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People will actually pay you to pull pranks. Check out these 22 tips for making extra money, you won’t believe how fun and easy they are!

It’s always nice to have a little extra money on the side. Try any of these 22 tips for making money that will fill your pockets with extra cash and rewards.


  1. Rent out your gear

Many of us have a bike just sitting in a garage or storage unit right now. Instead of letting it collect dust and rust, rent it out to somebody who will use it for a fee. The website Spinlister allows you to rent your bike to anyone in the United States. They even offer theft and damage protection up to $10,000 so you know your two-wheeled baby is taken care of.

If you don’t have a bike, how about that bulky instrument you haven’t played since the fourth grade? Try Sparkplug if you want to make a few extra bucks off an instrument you already have. Rate and review your renters so other lenders know who takes good care of the stuff they borrow.

  1. Rent out your car

There are certain times of the day or year where we don’t use our cars often. For you it could be during the winter, late at night, or even during the day. Have someone borrow your car when you aren’t using it and make some extra money. Websites like Turo or GetAround let you lend your car to their trusted borrowers. Many of these sites insure your car and provide 24/7 roadside assistance to the person who borrows it, so you know your ride is protected.

  1. Rent out your nice clothes

Sure, that dress or tux you wore to prom was fantastic, but it isn’t doing you any favors sitting in your closet wrapped in plastic. Rent your nice clothes out on RentNotBuy or Loanables. You can set your own prices to lend your clothes out for a day, week, or month, depending on how long you are willing to part with it. Over time, you could even earn back the money you spent on the piece to begin with.

  1. Rent out your parking space

Do you live close to a concert venue or other grounds where large events take place? Take advantage of the crowds in your area and rent out your parking space to someone. People traveling to attend these events will pay for convenient parking. You can even set your own prices.


  1. Earn money driving your car

Many people make a living from driving for companies like Uber or Lyft. Choose who you want to drive, so you don’t have to go far if you don’t want to. You can work full-time, part-time, or just do a ride or two whenever you have some free time. You would be surprised how many people need a ride at 2AM.

  1. Sell your clutter

Make some money off all that junk piled up on your closet or in your storage unit. Have a garage sale in front of your own home or use sites like LetGo to broaden your potential customers. There are many ways to sell your things. If you plan to sell online, make sure you take good pictures to get people interested.

  1. Trade in your own cellphone for money

So many of us have a whole drawer dedicated to random old cellphones and cords that we never use, but have kept all these years for some reason. Well, now there’s a reason! Make some money off your outdated technology by trading them in.


  1. Become a paid virtual assistant

Are you an organized person? Do you think you can handle keeping track of someone else’s emails, appointments, and other obligations? Many people will pay you to help them keep their life in order. Try UpWork to find jobs like this, which you can totally do from home by the way.

  1. Easily enter data for money

If you’re reading this right now that probably means you know how to use a computer or at least some form of technology. All you need are basic skills to get a data entry job over the internet. Craigslist has endless listings for simple data entry jobs that you can apply for any time.

  1. Be an online juror and receive money

Put your Law & Order skills to the test and become an online juror. The website ejury allows lawyers and attorneys to prepare for trial by hosting a mock-trial over the internet. You act as a member of the jury and listen to the case and give a verdict before the case goes to trial. You get $5-$10 depending on the length of the case, so you won’t be making a fortune with this one. But what an interesting way to potentially learn something while you make money!


  1. Utilize your credit card rewards

Many credit cards offer a cashback reward on every purchase you make; that means every time you buy something you get a little bit of money back. Make your regular purchases, like groceries and bills, on your credit card and add to your cashback fund.

You need to keep close tabs on your spending to make sure your credit card balance never gets too out of hand, but if you do this it’s a great way to get money for making purchases you would have made anyway.

  1. Get paid to browse on your phone

Most of us spend countless hours browsing on our phones every day, now you can get paid for it! All you need is an email address to start. The Neilsen Mobile Panel tracks the websites you browse on your phone, and then gives you rewards that you can redeem in their online store. When you stay an active member, you automatically earn points every month.

