToyotaLand Cruiser SUV$85,610 – $85,610
VolvoS60 Sedan$35,095 – $60,995
VolvoS90 Sedan$49,095 – $69,145
VolvoV60 Wagon$39,245 – $62,595
VolvoXC90 SUV$47,895 – $105,895

You can also always check Kelly Blue Book and use the trade-in value as a guide.

Your Luxury Auto Collection Deserves the Best Auto Repair!

When it comes to auto care for the best luxury auto collection, nothing is more important than auto repair. Auto repair is crucial for your luxury auto collection, especially when you are looking to get the highest value in title loans or auto equity loans. Even when following all the possible precautions and tips in auto care, your luxury cars may still suffer from unexpected internal damage such as transmission failure or faulty wiring.

When dealing with any kind of auto repair, follow these tips to ensure the best auto care for your luxury auto collection. This will keep them running great and keep their value up for title loans and auto equity loans.

  • Learn everything about your car: The best luxury auto collection has the smartest owners. Whether auto care or auto repair, knowing what parts of your car do can help you understand what it may need if it breaks down. Plus understanding every nook and cranny of your car will help you communicate better with your mechanic when it comes time for a major auto repair for one of your pieces of your luxury auto collection.
  • With auto repair, don’t ignore anything: If you begin hearing a bump or strange noises coming from your luxury car, don’t ignore it! Ignoring it is the last thing you want to do and can end up costing you more on an auto repair.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions: In the world of auto repair, talking to your mechanic about your luxury auto collection is everything! Ask as many questions as you can to ensure the best choices are made for any auto repair. Also, it doesn’t hurt getting professional advice.

Benefits of Car Title loans

Auto equity loans are one of the most popular short-term lending options available to today’s borrowers. Most lenders, like LoanMart, offer fast application and approval processes1, large maximum limits, and potentially may have a higher chance of approval compared to some personal loans or business loans. This is due to a few key factors that are unique to auto equity loans:

  • Collateral: Auto equity loans require collateral in the form of a qualifying vehicle and its associated title. By using collateral, lenders can reduce the risk associated with issuing a loan. The lender may therefore offer loan approval to a far greater share of applicants, especially for luxury cars that you may own.
  • Predictable Loan Amounts: Loan amounts are based on the fair market value of the car and, in many states, dictate the maximum amount of money that can be loaned to a borrower upon approval. Thus, this makes it even easier to apply for a loan and know exactly how much money may be granted to you, and may give you more cash to work with based on the value of your luxury cars.
  • Quick Approval and Payment: Most equity loans are offered online, with fully electronic applications that can be reviewed and approved within minutes. Typical loans may also be funded and transferred into the borrower’s’ bank account electronically within one business day3.
  • Short Repayment Periods: Most people want to repay a loan quickly and forget about it. In many cases, car title loans can be fully repaid in as little as 30 days. In many states, however, borrowers can extend their repayment term up to a full year if they need more time to repay the balance.

So where to find auto equity loans? If you’ve exhausted all your options and are still in the market for auto equity loans, you may have to do a little legwork to find a lender. Or, you can ditch all those hassles and come to LoanMart. LoanMart is one of the best lenders in the industry and we may be able to fund you for a helpful equity loan on your luxury vehicle1!

LoanMart Platinum: Auto Equity Loan for your Luxury Cars!

LoanMart Platinum Preferred Loans (Auto Equity Loans) is our latest membership that works for the luxury car collector, luxury car owner or other wealthy individuals who love luxury cars as much as we do. We may give you the auto equity loans you need, as well as additional perks as a platinum member.

LoanMart Platinum benefits include:

  • Priority Phone Number- This comes with direct access to LoanMart management.
  • Platinum service – Cut the line over standard LoanMart customers.
  • Special Funding Privileges: Picked up at any participating money transfer location nearby.
  • Discrete- Call back number with no title loan branded caller ID.
  • Privacy with your references- LoanMart does not call unless you happen to default on your installments.
  • Document Removal – Outside of the restrictions from the law, where applicable, your information is removed from our database, after a preset amount of time.
  • Confidential Mail – Our platinum preferred mail does not have title loans or auto equity loans with branding.

LoanMart has years of expertise. We have been one of the best lenders in the industry since 2002, and we want to help you next!

As a platinum member, you are the VIP, and you deserve the same treatment and value that your luxury cars are given.

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