Car Title Loans in Scottsdale!

A car title loan is emergency funding that involves using a borrower’s car as collateral. In order to borrow money, the borrower must put their lender’s name on the title of their car, only until the loan is paid back.

Because lenders have the security of a vehicle, they are less likely to factor in the same components that traditional lenders heavily scrutinize—credit history. However, even with car title loans there are some lenders who are more flexible and fair than others. It is extremely important to look at several lenders and compare them before choosing one to work with.


Why Choose LoanMart as Your Lender for a Car Title Loan?

There are many reasons to choose LoanMart when looking for a car title loan. Here are some of the top reasons to choose us:

  • Zero early repayment penalties5
  • Competitive rates1
  • High approval rates1
  • Over ten years of experience
  • We protect your personal information
  • We have helped over 250,000 customers2


Does LoanMart Accept Poor Credit?

Unlike other lenders in the title loan industry, LoanMart understands that an individual’s finances are complicated and sometimes not best reflected by a simple credit score.  LoanMart may be willing to work with a person’s poor credit1. This is because we also look at and weigh in other important factors, such as a the equity of the vehicle and their ability to repay the loan. Those with any credit situation are encouraged to apply through us.


Getting Started With a LoanMart Car Title Loan

Beginning the inquiry process for a car title loan from LoanMart is extremely simple, begin here:

  • Visit our website to fill out a detailed inquiry form
  • Apply over the phone at (888) 518-7016
  • Visit any participating locations

Once approval is received for a car title loan, an agent will reach out to you and inform you how you could pick up your money at any Pawn1st location1!