  1. Share your opinions and make money

Companies will pay for more than just your browsing history, they want your feedback as well. You can earn money by taking online surveys with websites like SwagBucks, SurveyJunkie, and OneOpinion. Get a PayPal account to making the transfer of money a safer process.

  1. Use a different search engine for rewards

Microsoft will reward you for using their search engine instead of a competitor like Google. Go to to learn how you can get free movies, music, games, apps, and more by looking up information on the internet like your do every day.

  1. Be healthy … or at least attempt it, and get paid

Eating healthy and exercising regularly are good habits if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But now it can also earn you money. MyAchievement is an app that gives you points for doing things like eating healthy foods.


  1. Work someplace you already shop

Get a part-time job at a place you already enjoy shopping at. Most of the time, businesses will give their employees a discount on products and services, so when you make purchases there you won’t be spending as much as you normally would.

  1. Be a part-time child caretaker

Being a parent is tough, sometimes they just need a night out to themselves. Taking care of a child part-time is a really great way to make good money while getting to play Legos, drink chocolate milk, and watch Disney movies.

  1. Be a part-time animal caretaker

If children aren’t your forte, try taking care of animals. When people work long hours, or go out of town they need someone to feed and look after their pets for a bit. Make some extra cash by playing with adorable animals and filling their food bowls.

  1. Walk dogs for money

Additionally, if these people who work long hours or are out of town and have a dog, that dog needs some major exercise. Stretch your own legs and earn extra dollars by being a dog walker. There may be people in your building or neighborhood who need help taking care of their pups.

  1. Get paid to check on someone’s home

Other than pets, people have plants, fish, chores, and errands that need attending to while they are away. Make some money on the side by helping out with these tasks.

  1. Get a paid gig on Fiverr

The website Fiverr has listings for all types of jobs, starting at $5 (hence the name). Do simple tasks like maintain a fan page or even pull a hilarious prank and get paid to do so.

There are endless ways to make money if you are creative enough. Which one of these easy ways to make money are you going to try first?

Apps to Make Extra Money

We all have busy lives, but some times there is still not enough time in the day to make all of the money we need to make ends meet or afford  that extra bit of comfort that we would all like to have. Depending on the amount of time and resources available to you, there are a number of useful mobile apps that may be able to help you make that extra bit of cash you would like to see in your bank account at the end of the month (or preferably earlier).


This is a convenient app for both Android and iOS for getting cash back every time you shop online. You can earn up to 40% cash back just for shopping when you do business with any one of their 1,800 participating retailers. Payments are made to you every three months via paper check or through PayPal. You can also have the money sent to a family member, organization, or charity. As an added bonus, you get up to $50 for referring two of your friends.

Surveys on the Go

This is an iOS and Android app where you can get paid just for telling companies what you think on a variety of topics, ranging from news, sports, entertainment, technology, and beyond. To get started, download the app and complete all of the demographic surveys they provide you with. The pay from these surveys ranges anywhere from between 25 cents to $5. It averages out to about $1 per survey. You can cash out through PayPal for every $10 you reach. The app will also notify you every time there are new surveys for you to complete.


This is one of the most commonly talked about money making apps. This is a ride share app that allows you to use your car to drive people who request a ride through the app for money based on distance. You can make up to $19 per hour on average (though in some states it is more) plus tips. You have the ability to set your own hours and availability. Even if you do not have a car, you can rent one through Uber. To sign up, you must be able to pass a background check and have a clean driving record.

Money Machine

Through this Android exclusive app, users can get paid just for doing simple tasks such as watching videos and downloading apps. New offers are made available every day. You can earn points that are then able to be cashed in through PayPal or traded in for various other offers. It is also possible to gain points simply for referring your friends.


This handy little tool is another app that gives you money just for the shopping that you already do online. It is free to sign up, and the app will scan your email inbox for any receipts. If Paribus finds that you have bought anything from any of the retailers that it monitors, it will keep an eye on the item’s price and aid you in getting a refund should there be a price drop. Also, if your guaranteed shipment comes late, Paribus will help you get compensated for it.


