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In today’s economy, you may have found that your regular income just isn’t enough. You’re working over 40 hours a week, most times, and you are still finding yourself short on bills and missing out on fun things with your friends.

There are all types of legal and legitimate side hustles. Some will never require you to leave outside the comforts of your own home. While some will take you on an adventure around your city. You can find either type of side hustle through a really quick Google search.

The days of being borderline broke and the friend who’s never around, are now over.

  1. Sell Items Online: You can sell your gently used clothes, handmade trinkets, jewelry, or anything for that matter.
  2. Become a Freelance Writer: If you are a great writer, or even a decent one, you can sell your work to different online publications. If the editors really like you, they can hire you for long-term contracted work too.
  3. Tutor: Children are going to always go to school, and will always need help with their studies. So long as you’re caught up with what is being taught in schools, you are qualified to be a tutor. If you had a favorite subject in school, tutor in that specific subject. There is a need for tutors at all educational levels: elementary school, high school, and at the collegiate level.
  4. Babysit/Pet-sit: Good parents, of human babies and animal ones, would never leave their children alone for too long. That’s where you’d come in. Advertise your services on your social media pages and wait on your clientele.
  5. House Sit: Everyone can’t afford those fancy home security systems, with cameras that watch their house while they are away. House sitting is a way to see new neighborhoods, and get paid to do it.
  6. Become an Ordained Minister: Not only would you be able to perform all of your friend’s wedding ceremonies, you can actually get paid by them and other couples who book you.
  7. Join a Focus Group: Companies are always willing to pay consumers for their opinion on their products. You’d be in a group of about 8-12 people, and the moderator would ask you a series of questions about a brand or product. They typically last 90 minutes. Most will pay you $75-$150 for completion.
  8. Take Online Surveys: Get paid for your opinion. Instead of going to sit in a physical focus group, take the online survey from the comfort of your own home. Some surveys are short, and some are a bit longer. You have the luxury of choosing when you want to participate in them as well.
  9. Part-Time Job: After working your regular day, job, it is possible to go pick up a few hours at another job: bars, and retail stores are always hiring.
  10. Work Overtime at Your Current Job: If possible, check with your boss to see, work some overtime hours at work. You’re already there most of the day anyways. What’s a few more hours?
  11. Model for an art class: Art classes are always looking for body forms to draw and paint. Some classes will require you to pose nude, and some will not. Do whatever is in your comfort zone.
  12. Recycle: The more you gather, the more you can make. Scrap yards and recycling places, will pay you for the scrap metal you’ve collected. Some places take more types of recyclables. Call your local center, to see what they accept.
  13. Walk Dogs: Probably the most disliked part of being a dog owner, is walking them and having to clean up after them as well. Most people will gladly pay someone else to do their dirty work.
  14. Garage Sale: Gather up all of your unwanted things, in good condition, and put them right in your driveway. Post signs around your neighborhood and on social media. Get rid of all that old stuff, and make some money while doing it.
  15. Be a Movie Extra: Being a movie extra is a super cool side job. Oftentimes, your scene won’t be used in the movie, but how many people can say that they’ve been on an active movie set? Either way, you still get paid, whether they use the footage you’re in or not.
  16. Participate in a Medical Study: If you don’t mind being a test subject in the name of science, this may be the side hustle for you. People with preexisting medical conditions are usually preferred, but there may be some tests for perfectly healthy people to participate in as well.
  17. Rent Out a Spare Room: If you have an extra bedroom for company or you have a finished basement, with its own entrance and bathroom, you can rent your space out. You can charge by the month, or charge whatever works for you and the person renting it out agree upon.
  18. Drive for a Ride-Sharing Service: This is becoming an ever popular method for making extra money whenever you have some free time. There are a few different companies for you to choose from, some people drive for all of them.
  19. Sell Your Unused Gift Cards: Got a few gift cards for Christmas from places you don’t even shop? Sell them! There are plenty of places that’ll happily buy your gift card, for full value most times. A quick Google search will give you a full list of sites.
  20. Signup to be a Mystery Shopper: Go under cover and get firsthand information on a business’s customer service techniques and compliance. Sometimes you will be asked to cause a scene, or return something immediately after purchasing it, just to see how the employees react. Most places will require you to do a write up afterwards.

Of the 20 ideas listed, there are some that will give you cash immediately, and some that may take about three weeks. Don’t think that this list is just the end all be all, of things that you can do to make easy money. There are plenty of things you can do, the list is infinite. What are your talents? What do you like to do? What do the people around you complain the most about doing themselves? Now figure out a way to monetize them. There is always money to be made.