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  • At LoanMart, individuals with disability income are eligible to apply for a car title loan.
  • Our goal has been to serve all customers without discrimination.
  • We have issued car title loans to thousands of customers since we opened our doors. Are you on disability? Not a problem!

Getting a Car Title Loan While on Disability

A car title loan is based on the equity of your vehicle and ability to repay the loan. With high approval rates and customizable solutions, you may be able to get the financial support you need in as little as a few days.3 Here are some nontraditional ways that you may receive income:

  • Retirement checks
  • Disability or social security
  • Self-employment
  •  Payments from a cosigner

If you are on Disability or Retired, LoanMart has the Solution for You with a Car Title Loan.

Here are 4 reasons why you can benefit from a car title loan if you are on disability or retirement:

1.) Few documents and a seamless process:

At LoanMart we have made it easy, fast and convenient for you to apply for a car title loan. We may be able to give you as the money you need  even if you are on disability or retirement income. What you do for a living is not our business. We only need proof of a regular stream of income and equity in your car to get you qualified.1 You will only be asked to submit a few necessary documents when applying for a car title loan. Here are essential documents you will need:

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  • Income statements such as a paystub or a bank statement
  • Car title of a qualifying car in your name
  • A government-issued ID such as a license (we accept Matricula for Mexican nationals)

2.) Get money fast

Our loan approval process is simple, quick and seamless.  That means you can swing by your local Walmart or convenience store that same day and go home with the cash you need.1

3.) Superior customer service

At LoanMart we have a dedicated customer service team to make sure you have an enjoyable and convenient experience with us. You can start the application on your cellphone in just a few minutes from the comfort of your couch. At the same time, we are only a phone call away if you want to talk to some real people.

We don’t hold any cards under the table; we make it clear right away to our current and potential customers if they qualify for a loan and how much they can get. This is done at no cost and with no obligations to you. Our team doesn’t stop there. We will walk you through the entire process and help you to make an informed decision.

4.) Professional service

At LoanMart, we pride ourselves on our long tradition of transparency and accountability to the customer. We are upfront with our customers about all costs associated with their loans. We will give you easy to understand information about your loan before you agree to sign any contracts. Get ongoing customer support that will help you understand what your offer entails.

Do you need a little extra help to make ends meet this month? If you are on retirement or disability, you can get an upper hand on your expenses with a car title loan with LoanMart.

These are the top 5 reasons our customers choose to work with us:

  • You can take your time paying back the loan. We don’t penalize you if you choose to make early payments for your loan either. Our flexible repayment terms make it easy to succeed.
  • We have the best interest rates. We care about your situation, whatever is going on. That’s why we don’t have a flat interest rate policy, but rather one that is flexible to consider the unique and diverse conditions of each person’s case. We customize your loan to make sure you get a good deal.
  • We have thousands of satisfied customers. LoanMart is one of the leading car title companies on the West Coast. Our main mission is to give cash to those who need it the most. We come highly recommended and have a great team of customer care experts to help you get the support you need. If you have a financial emergency or urgent need for cash, LoanMart is the best solution. We promise to make the situation as painless as possible.
  • You can always get support.  Our customer care team at LoanMart is dedicated and committed to disclosing all accurate and useful information about our loan products to help you make informed decisions. It is in our interest to support your journey to support financial progress and freedom. We want you to understand everything beforehand. You can even try the loan out with our peace of mind guarantee.4
  • Managing the loan is easy and fast. Our online account management tools make it easy to stay on top of things with your car title loan. Your car title loan is just a few clicks away! With automatic payment methods you don’t even have to login to get things done throughout the repayment period.

On Disability? Get Easy Payments for your Title Loan

At LoanMart, the make, model and the general condition of your car will determine the amount you are eligible to borrow. Here at LoanMart, we offer competitive rates to all clients. We strive to make our interest rates affordable to make it easier for you to make your regular payments on time to avoid the risks of defaults.

In addition, we have made the process of paying the loan back as simple and painless as possible. At LoanMart, we have several payment methods customers can use to make their monthly payments. We customize the repayment terms and period to meet your unique lifestyle and financial capabilities. Here are some ways you can make payments towards your title loan:

  • Visit a payment office in person
  • Mail payments to the pay center
  • Pay via online using our online management system
  • Pay by phone with a credit card or a check

Benefits of Getting Title Loan at LoanMart

  • LoanMart has several methods to receive funds. You can receive your loan through a direct deposit, wire transfer, check, or pick up your funds at any participating money transfer location nearby.
  • We have a variety of payment methods. The payment process is simple and easy allowing our clients to make payments on time every month.
  • The title loan is determined by the current equity value of the vehicle, and your ability to repay the loan.

Still Not Convinced? Check Out These Top 5 Reasons To Get A Title Loan With LoanMart:

  • Same day Cash if you applied early in the day.3
  • All Credit Accepted
  • Keep Driving your Vehicle
  • Competitive Rates
  • Quick Approval1

How to Apply?

The application for a title loan on disability is very fast and easy at LoanMart. An application can be started online. Our representatives are standing by to assist you. Bring along a few documents such as proof of residence, proof of the ability to cover payments, valid driver’s license or state – issued photo ID and we can get the process started today. 1

Find out how a car title loan with LoanMart can help you today!