This app is a little different than the others on this list. Instead of surveys, cash back, or refunds, Acorns is actually for investment. The way it works is that you link a debit card/bank account up to the app, and then every time you go shopping the app will round what you spend up to the next dollar amount. For example, say you spend $2.79 on a loaf of bread. The app rounds it up to $3.00. That $0.21 is then put into your Acorns account and then invested in cheap stocks. You could hypothetically save up to $420 a year.


Shopkick is an Android and iOS app that shows you popular products as well as rewards at popular retailers. It gives you kicks (aka points) for coming in the store. It gives you kicks for scanning items, and more yet for whatever purchases you make. Most of the rewards available are worth around 250 kicks. 500 kicks are equal to $2. You can easily create an account and profile to be on your way to getting your kicks.


This is another service provider app. Unlike Uber though, instead of driving people around you shop for them and bring their groceries to them. Through Shipt you can make an average of $15 to $25 an hour. With Shipt you also get to decide your own hours and availability and can take a vacation whenever you want. Like Uber though, you must be able to pass a background check and have a reliable source of transportation.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace, may be the easiest website that allows you to buy and sell goods. It doesn’t require any additional signups or anything. Open your mobile Facebook application, and you will see an icon that resembles a building with an awning on it. That is the marketplace. EBay and Amazon aren’t the only online places where you can sell your own items.

What Makes Facebook Marketplace so Great?

  • Quick and convenient- The marketplace is connected to your Facebook page, so it is also right at your fingertips. All you need to access it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • Low-risk- No associated fees, so if your item doesn’t sell for as much as you’d like, or doesn’t sell at all, you won’t have lost much of anything.
  • No fees- Facebook is free, and so is their marketplace. All you need to do is have an active Facebook account to access it.
  • Linked to your personal Facebook account- If you plan to sell a lot of things, you will need to clean up your personal Facebook page, and make it public so that people can see who you are. Make sure you take your super personal information off of your page, and put up a nice profile photo of yourself.

Tips to Make Sure Your Item(s) Sell:

  • Take quality photographs – You should use natural light if it is available. If you plan to sell on a regular basis, you should invest in a ring light. They make them small enough that they fit as an attachment to your cellphone or tablet, and large enough that they stand on their own, with a tripod. If you don’t want to buy a ring light, you can use the flash on your phone, in conjunction with the light inside your home. The goal is to take nice, well-lit photographs of your items.
  • Give thorough descriptions of each item – Honesty is the best policy. It is imperative that you give an in-depth description of what the item looks like. Also, list any imperfections to the item: a scratch, a crack, etc. Also, put your selling location in the description area. Don’t go putting your actual address on there, but put just enough information for the potential buyer. For instance, if you live in Chicago, you can get more specific as to which side of town you’re closest to, or what public park is nearby.
  • List each item separately – It is indeed time consuming to post each item individually, but it’ll help you in the long run. The Marketplace is picture-based, and manybuyers like to see clear pictures of the listed products, not everything bunched up together.
  • Add them to a Facebook group – You can get your items seen by more than just your Facebook friends, if you click to join related groups. On Facebook, there are groups for everything. You could find the exact person who would love your item in the right group. It may generally take less than 24 hours for the group administrator to accept you into the group.
  • Price it right – Before uploading an item to the marketplace, do a quick google search to see how much the item is being resold for in other places. Check if your item is in better condition, or in worse condition, than what you’re seeing online. Then, price your item a bit higher, because chances are your potential buyers have found the same information online on the item that you have. People will try to negotiate the price with you, so this gives you room for that.
  • Only discuss price negotiations in private messenger app – If a potential buyer wants to discuss the price under the original post, kindly direct message them about their interest in the item, as well as its price. You don’t want other potential buyers to see the negotiations happening. This also prevents buyers from thinking that just because the price is being negotiated that, they’re the one who you’ll sell to. Be sure to communicate that you are accepting the best offer only.

