LoanMart Announces New “Vehicle Value App”

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This year, LoanMart has successfully announced a brand-new innovative app for the convenience of consumers.

The Vehicle Value App is essentially a title loan calculator, which will be available on the LoanMart webpage. This app can be downloaded and accessed through both iOS and Android Devices, as well as any computer. To download these apps, applicants will need to have access to their app stores in order to search for the LoanMart app in the search browser.

With this app, car owners could have the convenience of calculating a pre-approved title loan estimate that can be accessed online. When applying for a title loan, the borrower’s automobile is one of the most important determining factors in finding the maximum funding amount. This estimate of the vehicle’s value may also determine if the inquiry is approved or not, or if it could qualify for a LoanMart loan. Through the Vehicle Value App, borrowers can potentially find their pre-approval estimate with the title loan calculator.

How Can I Use the Vehicle Value App?

To use this convenient app, potential borrowers will input their vehicle’s year, make, model, style, and up-to-date mileage into the submission portion. The app will then ask for the state of residency of the owner, and then present them with a pre-approved title loan estimate if their vehicle meets the necessary qualifications for loan approval.

If this loan amount is desirable for the borrower, then the potential borrower may continue to process their inquiry directly from the Vehicle Value App. The vehicle’s information can be determined by your vehicle identification number (“VIN”) if it is not directly known by the borrower already. The VIN will let the borrower know the specific year of the vehicle, as well as the model, and the make. This information is then used by the app to calculate the vehicle’s current value, as well as the potential value of the loan for the borrower.

What Information Do I Need to Provide When Applying?

All that is potentially needed is the applicant’s first and last name, their mobile phone number, their current email address, and their zip code. With this information entered into the app, the inquiry process becomes incredible smooth and easy.

Soon after the applicant has submitted their current information, the qualifying applicants are contacted by a LoanMart agent. This agent can then successfully process their loan inquiry and potentially get the applicant their funding1.

This innovative app can help potential borrowers find the right value for their vehicle, as well as speed along the dated process of loan approval. Whether you are looking for a rainy day fund or some extra cash, the Vehicle Value App can speed along your loan inquiry, and get you in contact with the right agents. There’s no need for applicants to waste time waiting in line for hours when the Vehicle Value App can handle all the initial information needed to start a LoanMart loan inquiry.

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