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The search for the cheapest gas continues. Check out these 25 tips for saving the most gas money, you could even end up getting your gas for free!

Looking for inexpensive gas seems like a never-ending journey. Prices change literally daily, so how are we supposed to know the best to go? Thankfully there are other things we can do ourselves to save money on gas. Check out these 25 tips on how to save the most money on fuel.

1. Get free gas

I’m not kidding. Companies will pay for your gas if you drive around with their advertisement featured on your vehicle. You do have to drive at least 1,000 miles a month, but many of us drive at least half that commuting to work or school every four weeks. Check out to learn more and register.

2. Drive more like your Grandma

Easy does it. Try not to accelerate or brake too suddenly when your drive. This kind of aggressive driving can reduce your gas mileage anywhere from 15%-40% depending on the kind of traffic you are commuting in. Instead, make sure you increase or decrease your speed gradually, and coast whenever you can. Driving this way will prolong the vivacity of your car and save you money on gas.

3. Slow down, speed racer

Take some more driving inspiration from your grandmother and drive a bit slower. But don’t go overboard and always go 15 below the speed limit, that won’t make you any friends on the road.

Use your cruise control to go a steady, constant speed. Again, this is a good driving habit that cares for your car as well as your wallet.

4. Need help finding cheap gas? There’s an app for that!

Stop aimlessly driving around town looking for the cheapest place to fill up, you are going to waste more gas doing that anyway. Whip out your smartphone and download the GasBuddy app. You will get information on not only the least expensive gas in your area, but you will also find stations with the friendliest service, cleanest restrooms, and best coffee as well.

5. Plan your trips to the pump

Gas gets more expensive on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because stations want to cash in on your weekend travel. Fill up in the middle of the week when gas is less expensive, like on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and beat sneaky gas companies at their own game.

6. Use a GPS

Pull out your GPS when your drive, even if you know how to get where you are going. There may be an accident or hold-up on the road that you don’t know about but your GPS will pick up on. When you are aware of these kinds of delays you can avoid them, and save the gas you would have wasted navigating through them.

7. Take advantage of your credit card benefits

Many times, major credit cards will offer specific cashback rewards for fuel and gas stations. If you own a credit card, look over the benefits and rewards you can acquire with your card. Sometimes credit card companies offer different benefits every few months or so, so check back every now and then to see if you can earn a little extra money when you gas up.

8. Check you gas cap

How many times have you filled up your car and forgotten to screw your gas cap back on? I did last week. With an open gas cap, we leave our car’s fuel at risk of being stolen, especially if you’re parked in the wrong neighborhood. But driving with an open gas cap can cause fuel to evaporate, that is literally your money drifting away into nothing.

9. Monitor your tire pressure

Remember that time you blew a tire and had to drive home at 5 mph? Good times, right? Not so much. When tires lose the slightest amount of air they become more resistant to the road, and our car needs to work extra hard to move forward. Make sure your tires are filled and happy before you hit the road, you’ll thank yourself later.

10. Redeem gas loyalty rewards

Gas stations like Shell and BP have loyalty rewards programs. Every time you fill up at one of their stations and swipe your card you get rewards like discounts on gas prices. The cards are usually free, all you have to do is pick one up at the pump and register it online.

11. Decrease your traveling weight

When you lug around your entire apartment in the backseat of the car, it needs to work over-time to move you and everything you own around town. Keep your car tidy with weekly clutter cleanings to save your vehicle from using the extra gas.

12. Remove unused racks

Just like extra weight can cause your car to suck gas, so does keeping those bike or luggage racks on the roof or trunk of your car. Make your car more wind resistant and save on gas in the process by taking down these racks when you are not using them.

13. Take your car in for regular maintenance

Just like your baby, your car needs regular check-ups. Basic tune-ups like a clean engine and fresh oil will keep your car running efficiently, which will end up saving you gas in the long run.

14. Get a discounted gas gift card

Websites like CardCash and GiftCardGranny sell gift cards to tons of locations at a discounted price. This means you could buy a $50 gas card but only pay $45. That’s $5 of free gas just for taking two minutes to make the purchase somewhere else.

15. Ask your mechanic what kind of fuel is best for your car

Despite popular belief, premium gas isn’t always the greatest for your car. You might be able to get away with filling up with mid-grade or even regular fuel and save the extra cash. Ask your mechanic, they will be able to tell you the perfect kind of gas for your car is.

16. Get a fuel-efficient car

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, seriously consider getting an economy car or an electric car. If you drive electric you’ll save loads in gas money because you won’t be using it any more. But a fuel-efficient car could end up saving you thousands in gas money over its lifetime.

17. Don’t dilly dally

Every time we wait to pick up a sluggish friend, sit in a drive-thru or warm up our car in the winter, we are wasting precious gas money. Driving around slowly will use less gas than sitting in a stagnant idlying car. Even when the weather is cold, don’t let your car idle for too long.

18. Use benefits from other memberships

Memberships with stores like Costco or Sam’s Club come with access to exclusive gas. These gas prices are usually cheaper than the ones you’ll find at your local station.

19. Heat and air condition your car sparingly

Unless you are driving in the blaring sun or the dead of winter, try to avoid turning on your heat or air conditioning. When you use these features, your car burns up extra gas to heat or cool the air coming out of the vents. Crack a window instead, except when you are driving on the highway or freeway.

20. Close your windows when going faster

Why should you close your windows when you’re on the highway or freeway? The gushing air blowing through your car actually pushes it back slightly, so you need to accelerate more in order to move forward, which uses more gas.

21. Keep your fuel gauge out of the red

Don’t let an empty gas tank tell you when it’s time to fill up. This will force you to go to the nearest gas station, which may not be the cheapest gas station. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge and fill up before that light starts blinking and that annoying *ding ding ding* sound starts happening.

22. Pay in cash when you can

When you pay for your gas using a card, there is usually an electronic processing fee. This fee is taken out of the funds you used to pay for your gas, so you get less fuel that what you thought you were paying for. Go inside and pay in cash to know you are getting all your money’s worth.

23. Be picky about where you fill up

Gas stations right off the highway or close to a busy road will often have more expensive gas prices. If you need to fill up on the road, drive a mile or two away from the nearest gas station and you will probably find one with cheaper prices.

24. Carpool

Drive to work or school with a group of friends and split the cost of gas. Not only will you not have to drive every day, but your daily commute will only cost a fraction of what it used to.

25. Don’t drive every day

If you don’t car for carpooling, consider taking public transportation, or even walking to work or school. Five days’ worth of bus fare is significantly less than the tank of gas you would have used that week.

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