The Facebook marketplace launched in 2007, but the company closed it down just seven years later. However, after seeing online peer-to-peer selling become more popular than ever, they decided to try it again. And it is working for them. Facebook, is one of the only free sites of its kind that does not charge users to post on the marketplace. Because it is a social media site first and foremost, they pride themselves on making it safe for users. They allow individuals to control the amount of information that is disclosed to potential buyers.

Best New Ways to Sell Your Extra Stuff

Garage sales and eBay are great, but they’re outdated. Today there are better, newer ways to sell your stuff if you have a smartphone.

Whether you’re moving, spring cleaning or just looking to make some extra cash, selling your stuff is easier than ever with the internet.

  1. Craigslist

While eBay may be going out of style, Craigslist’s classifieds are still very popular even though they’ve been around for some time. You can list just about anything on this site and it has a huge audience.

  1. Facebook

You can list your stuff on Facebook the same way you make a status update or post in a group. Just tell your Facebook friends you’re selling something. Or, if you have something that is perfect for people with specific interests, you could search for a relevant group’s page and post there.

Facebook also has a new classified-style feature called the Facebook Marketplace. It facilitates buying/selling posts and messaging for price negotiation to sell almost anything in your local area.

  1. Marketplace Apps

Most marketplace apps work similarly: post a photo, a short description and an asking price. The offers will follow through messaging features. You and your buyers will arrange for pickup of the item. These apps don’t charge a fee to list anything and they don’t take any part of your profits when you make a sale. Use can post almost anything on these apps—electronics, clothes, even a boat. These are some of the most popular:

  • Letgo

You can use Letgo through the app on your smartphone or online on their website too. From fashion to furniture, people on the app in your area will be able to see your post and send you a chat if they’re interested.

  • 5miles

The 5miles app uses your phone’s location to reach buyers and sellers in your area (within 5 miles and farther too). They also have a website.

  • OfferUp

OfferUp has been a fast-growing marketplace site and app. Create a post and it’ll be shared with thousands of people nearby.

  • Close5

Close5  is another app and website combo where you can list your stuff.

  1. Fashion Apps

Mostly for women’s fashion, shoes and accessories, these apps are very popular for buyers to search for specific styles and brands. When you make a sale on these apps, the buyer makes their purchase for the item and shipping though the app. The app creates and sends a shipping label to your email where you can print it out, package the item and ship. Once the buyer receives the item, you’ll get paid through the app. but then you can transfer the rest of your earnings to a bank account or have the company send you a check.

  • Poshmark

The Poshmark app is especially good if you’re trying to sell any designer brands because people are always searching for things by the label. For a bigger audience, stay up to date with the “posh parties” that are going on within the app. These are themed virtual events where you can share your listings in these collections if your items fit the theme. This way you can get more views on your posts as people are scrolling though the party listings.

For sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat rate of $2.95 as commission. For sales of $15 or more, Poshmark’s commission is 20 percent while you keep 80 percent.

  • Vinted

Vinted is also a great place for women’s clothes, shoes and accessories. Instead of taking a commission on your sale, the Vinted app charges buyers a service fee of 5% of the sale, plus a $0.70 fixed fee.

  1. Selling Electronics

Use these sites to sell your old electronics like cell phones, laptops, camera, gaming counsels and more. They’ll give you a shipping label, you send in your devices and they’ll send you back money through a check or PayPal.

  • Swappa for Android devices
  • Gazelle for Apple products, plus Android, BlackBerry and other phones
  • Gizmogul lets you sell old phones for cash and donate to charity at the same time
  • Buy Back World or Buy My Tronics for all electronics
  • Next Worth for phones, cameras, tablets and games
  • Glyde for gadgets and games
  1. Reverb

Reverb is an app and website that is specific for selling musical instruments and equipment. It can be hard to get the right price when selling to a music store, but this is the perfect market for selling your instruments.

