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Auto Title Loan uses and Penalties

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There are many reasons as to why one would seek out an auto title loan.  If one is seeking out an auto title loan, he or she can use that money as freely as he or she would like.  Some people wonder why people seek out title loans, and the answer is simple; they are simple to use, and they are unrestrictive.

Most of the time when one is searching for a loan, he or she has to go from institution to institution in order to receive the best deal possible.  This process can be very long, discouraging, and time consuming.  Also, there are many barriers to one getting any loan, and the most common barrier is called a credit check.

Credit is not a Barrier
Though credit checks can be beneficial for lender, they can be a barrier for borrowers. They can leave a mark on one’s record that can be used against him or her for the rest of his or her life.  Auto title loans from LoanMart may make it easier for one to receive funding.  Credit has little to no effect on your eligibility and approval for an auto title loan.  This means virtually nothing is standing in between you and the funds you need.

Lenders benefit from credit checks for obvious reasons.  Credit checks, credit bureaus, and credit reports may allow lenders to penalize those who refuse or are unable to pay their debt.  However, if there were no consequences for non-payment, there would be little incentive for one to repay his or her debt.  One could, hypothetically, go from lender to lender, receive loans, never repay them, and, in essence, receive free money.

Even if one does not have any financial trouble, he or she may need the money for investment purposes.  For example, one may need a down payment for a house, stocks, or capital to for a small business.  There are many barriers that may stand in front of borrowers who are in search of funding.  Auto title loans from LoanMart may help borrowers achieve their goal.

How to use an Auto Title Loan?

An auto title loan can be used for many different agendas.  One good way to use your auto title loan would be to use the money toward the purchase of your first home.  Federal Housing Administration loans allow you to receive income from other sources for the down payment on your first home.

Real Estate

Real estate is a solid investment.  This is because unlike other investments, even if it does lose value, it will still exist years from now.  If you invest in a business, there is no guarantee that the business will exist years from today.  Also, real estate can be a solid source of residual income.

One can rent the real estate for profit, and this does not only apply to only family homes.  You can rent land to farmers, commercial real estate to businesses, and you can sell the business for massive profits.  Buying and selling real estate is one of the oldest and most profitable investments one could make.

Bills and Obligations

Most people can relate to a time when they could not afford to fulfil their financial obligations, and these obligations can come in many forms: child-support, utility bills, credit card bills, mortgages, rent, and/or alimony.  These obligations can add up quickly, and you may need funds to keep you current to protect yourself, your credit score, and your finances.


Consolidation is when one uses funds to cover multiple debts in exchange for one payment.  Sometimes this can save you tons of money over time.  Instead of you having multiple debts with multiple principle, interest payments and installment plans, you have just one.

This is important because debt can be compounded, and it can add up very quickly. Missing a couple of payments on different items can be the difference between financial freedom and an entrapment of debt.  Consolidation has helped many overcome their financial woes.

Possible Consequences to Auto Title Loans

There are many benefits to auto title loans, but there may also be consequences; however, these consequences generally only apply if one does not pay their title loan.  Title loans are a secured loan.  This means that one must have an asset (in this case, a vehicle with a title in their name) that can and will be used to cover a loan in case one defaults on his or her payments.


Repossession is one of the most common consequences that can occur if one takes out a title loan and fails to make their payments on time.  When one receives an auto title loan, the borrower is agreeing to allow the lender to place a lien on his or her vehicle.

A lien is a legal debt that can be enforced through the court system.  It protects lenders, and it allows them to repossess and liquidate assets to cover debts owed.  Liens can be placed on any form of property. Liens are common when one is receiving an auto title loan.

Making the Right Decision

Just like most things, it comes down to responsibility.  Each action can have positive and negative consequences.  You have to do what you feel is best for you.  You may not want to take out a loan that you are not stable enough to repay. However, an auto title loan can be just what you need to uplift you, your family, and your business.

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