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Being self-employed is the dream for many workers. You can have more control over your schedule, save money on commute, choose your clients, and more! But while there are a ton of benefits for self-employed workers, there are also disadvantages.

Some downsides to being self-employed include a lack of job security and fewer benefits. If you need emergency cash for an expensive orthodontic service or to simply cover rent while you look for work, a title loan could be a good option. But where can you get a title loan if self-employed?

What do small loan lenders need from you?

Here are just a few things small loan lenders and personal loan lenders may ask from you as a self-employed freelancer:

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  • Paperwork
  • Solicitations
  • Income Documentation

Although many of these are standard requirements from small loan lenders or small loan companies, income documentation can be especially difficult to document as a self-employed individual. Instead of getting pay-stubs that you can show to personal loan lenders or small loan lenders, you will have to show months or years’ worth of income documentation depending on how you are paid.

Paid via PayPal? Be sure to keep copies of receipts and have them organized. Paid with cash? Keep a record of your direct cash payments, as well as sales records if you happen to have a self-employed business.

Small loan lenders, small loan companies and even personal loan lenders need all this type of income documentation to give you the best possible rates. But even then, they could deny you or give you the poorest rates based on other factors, including:

  • Credit history
  • Taxes
  • Previous addresses
  • Employment history

For someone that is self-employed, small loan lenders seem to treat you as if you are not working hard enough, or you need special requirements to receive the funds you may need to help your self-employment, or even your small business.

But is there a better way?

Can I Get a Title Loan if Self-Employed?

Yes! You can get a car title loan if you are self-employed as long as you have the car title to use as collateral1.

Are you self-employed? Don’t worry! You can still get a title loan as long as you have an alternative source of income1. What you need to demonstrate is the ability to repay the loan.

  • Self-employed people are eligible to apply for a car title loan.
  • The most important things are to demonstrate your ability to pay back the loan and equity in your vehicle.

We have issued car title loans to thousands of self-employed customers since we opened our doors over a decade ago.

How Can I Get a Title Loan if Self-Employed?

To find out if your car qualifies, you need to know the current resale value and how much you still owe on the car. One simple way to calculate how much your car is worth is by using a title loan calculator.

In order to get a free value estimate for your car, you need to provide the make, model, year, style, and current mileage. This information will be used to determine the value of your vehicle and whether it could be used as collateral.

The procedure of evaluating your car to determine its equity value is very fast. You don’t have to waste time waiting in lines. Our team is highly experienced in analyzing your vehicle. They will assess the value of your car in a few minutes, making the procedures of evaluating your loan application simple.

If your car is worth enough money, you could be approved for a title loan!1

Can I Get A Car Title Loan With a Brand New Job?

You can get a car title loan even if you just got a brand-new job1! We want to help you get the cash you need as soon as possible.

You just got a brand-new job? That’s great! Even if you haven’t started getting paid yet, you can still get a car title loan1. With a new job you can demonstrate a regular stream of income. Income verification is only needed to prove you can make payments.

We need to have a letter of employment or an offer of employment on company stationery showing your rate of pay and your start date.

Who else can qualify for an auto title loan?

Car title loans are secured by your vehicle. This means that almost anyone can qualify to receive this loan. We have very high approval rates. That means there is a good chance you will qualify. Other types of income that can qualify for a car title loan with include:

  • people on disability with a social security number
  • retired people on pension
  • customers with a low or bad credit score
  • employed customer on salary
  • . . . and virtually any customer with the ability to repay the loan.

Why get a Title Loan for Self-Employed Customers?

We understand that last-minute expenses come up. These costs may include:

  • Expenses of traveling
  • Promoting your goods, production or services
  • Paying back debts
  • Money to start new investments

Sometimes meeting all these costs at once can be an overloading burden. With an added boost, car title loans will give you more buyer power to cover your needed expenses and also create a reason to be successful.

A car title loan is a great option for you to promote your goods and services and even meet your daily traveling expenses amongst many other bills.

We are committed to giving you car title loans to meet your unexpected bills while letting you drive your car after receiving the loan. You can get the loan within the same day depending on the time you applied3. The loan can really help you out in a pinch. The best part is that you pay for the loan on your own time based upon the terms and conditions agreed upon.

Where Can You Get the Documents Needed for a Title Loan if Self-Employed?

The process to get a title loan is usually quick and hassle-free, requiring only a few select documents which you may find already lying around your house!

In general, you will be asked to provide the following paperwork for title loan approval:

  • Car Title: The car title must be in your name.
  • Photos of the Car: In lieu of an in person vehicle inspection, you will be asked to provide photos of your car. Include all four angles and the vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Proof of Residence: something like a utility bill, lease agreement, etc.
  • References: Usually, references are required for the title loan process. You may submit professional or personal references.

In addition to the documents listed above, a potential borrower will also need to show proof of income. Title loans are typically easier to obtain using alternative income, so you could get a title loan if self-employed.All you have to do is provide documentation showing that you have enough money to pay back the title loan on time each month.

Take a look at some documents you can usually provide as proof of self-employment income for a title loan:

Tax Returns

Tax returns are useful as they are able to show how much you earned in previous years. The 1099 tax form is a legal document specific for self-employed individuals, perfect for proving income.

Bank Statements

Your bank statements can be used to show proof of income for a title loan. Simply provide a copy of a recent savings or checking statement to show how much you made or have saved.


A lot of self-employed workers receive income as online invoices, which show a description of the work done and wages received. To obtain a title loan, you could show recent online invoices as proof of your ability to pay back the title loan.

  • You can get a free quote without any obligations.
  • We have online account management that enables you to access your account any time. These innovative tools have made the loan application process fast, easy and convenient
  • We have a quick approval process. We want you to get your hands on your money in the shortest time possible.
  • We have competitive interest rates.
  • We don’t penalize you for deciding to pay off your loan early.
  • We offer car title loans to people with car titles in their names1. We work with everyone no matter their unique situation.
  • Our car title loan is not based on how long you have been at your job.
  • You don’t need to provide bank account details to qualify for a car title loan. We have different types of funding methods allowing you to receive money without necessarily using a bank account.

Top 5 reasons to get a title loan include:

  • Same-day Cash3
  • All Credit Accepted
  • Keep driving your Vehicle
  • Competitive Rates
  • Quick Approval

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