  1. Selling a Wedding Dress

Though some would never dream of selling their wedding dress, it is a great way to make some extra money on something you’ll probably never wear again and give it new life. Here are some sites to list your wedding dress on if you’re not too sentimental:

  1. BookScouter

There’s something to be said for collecting your books on a bookshelf after you’ve read them, but you could make money off them too. BookScouter searches about 30 websites that buy books, so you can get the most money for each title you want to get rid of.

  1. Amazon

Just like you can buy almost anything on Amazon, you can also sell a lot of things on the site. They set the price, but Amazon will take certain things off your hands in a number of ways in exchange for money or gift cards.

Tips for Selling

For posting: Clean your items before photographing them. Then, take clear pictures of your items in natural lighting. Take close up photos to show detail and take a few others from different angles. Good photos are probably the most important thing that potential buyers are looking at. Also, take the time to write a clear title and good description.

Before shipping: Don’t forget to check the pockets and compartments of your items for jewelry or other small items to make sure you aren’t sending anyone a free gift on accident.

How Can I Use Extra Money to Pay for My Hobby?

From model figures, airplanes or trading cards, hobbies are an obsession, especially in this day in age. Thanks to the internet, finding a specific piece or part of your collection saves a car trip to the local hobby shop.

In fact, hobby shopping online has also given birth to finding your own community that shares your obsession.

But before you take your online hobby shopping trips to the next level, here are three things to consider before paying for your latest obsession.

  • Budgeting
  • Planning
  • Profiting

Budgeting your trips to Hobby Lobby or other stores is a good way to pay for your obsession as it not only relies on limiting your purchases to a total but keeps you from overspending on model figures instead of bills.

Planning is just part of the budget process that lets you look forward on what you are trying to buy, and what you may hold out for later.

Profiting is how you can take your hobby shopping online to the next level. With careful planning and budgeting, you can coordinate and begin selling, trading with other fanatics that may also be desperately searching for those must-have model figures.

Much of the costs of a hobby can be quite jarring, and we suggest you learn more about title loans. Title loans may be able to help you get the fast cash you need to afford your hobby, and maybe even pay for other things revolving on your hobby. But before we can talk about title loans, let’s look at hobby costs.

Hobby Costs and Hobby Shopping Online

Hobby shopping online is simple, as most popular sites like Amazon or eBay always give you the best deals on collectibles or supplies that you may need for every obsession.

To fully see how you can get the best out of your hobby shopping online, will use the example hobby of model figures.

Thus, when looking for model figures, here are some tips in getting the best bang for your buck:

  • Know their worth: For something like model figures, there are niche parts of the market that are categorized in several ways. Gaming model figures for example are different from more life-like model figures of cities. They all have different set prices and guidebooks that could easily be found online. More knowledge of your hobby means more power in your hobby shopping online.
  • Be wary of collectors: Places like eBay will have users selling off their collections, but many of these owners tend to overprice their obsessions. Rarity of certain model figures would be taken to account, but bids on these model figures is not recommended, especially since fakes are common.
  • Cheapest may not be the best: If rare model figures are selling for cheap on alternative hobby stores online, they are too good to be true. Believe it or not, certifications and serial numbers for things like model figures do exist and helps ensure that the buyer has a legitimate product on their hands.

Hobby shopping online can be fun, but also scary and intimidating. Making sure you know how much you’re spending and how much you’re willing to pay is just as much of a factor.

Hobby Shopping Online and Getting Money for Your Obsession

With the knowledge and need for budgeting and planning your hobby, it’s time to talk about how selling and earning a little money from your hobby shopping online can make your obsession twice as fun!

Here are some steps in making something like your collection of toys, model figures or other materials of your hobby more than just something to appreciate and enjoy.

  • Build your passion: With all the saving and spending, your passion will only grow after each month, so be sure to put as much care in what you have.
  • Make a name for yourself: Facebook and other social media sites have only increased hobby shopping online and have made interests more visible. Build your reputation through your hobby and let your personality fly!
  • Study your market: Always know the worth of your collection and obsession. Cars, shoes and baseball cards increase in value overtime.

