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With self-driving cars becoming a possible reality, the following years may change up the availability of car jobs in the market. Car jobs can range from several services and have expanded to a variety of applications in the last few years. From unique car deliver jobs to the common Uber driver, car jobs are just a big part of our life that we take for granted.

Before the new revolution of how car jobs work due to the eventual autonomous car uprising, let’s look at today’s several car jobs, and the vehicles that come with them.

Ice Cream Truck

Ice cream trucks have been around for a long time and have made the summer days filled with a theme-song that would bring kids running down the sidewalks as the truck drove by the neighborhood. For decades these car jobs have seen improvements in keeping their frozen treats cold. In the beginning, most of these job trucks used slabs of dry ice to keep their ice cream cold.

Now, most ice cream trucks utilize a freezer to keep everything cold for as long as the sun shines. However, the improvements for these job trucks don’t stop there. New business models and innovations are happening every day for these job trucks, whether it’s offering catering services for parties, or even paying with your credit card.

Wherever these car jobs go, one things for sure; if kids are outside in the sun, ice cream trucks will be right there.

Food Truck

For those that want a real meal in the middle of a bustling city, you’ll more than likely see a few food trucks parked out for your convenience. Food trucks are the new car jobs that have seen the most growth for a small business, especially when it comes to the ways they approach the market.

If the truck has the latest kitchenware, a working engine, and plenty of grub, they will attract anyone with an empty stomach. Thanks to fresh social media campaigns, food trucks aren’t just cook and driver jobs. They are a legit business that can serve up some dough when it comes to tasty car jobs you may take a bite out of.

Pizza Delivery Car

A classic when it comes to car delivery jobs, the pizza deliverer is nothing without their pizza-mobile. These car jobs tend to be the first job for many teens, but that doesn’t make them any less serious. These car delivery jobs are tough work, especially since a late pizza means a lower tip. Depending on the pizza place, most pizza deliverers either use their own ride with the company logo, or the company’s car specially made for the job.

Food Delivery Car

These job trucks tend to be what isn’t a pizza. In fact, Uber drivers can consider delivering groceries or food to people who may not feel like taking the wheel. Other car jobs that don’t deliver groceries include gourmet delivery trucks, which are car delivery jobs that hand out classy meals for customers that prefer a fancy dinner at home.

Cargo Truck

Life on the road tends to be a big part of these job trucks. You might be carrying hundreds of precious boxes of twinkies, or even the latest shipment of airplane parts. These car delivery jobs tend to be long stretches of driving and have been essential transportation of goods for all over the county.

Although these job trucks are faced with a looming crisis of self-driving vehicle technology, we will see how long it takes before the driver jobs become driver babysitting jobs.

Livestock Truck

Car delivery jobs tend to have goods and supplies that won’t make a cluck or a moo, but these job trucks tend to support several live animals. Whether it’s transporting a steer or some chickens, livestock trucks are how most food is transported to become. . . well, food.

Tank Truck

Like most car delivery jobs, fuel trucks are some of the most important car jobs out there. These hulking trucks of fuel provide the gas or oil we need for several applications. But don’t worry, as dangerous as these driver jobs look if one were to shoot at these trucks, James Bond style, nothing will happen.

Fire Truck

The red fire trucks from toys and other popular culture are some of the most iconic car jobs around. But before you consider these driver jobs, here’s a quick question: what is the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine? Fire trucks tend to have the tools in putting a fire out (ie. Hose, pump) while a fire engine carries the ladders and other necessary fire rescue tools.

Police Cruiser

Most police cars come in all shapes and sizes, and their equipment is usually dependent on what the department feels is necessary for the job. Typically, police cars have their own radio communication system, database and driver camera. Unlike most driver jobs, police work is a career, and expect to learn more than just driving around town.

Police SWAT Truck

These mobile special unit tanks are monstrous but provide major assistance for riot control or an ongoing shoot-out. With so many versions with numerous applications, SWAT truck driving is probably some of the most nerve-racking car jobs to be a part of.


Speaking of nerve wracking, emergency responder vehicles are car jobs that have speed in their job description. Whether arriving on-scene or to the nearest hospital, ambulance driving is certainly stressful work as far as driver jobs go.

Drivable Billboard

From buses to trucks, the moving ad are the car jobs of our future. With places like Wrapifiy, you too can gift-wrap your car into a sandwich ad and get money doing it. Over the years, companies have tried other ways of peaking a driver’s interest, such as LED advertisements on vehicles.

Uber Driver

Perhaps the most prolific car jobs in recent years, the Uber driver is the rival of any taxi car company. With the combination of simplicity and convenience as far as driver jobs go, the Uber driver remains to be a popular way to get cash fast. The Uber driver may not seem like the most significant or as specialized as these other car jobs, but when you need a ride home, the Uber driver is your savior.

Car jobs everywhere

As you’ve seen from this list, there are plenty of driver jobs are out there, and in different forms. Whether you are looking for a quick buck or a career in driver jobs, you need the right vehicle for the work!

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