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As technology and consumer choice have increased, so have the number of things people are able to buy. Limited free time means that there has also been a proliferation of delivery services for those unable to go out and get things themselves. Most people are familiar with things like flower delivery services or furniture delivery. But did you know you can get a wedding chapel delivered? Keep reading to find out what other weird delivery services are available:

Wedding Guest: Did you get a few too many last-minute cancellations or are you just looking for to fill out the last few rows of seats? A wedding guest rental might be just what you are looking for. Currently, this service is very popular in South Korea, where extravagant weddings are quite common. However, not everyone has the requisite number of friends needed to fill out a large hall. To solve that problem, they hire guests.

Personal Paparazzi: Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a celebrity? To be dressed to the nines on a Friday night and suddenly become the center of attention. To have cameras flashing and everyone around you wondering who you are. Well, now you can know what that’s like with Paparazzi.

Rent-a-Mom: Transitioning to living by yourself at college can be tough. You’re surrounded by new people in a new place and have to adjust to a new schedule. All this can make it hard to focus on studying if you also have to think about things like grocery shopping and laundry for the first time. Fortunately, Another Mother can help. They aren’t just a cleaning and shopping service for kids though, they are happy to help you if you find yourself doing something like taking care of a sick family member.

Le Tote: Monthly subscription boxes that deliver you clothing are not new. What sets companies like Le Tote apart is that you can keep the clothes they send you as long as you want. Or you can send them back. You’re responsible for keeping the clothes in good condition, in case you do opt to return them. If you like something though, you can buy it keep it even if you cancel your subscription.

Guitar Affair: Settling on a new guitar can be a hard decision to make. Playing it for a few minutes at the store doesn’t really let you know how it will perform with the rest of your rig. Keeping up with your practice can also be difficult if you travel. Guitar Affair can solve both of these problems for you. Make a queue of guitars you want to try out, and they will ship them to you. Play them and then send them back. Alternatively, if you are going to be out of town for the week, Guitar Affair can ship a guitar too you, along with everything you need to play through headphones, so you don’t have to miss out on important practice sessions.

Mobile Wedding: Do you need to get married, fast? Do you want to get married somewhere non-traditional? Then the Wedding Wagon might be just what you are looking for. They are a mobile wedding service company with exclusive access to certain venues. Their small size means that they can accommodate you in a variety of unusual places throughout Las Vegas.

Hangover Bus: Are you planning a no-holds-barred weekend getaway in Vegas? Are you planning on raging at least one night? Are you also planning on spending the next day recovering? If you made a reservation with Hangover Heaven, you don’t have to. They’ll roll up in their 45-foot hangover recovery bus. It’s capable of providing not only first-class medical treatment, but also resort-style comfort. No need to waste time in hotel chairs while your buddy is ministered to. Instead hang out in the bus lounge and watch the big screen.

Goats: Goats are famous for the volume and variety of food they are capable of consuming. Put that eating power to good use by renting them to eat vegetation. Do you have a huge yard that needs to be mowed? Goats are be happy to trim it for you. The tradition of using farm animals for lawn maintenance in the United States extends at least as far back as World War I, when Woodrow Wilson used sheep to trim the White House lawn.

Socks: The variety of socks available is unbelievable. As such, there numerous sock subscription boxes. For a small fee, you can have new socks delivered to your home every month. You can even find whole companies tailored to fit your style. Are you into gaming? There’s a box for that. Need interesting dress socks? There’s a box for that.

Japanese Candy: One of the biggest differences between cultures is how their candies taste. If you visited Japan, you probably took the opportunity to try a wide variety of foods. Maybe you’ve come back and now you miss all the great flavors that are hard to find at home. Subscribing to a Japanese candy box can help scratch that itch. There are a number of different ones available that will ship you products ranging from traditional snacks to contemporary sweets.

Direct-to-Refrigerator Shopping: Companies like Peapod will already ship you your groceries. But now companies like Walmart are testing services that will allow someone to deliver groceries directly to your fridge. Working with smart lock companies, programs are being rolled out that allow you to not only receive your groceries while you are away, but have them put in your fridge. This not only saves you time, but can help prevent frozen goods from defrosting or melting.

Seems like there is a delivery service for just about anything. This is only a small sample of the many different things you can have sent to your door. What’s the weirdest delivery service you’ve seen?

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