Car title loans can be the best way for you to get a little extra money for your obsession. This is because car title loans come with a bunch of benefits and advantages, here are just a few1:

  • High approval rate
  • Convenient rates
  • No balloon payments or early installment fees

Click here to get started on your car title loan today!

Ways to Make Extra Money for Livestock

Raising livestock is not just a farmer’s means of profit, it could also be how you can earn some cash and grow your own food. When you have an unexpected expense when caring for your livestock, you can always take out an emergency cash car title loan. Keeping your livestock well supplied and healthy can make the difference between a failed ranch, and a thriving one.

But what constitutes as livestock? The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines livestock as the following:

  • Animal(s)
  • Raised for use or entertainment
  • Farm animals kept for profit

One word can perfectly describe the livestock market of today: difficult. There are many factors that change the price of chickens or a cow:

  • Company stocks: Major beef corporations seem to always follow where the livestock market is going and tend to make the biggest impact of what the cost of meat from livestock tend to be worth.
  • Price of feed and other supplies: A companion factor in how much a cow is worth is whether any of the sources necessary for their survival is at an all-time high or low. For example– if the price for chicken feed is higher than what it was last year, than you should expect a chicken to be worth more due to the cost of chicken feed. The same applies to other materials such as the type of lumber used for fencing/shelter or the fertilizer used to grow pastures.
  • Season: When it comes to raising livestock, time and location are just as important. Some seasons may see low demand for certain livestock, while other times may see high demand.
  • Weight: The more meat on livestock, the more value they hold, especially if they are used for food in the livestock market.
  • Health, species and use: Another factor that may vary between where you are looking to buy your livestock is what they were raised for. Is the chicken you want raised to make eggs or raised for its meat? Is the cow raised for its milk or beef? The price of a livestock’s maintenance in its use is combined with the health and condition they are in. After all, a healthy cow is a happy cow, especially if they contain growth hormones!

With that out of the way, raising livestock is essentially like raising any other pet, albeit more expensive than a dog. Here are just a few estimate prices on just some of the livestock you could buy based on their prices from various online stores like eFowl or Cattle-Exchange.

  • Pig- Between $60 to $1,000 per pig
  • Chicken- $15 to $50 per chicken
  • Cow- $1,500 or more per cow
  • Turkey- Between $3 to $20 per turkey
  • Bull- Between $4,000 to $5,000 per bull
  • Goat- Between $75 to $300 per goat

After buying your livestock, the real costs of raising them begins. With title loans, you may get easy and fast money within the next business day3. But before we can tell you more about title loans, let’s look at the cost of raising livestock.

What is the Cost of Raising Livestock?

After you bought your chickens, cattle or pigs, it’s time to look at what you need in raising livestock. Here are the three essentials to keep your livestock happy and healthy:

  • Feed
  • Fencing
  • Shelter

Each of these differ in costs depending on what your livestock eats, where it needs to sleep, and how you plan on keeping them from leaving your land. The last thing you need is your chickens in your neighbor’s yard!

Also keep in mind: the more livestock you have, the more of these essentials you may need to build up to keep them happy and healthy.

In general, the average cost of raising livestock is between $5,000 to 10,000, which is dependent on the state you live in, the budget you’re working with, and how much of the livestock you have.

Some of these necessities might also be inexpensive for some, as dozens of websites have coops or fencing systems on the cheap end, while competitive pricing on different types of feed may also lower the cost of raising your livestock by several hundreds or even thousands.

Miscellaneous materials and hidden costs for raising livestock should also be factored in. This includes:

  • Livestock transportation
  • Housing maintenance
  • Water supply
  • Land upkeep
  • Livestock grooming
  • Vet bills
  • Livestock security
  • Breeding equipment

Now that you have a good idea of the cost of raising livestock, what are your returns?

Livestock Profiting

We can now look at what the hard work and money poured into your herd or brood will net you, but first, what are your options in terms of livestock farming? Well for one, spending less money to get more money would be the likely goal for you.

