Do I Need a Job to Get a Title Loan in Texas?

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Have you been looking into the possibility of getting an auto title loan in Texas? Title loans can be a really great funding option for individuals who need quick funding despite having less than perfect credit history. But you might be wondering if you need a job to qualify for funding in Texas.

You’ll be happy to learn that you may still be able to qualify for title loans if you are not currently working or make a nontraditional form of income.

Title loans marketed by LoanMart aim to help lessen the financial struggles that many Texans face. Title loans fund a wider variety of customers by accepting many different types of income. Keep reading to learn more!

Qualifying Factors for Title Loans in Texas

Car title loans are unique because they are a secured kind of installment loan which utilizes the title of the borrower’s vehicle as collateral for the money lent. Therefore, instead of heavily relying on the applicant’s credit as the main qualifying factor, auto title loans rely more on the equity in the borrower’s vehicle and their ability to repay the loan through monthly scheduled payments.

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Applicants show their ability to repay the loan through proof of income. Most people think that the only acceptable form of proof of income is paystubs, but this is not the case for title loans serviced by LoanMart. Many different types of proof of income can be used to qualify for title loan funding. As long as you have the ability to repay the loan in a timely manner, that is all that matters to title loans serviced by LoanMart1.

Alternative Proof of Income

Here are some common ways to prove your income if you do not have a traditional job or are not currently working in Texas:


More and more people are becoming self-employed in this entrepreneurial day and age. And qualifying for a car title loan while self-employed could not be easier with title loans serviced by LoanMart1.

All you need to do is supply title loans serviced by LoanMart with a few years’ worth of tax returns and/or some bank statements to prove that you make enough money to pay off the loan.

Retirement Income

If you are already retired but would like to apply for a title loan in Texas, you can use any one of your forms of income to show your ability to repay the loan. You can provide your Social Security account statements or documentation of your pension plan. You can also send in statements from your retirement account.


If you cannot work because of a disability, then you may be receiving disability income from the federal or state government. If you are regularly receiving disability income from the government and you make enough to repay a loan through monthly installments, then you may qualify for a title loan with title loans serviced by LoanMart1.

Worker’s Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, you might be receiving a steady income in the form of insurance called worker’s compensation. Worker’s compensation should cover all those medical costs in addition to missing wages. So even though you don’t receive pay stubs from your job in the traditional sense, you can still use proof of worker’s compensation to qualify for a title loan in Texas1.

Get the Best Service and the Fastest Funding with Title Loans in Texas

Getting an auto title loan through title loans serviced by LoanMart in Texas is incredibly simple and should take you nearly no time at all1. The inquiry process is only three short steps and once you are approved, you may get your money as fast as the very next business day1!

Follow these three steps to apply for a title loan serviced by LoanMart in Texas:

  1. Fill out the online inquiry form on the website or call.
  2. Send in the required documents by scanning or taking pictures and then emailing the files.
  3. Be notified of your approval status and pick up your money in as little as one business day in Texas1!

Yes, it really is that easy! Don’t hesitate any longer, apply for a title loan serviced by LoanMart in Texas today!

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