The Most Overpriced Stuff That You’re Buying

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The Most Overpriced Stuff That You’re Buying

Ever wonder if you’re being ripped off? If you’re buying any of these products, it’s likely that you are. Check out our list below for the most overpriced items that are out there available for purchase today. If you’re getting a title loan online, you can get the money fast from LoanMart1! Save money so it goes to better places than these things!

Snacks at the movie theater: Did you know movie theater popcorn has a markup of over one thousand percent? That’s insane! After knowing that, it’s not hard to believe that movie theaters actually make all their profits from concession sales, not tickets.

Salad bars: If you’ve ever wondered why you’re paying $10 to go eat from the salad bar, you’re thinking in the right direction. Fresh foods like lettuce and other vegetables are actually pretty inexpensive. You might get a deal on the meats at the buffet, like the bacon bits, but when it comes to the green stuff you’re losing the green in your wallet.

Drinks in restaurants: Want to quickly blow through a lot of money without receiving any value in return? Order sodas and mixed drinks at bars and restaurants. Many establishments charge over twice as much as the retail price for drinks like wine and liquor. If you want to make the most of your date nights, stick to water for the drinks, enjoy the sodas or make your own alcoholic beverages at home.

Greeting cards: Sure, they may say some really nice things, but greeting cards often have something like a 200 percent markup in price. Remember, these are just pieces of paper with cutesy sayings printed on them. With free resources like Pinterest out there to inspire you, consider saving a lot of money and making your own heartfelt cards at home.

Diamond jewelry: Think twice before allowing yourself to be swayed by the pretty, alluring sparkle of a diamond ring. Diamonds are often sold at retail for twice their appraised value. Not to mention, many of them are still considered conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds. This means the sale of the stone funded wars or violence at the point where they were sourced (often Africa). Try going for non-traditional and not overpriced stone instead for just pretty.

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