Thus, here are just some of the small-scale livestock farming that can make a hefty profit for you this year that you could investigate yourself:

  • Fish farming
  • Snail farming
  • Crab Farming
  • Worm Farming
  • Lobster Farming
  • Pet Bird Farming
  • Shrimp Farming

Again, the more the merrier and the bigger the better, but looking for the price of your livestock is as simple as looking at the price of a jug of milk at your local grocery store or meat per pound at a butcher shop.

From these values and worth of the real product your livestock makes, you can expect more profit the more you own!

But where are you getting the income for your sheep or goats? How will you pay for their food and shelter? What income will you be using in raising livestock?

Car title loans can be the best way for you to get a little extra money for raising livestock.

Your Generational Money Problems May Now be Over

A generation consists of a group of people that were born and raised at the same time, and in the same area. Some people can fit into two separate generations because of when they were born, and how they were raised. Generations are not boxes. However, to understand generations, it is important to either know the years that make them up, to see how old its members are.

Each generation has its own characteristics that make it unique. It’s weird to see the big differences, knowing that the older generations raised the younger ones. The biggest difference between each generation is how they each one interacts with money. There are several different generations that people acknowledge, but we’re only going to focus on five:


Also known as the “Greatest Generation”, were born 1922-1945, so most are over 70 years old. Many of them are now retired, but some till work part-time jobs to keep busy and earn extra cash. Money is their livelihood. These are the people that will literally work until they die. This generation believes in working hard and knowing the full value of a dollar. Traditionalists believe that it is not good to spend money lightheartedly. They put their money away, and saved it.

Baby Boomers

Born post WWII, 1946-1964, this generation flourished in the post-wartime climate. They are the children that were born as a result of soldiers coming home from the war. It was a period with an overflow of money, and the Baby Boomers took advantage of that. They were not afraid to spend money on more than just the necessities, because they had good paying jobs to fall back on. They are the buy now, pay later generation. Most of them are not college educated, because the jobs they had did not require them to be, yet they were still paid well. They believe that having money is having status.

Generation X

This generation was born 1965-1980, they are a super conservative bunch that did not spend frivolously, but they believed in saving like the Traditionalist generation. They did spend significant amounts on education, because all of the regular trade/vocational jobs were filled with workers, who didn’t make much money. So they became professionals, in their respective fields, and began to invest and build their stock portfolios. Money is their means to an end.


Also known as Generation Y, the millennials were born between 1981-2000. This is the generation of forward thinkers. This bunch is not afraid of spending, nor afraid of debt. They are the earn it, to spend it generation. Millennials will accrue student loans, and other debts, as a way to get a head in their lives/careers. However, they will not accumulate debt that they cannot pay back. They manage their finances a bit better than those in Generation X. This bunch also is into building up generational wealth by investing in the stock market, and in other business ventures. Money is simply today’s payoff.

Generation Z

They were born after 2001, and as result, they have not really entered into the world of having a complete financial profile, but they do have a sense of what it is like. This generation has no problem with spending money, but is afraid of large amounts of debt, specifically student loans. As a whole, their complete profile won’t be complete until more time has passed and more research can be done.

Logically speaking, the middle generations have the largest amounts of debt. The oldest generation, and the youngest generation hardly have any accumulated debts. The oldest generation has had enough time to pay their debts down, while the youngest is too young to even accrue any. The middle generations have started to purchase homes, cars, have major credit card bills, and other loan debts. These debts, they help to build your credit, are not entirely bad things, so long as they stay on top of their monthly bills and payments.

Oddly enough, the millennials and Generation X make up over half of our nation’s purchasing power. These two generations are part of the middle generations, who are in debt. These generations having the majority of the purchasing power is likely due to the fact that they work more, and therefore can afford more, because they are younger.

If you take the best traits from each generation and apply them to your personal life, your financial situation would improve, almost overnight. And hopefully Generation Z can do the same and make the necessary financial applications, when it is their turn to start building up their credit scores and financial footprints.

These best traits are:

  • Save. Save. Save.
  • Know the value of $1.
  • Invest.
  • You need some debt to build credit. Owe, to pay back.
  • Take risks.

These may seem trivial to some, but they are important to your financial future.

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