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You may have heard that you could use your car registration for a loan. If you need emergency money in a hurry and you have a car, then a registration loan may seem completely ideal! But you should know the particulars about this type of loan before you make a final decision.

Having all the appropriate documents when applying for a car title loan is essential to getting approved. If you’re trying to get a car title loan but you don’t have your registration card for your vehicle, you may be asking can you get a title loan without registration? If you’ve lost your registration card, you can get a new one from your Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) or other motor vehicle services to replace it.

When you’re trying to get money fast, a car title loan is a great resource, especially with LoanMart. We offer you an amazing customer service experience along with a fast and easy application process. Unlike traditional loans, we don’t require a bunch of paperwork for you to qualify. We can let you know in less than an hour if you qualify! So, if you’re worried you won’t qualify because you’re missing a vehicle registration card, there’s no need. You can replace it easily.

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How to Get a Registration for a Car

After you buy a car, you usually receive a vehicle registration from the dealership you buy it from. If you purchase a used vehicle from an individual, you usually have to register it on your own with your local DMV. The registration is issued by your DMV or other government that handles motor vehicle registration.

New Vehicle Registration

If you realize that you never registered your vehicle with your state, you should do that as soon as you can. While it is a little difficult to get away with not having a registered vehicle, it happens from time to time and it could just be a simple mistake. Registering your vehicle is simple and only requires a few things:

  • Title in your name
  • Pass an emissions test/smog check
  • Pass a vehicle safety inspection
  • Have car insurance

Other states may require specific documents or any other forms. Make sure you check with your local DMV when registering your vehicle to properly complete all the steps needed.

Lost/Stolen Vehicle Registration

If your vehicle registration card has been misplaced or stolen, your local DMV or other vehicle government office can help you replace it without many requirements at all. You can get a duplicate title through your DMV by providing important information like an application, required documents, and a potential but small fee. Contact your local DMV to figure out exactly what you’ll need. In general, the basic steps are the same no matter what state you are living it:

  • Fill out an application
  • Pay a small fee

Application for Your Registration

Most states require you to fill out a registration request application. You can either retrieve these from the DMV or print it out from their website. Your DMV website could be a great source of information for what you will need to obtain a duplicate registration card, as well. Some may allow you to fill out the application completely online.

To get your duplicate registration, you will need to fill out your name and address that you are living at. You might also need to provide:

Identification or driver’s license

License plate number

Vehicle identification number (VIN)

In some states, they may ask you to provide the make, model, year, and color of the car as well as the odometer reading. Make sure you have proof of insurance just in case as well.

Small Fee for Your Registration

For those who need a replacement vehicle registration card, it will cost a small fee to replace it. It will vary between states anywhere from $3 to more than $20. Some states could charge additional fees for the application process alone, or for using their strictly online service. If you call your local DMV, they should be able to provide you with the total cost to replace your registration.

Why Do I Need a Registration for a Loan?

When choosing LoanMart to help you with your finances, we make sure we get you the money you need as soon as possible. Your vehicle’s registration ensures that you are the owner of the car and it is drivable. Being able to operate and provide safe transportation can affect the market value of the car. The market value is a big factor that determines how much you’ll receive for your loan. The amount of the loan is dependent on the value of your car as well as your ability to repay the loan.

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

When you choose to work with LoanMart to help with your car title loan needs, we make the process easy and simple. By using the title of your car and your ability to pay back your loan, you’ll be able to qualify for a car title loan to help pay your bills or other financial obligations1.

With your car title and income, a LoanMart representative gives you a quote based off your income and the market value of your car. So, if you have a car worth $5,000 on the market, you could qualify for a loan at about $3,000. This amount can vary depending on your income.

After you’ve received your quote and have agreed to the terms, you’ll pay off the balance monthly over a specified amount of time, outlined in your contract.

Why Does LoanMart Need My Vehicle Registration?

During the car title loan process, LoanMart requests a few more documents other than your car title loan vehicle and your income proof. Most of these documents are to ensure that you are the owner of the vehicle, and the vehicle is registered in your name and in the correct state of residence.

Your vehicle registration card has your vehicle’s:

  • VIN
  • License plate
  • Year
  • Make and model

All this information helps LoanMart verify the car and its market price. The year, make, and model of your car can all influence the value of your car, determining how much money you can really get. By providing LoanMart with proof of your vehicle registration, you could get the perfect amount of money that you need to cover your finances.

What Are Some Alternatives to Using Car Registration for a Loan?

If you have a car, you may want to use it to obtain a secure loan. After all, secure loans typically offer far more flexible qualification requirements that allow individuals with low credit to obtain financial support when they need it.

Take a look at some alternative loan options that allow you to use your car:

  • Auto Pawn Loan:An auto pawn loan allows you to use your car title as collateral for funding. However, the process usually involves driving your car to a pawn shop and then leaving it there until you repay the loan in full. Auto pawn loans also come with strict repayment terms that may leave you scrambling to keep up with payments.
  • Title Loan:Title loans are similar to auto pawn loans in that you use the car title to secure the loan. However, most title loan businesses allow borrowers to keep their car during the repayment process. If you rely on your car for reliable transportation, then this may be an ideal option.

Instead of using your car registration for a loan, you could just use your car title! By using your car title as collateral, you could obtain an affordable title loan in no time!1

What Documents Do I Need for a Car Title Loan?

If you are thinking about getting a car title loan from LoanMart, there are a few things you will need to provide. After filling out the initial information request you can find on our homepage, you will know right away if you are approved. Upon approval, your LoanMart car title loan agent will request a few documents from you before we can draw up your contract for you to sign.

Here are the documents you will need in order to get a car title loan1:

  • Government issued photo ID– We just need to make sure you are you. That may sound silly, but we don’t want your identity to be stolen and have someone try to take out a car title loan in your name. That’s why LoanMart requires something like a driver’s license, a FOID card, a passport, as well as other forms of government issued photo identification.
  • Proof of income –LoanMart doesn’t want to grant you a loan that is too much for you to handle. That is why we look into your income to make sure you aren’t going in over your head. We want your car title loans in Ohio, or the state you live in, to be successful just as much as you do.
  • Proof of residence– In order to verify your place of address, there are several things you can send in to LoanMart. As a proof of residence, you can turn in a copy of your lease, a utility bill, or basically any other recent important piece of mail that has both your name and address on it.
  • Qualifying vehicle title– A qualifying vehicle means that your name is on the title, there are no other existing liens on your vehicle title, and the vehicle details passed the initial information request.
  • Car photos– Instead of requiring you to drive your vehicle out to us in order to physically verify it, LoanMart can verify your vehicle via a few photos. Just take some snapshots of the front, back, and sides of your car in addition to the vehicle identification number and your odometer reading and send them in to us. You can even take the photos from your cell phone or mobile device and send them to us via text at the number 1-818-521-2470.

How Can I Pick Up My LoanMart Car Title Loan Funding?

LoanMart car title loans are convenient and fast, which means you can have your money as soon as the next business day3! Once you have been approved, and turn in your documents, we can get your title loan contract together for you.

Note that when you sign your LoanMart car title loan contract, LoanMart will sign onto your vehicle title as a lien-holder. But this is just for the duration of the loan period. Once you have paid off your car title loan LoanMart will remove themselves from your title and get your title back.

Pick up your LoanMart car title loan money in the way that is most convenient for you:

  • Direct deposit
  • Check
  • Pick up your money in person at the licensed location or a participating store

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